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The Power Of A Nuxt Layout

Aug, 2022

The power of a Nuxt Layout is the Vue.js based front-end framework with excellent development features like server-side rendering, automatically generated routes, enhanced meta tag management, and SEO optimization.


What is Nuxt.js?


Nuxt.js is a higher-level framework built on the Vue framework. It makes it easier to create universal or single-page Vue apps.

Nuxt.js abstracts the details of server and client code distribution so you can concentrate on developing your application. Nuxt’s goal is to be versatile enough that you can use it as a leading project base. You get several features with just a few extra kilobytes added to your JavaScript files because most of what Nuxt does happens during the development phase.

In simple words, Nuxt.js is a framework that makes it relatively easy to create server-rendered Vue.js apps. It abstracts away most of the complicated configuration required to manage asynchronous data, middleware, and routing. It’s analogous to Angular Universal and Next.js for Angular and React, respectively.

What is the Purpose of a Nuxt Layout?

Client-side rendering has become the new standard for web applications, as conventional server-side rendering fails to provide a smooth user experience.

A single HTML file is sent to the client in client-side rendering. To handle interactivity, the entire JavaScript is now downloaded and run on the client. There were a few drawbacks to this, the most important of which was Search Engine Optimization. Because the SEO parser is unable to parse all DOM elements, SEO suffers. Pages are rendered on both the client and server sides here. This boosts SEO and reduces the time it takes for a page to load.

Nuxt is a Vue.js framework built on top of it. Vue.js is a JavaScript front-end framework for developing user interfaces. The support for Universal Rendering and a pre-configured router and store is Nuxt’s primary advantage over Vue.js. It helps to speed up the creation of universal web applications. It’s adaptable, with modules that allow Progressive Web App support, multilingual support, and more.

What does Nuxt.js bring to the table that Vue does not?

Nuxt.js allows developers to create Server Side Rendered applications, in which a Node.js server sends HTML to the client based on Vue components (rather than running JavaScript on the client-side). This would result in better SEO than traditional Vue-based SPAs. Another fantastic feature of Nuxt is the ability to create a statically generated website for your app. Users can now publish their applications without the use of a server (such as GitHub Pages). If you want to take advantage of a Nuxt layout over vanilla Vue, you can still make a SPA with it.

What makes you want to use a Nuxt Layout instead of Vue?

Nuxt.js has many advantages for front-end developers, but there was one feature in particular that can convince you to use it: SEO optimization. Because most applications are not a typical internal SPA, it requires this feature (single-page application). It’s a public web application with social networking and management features. When it comes to social sharing, Nuxt.js has excellent meta tag management, allowing you to easily create unique and customizable social share windows based on the data received from the back end.

How does SEO optimization work?

Nuxt.js employs SSR to increase SEO (Server-Side Rendering). On the server, SSR fetches AJAX data and renders Vue.js components into HTML strings (Node.js). When all asynchronous logic is complete, it sends them directly to the browser, which then serves the static markup as a fully interactive app on the client. With the Google SEO parser, this feature allows for excellent parsing of DOM elements. When the website’s DOM is loaded, the SEO parser begins parsing DOM elements at breakneck speed.

Typical SPA applications designed with frameworks like Vue.js, React, Angular, and others, on the other hand, fetch data from the backend with AJAX after the DOM is loaded. Thus the SEO parser cannot parse all of the DOM components because they have not yet been rendered. While AJAX retrieval is asynchronous, SEO parsing is not.

Main Benefits of a Nuxt Layout

A Nuxt layout has several advantages, one of which is that it produces better SEO results. Nuxt.js allows you to create an SEO-friendly website, which is a huge benefit. Even though Google robots used to misinterpret websites with a lot of JavaScript, the algorithms now have a pretty good understanding. Instead of having a traditional SPA, you can achieve amazing things with server-side rendering. Because Google’s algorithms will be able to crawl the content more efficiently, the SEO results will improve. More advantages of Nuxt.js are discussed below:

Rapid Development and Execution

Setting up a new Nuxt layout project takes just a few minutes, as Nuxt manages all of the routines for you, allowing you to jump right into coding without any setup.


Excellent Out-of-the-Box Project Structure

Even in a small Vue app, you have control over the code structure in many files at most. The default Nuxt.js structure is a great place to start when it comes to arranging your service in a scalable but logical and straightforward manner.

Here are a few virtual directories that have already been configured and should be sufficient:

  • All CSS/SCSS/LESS, and image and font files should be put in assets.
  • Components – a folder where you can keep track of individual components. Vue; layouts – a folder where the main application layouts are stored.
  • Pages – the folder in which your application’s routes are stored. Nuxt.js read all .vue files in this directory. The application’s routes are then created, and the store folder for storing all Vuex Store files in your application.

Applications that apply to everyone (Server-Side Rendering)

One of the framework’s significant benefits is that it makes it easier to create universal applications. They are written in JavaScript, and the scripts can be used on both the client and server sides, which is what we mean when we say universal applications.

Single-page (SPA) sites are the aim of many modern JavaScript frameworks, such as Vue. When compared to a typical website, SPA offers several benefits. You can, for example, create a lightning-fast user interface that is constantly updated.

However, there are some disadvantages to the SPA, such as long loading times. The framework makes it simple to exchange code between a client and a server, allowing you to concentrate on your application’s logic.

For nuxt running in a production environment, you’ll need to run two commands:

  • To build sources, use the command num run build.
  • npm start – this command starts the server.

Making a Static Website

Static page generation is what you need if your webpage does not rely on any dynamic data, such as a landing page. Nuxt will create a static HTML file for each of your routes and save it in its folder.

The benefits of this method are very similar to those of universal applications. A markup is required to speed up page loading and assist search engines and social network crawlers in crawling the site. The only thing is that you don’t need a server any longer. During the development phase, everything is created.

This is extremely useful because it allows you to enjoy the benefits of universal rendering without using a server. You should just upload your project to GitHub or Amazon S3 and call it a day.

We won’t need a running server for the static website, so we’ll just run:

  • npm run create npm run generate npm run generate npm run

Breaking the Code Automatically

The framework will create a static version of your site using the best web-pack configuration. Each statically generated page (route) has its JS file containing only the code required to run. Because the javascript file is small compared to the size of the entire application, this will help with speed.

Without Extra Work, Compile ES6/ES7

Nuxt.js also comes with Babel in addition to the Webpack. The latter is in charge of compiling the most recent JavaScript versions, such as ES6 and ES7, into code that can be used in older browsers.

Nuxt.js sets up Babel for you so that all of your .vue files and ES6 code within the script tags are compiled into JavaScript that works across all browsers.

Development Server (out-of-the-box)

It is effortless to develop with the help of our today’s hero. It installs a server update that is done automatically. Nuxt.js uses the Webpack configuration to watch for changes and re-compiles code automatically while you’re writing code and working on .vue files. It also has hot-reloading support by default.


The Power of a Nuxt Layout is being able to develop a valuable tool for rapidly developing complex applications. If you need high SEO performance or have trouble processing complex applications with Vue alone, this helper framework is worth looking at.

It has a good file structure, better routing, server-side rendering, and building universal services. You can do everything yourself, but this method takes time and often requires exceptional abilities. Nuxt is designed to help you create something big, complex, and functional without wasting time on preparation. You simply create a template with this framework, and the most complicated work is done almost entirely without your involvement.

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