What is vue.js?

Vue.js is a progressive framework for JavaScript used to build one-page applications or web interfaces. Not just web interface, Vue.js is also used for desktop and mobile application development. Vue is an open-source framework that utilizes model-view-view-model (MVVM) architecture. VueJS focuses solely on the View layer and can be easily integrated into big projects for frontend development without any glitches. Reasons to choose Vue.js for the frontend development are:

  • Reduced time-to-market
  • This platform integrates seamlessly with existing JavaScript libraries and software
  • Develop a single-page application that has a customized collection of capabilities
  • Create robust features with a simple adaptive user interface
  • Benefit for Vue.js mobile development that performs significantly better under heavy load

What choose vue.js?

  • Tiny Size

    Tiny Size

    As light as a feather, the downloaded zip Vue framework weighs only 18Kb. The framework is not only fast to download and install but the weight positively impacts your application’s UX and SEO.

  • Virtual DOM Rendering and Performance

    Virtual DOM Rendering and Performance

    A DOM is a representation of HTML pages with its page content and style elements as objects. These objects are stored as a tree structure and are retrieved by the browser while loading a page. DOM is encountered when you render web pages.

  • Two-Way Data Binding

    Two-Way Data Binding

    This feature is inherited by Vue from Angular where a connection between model data and view (UI) is formed. Through two-way data binding, it is easier to update related components and track the data for updates.

  • Flexibility and Integration Capability

    Flexibility and Integration Capability

    Vue is designed to be extremely flexible and incrementally adoptable. Vue can be used to strike the optimal balance between developer experience, stack complexity, and end performance. An important aspect of Vue.js is the ability to integrate with existing applications.

  • Solid Ecosystem

    Solid Ecosystem

    Vue.js has a powerful set of tools to work with and provides the facility of unit testing, end-to-end testing tools, and a plugin installation system. Vue also has its browser debugging tools, state manager, and server renderer.

  • Easy To Learn

    Easy To Learn

    Vue.js is an easy-to-learn language where you can just start with a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Newcomers are warmly welcomed by the Vue.js community who actively answers questions on forum and chat.

  • Concise Documentation

    Concise Documentation

    Vue.js has well-structured documentation that covers all the possible topics, accurately describing everything from installation to more in-depth things like scaling of the application and reactivity.

  • Community Support

    Community Support

    Vue’s community is growing incredibly fast.

    • Discord Chat: A place to meet and chat in real-time
    • Forum: The best place to discuss Vue and its ecosystem
    • DEV Community:Share and discuss Vue.js-related topics on Dev.to
    • GitHub:You can request a feature or report a bug specified in each repository’s issue template

Why use vue for front-end development?

Vue.js is the best frontend web development JavaScript framework to build standard web components that can be embedded in any HTML page regardless of the way they are rendered.

Standalone Script

Vue.js can be used as a standalone script file if your frontend logic isn’t complex enough or your backend framework renders most of the HTML. Vue.js is a more declarative replacement of jQuery in such cases because of its smaller feature set for progressively enhancing existing HTML.

Standalone Script
Embedded Web Components

Embedded Web Components

Vue.JS builds standard web components that can be easily embedded in any HTML page regardless of how they are rendered. This option allows you to embed web components in legacy applications, static HTML, or even applications built on other frameworks.

Single-Page Applications

  • Client-side Router
  • TypeScript Integrations
  • IDE Support
  • Blazing Fast Built Tool Chain
  • Browser Devtools
  • Testing Utilities

Some applications require rich interactive, non-trivial logic on the frontend. The best way to implement such applications is to use the Vue.js framework architecture. Vue.js not only controls the entire page but also handles the data updates and navigation without having to reload the webpage. Modern SPAs can be built with Vue’s core libraries and comprehensive tool systems including: