What is opencart?

OpenCart is an open-source e-commerce platform that can be downloaded and updated free of cost. It is everything you need to create, update, scale, and run your business. OpenCart is based on PHP and MVC architecture and is one of the most promising content management systems for developing an online store. It comes with a robust store management solution and can benefit from its built-in SEO, tax rules, products, coupons, managing customers, and more.

OpenCart is feature-rich shopping cart software widely utilized by millions of businesses for their websites worldwide. OpenCart is simple to customize and is ideal for all e-commerce businesses, as it is built on PHP and jQuery and uses the Bootstrap CSS framework. The OpenCart platform's MVC architecture is simple to comprehend and scale.

OpenCart holds various features that come with an e-commerce platform’s additional and essential operations.

  • Open-Source Platform

  • Multi-Store Agile Content Management System

  • Utilize Readily Available Extensions

  • Multiple Product Choices

  • Variety of Payment Options

  • Significant Community Support


Pioneer with flexible and scalable opencart development solutions

OpenCart is known for powering more than 10, 49,172 e-commerce businesses worldwide. This marketplace features 13000+ themes and modules to start, strategize, and expand your business. There are many themes available for just about any sector, payment providers, social media, shipping methods, service integrations, reporting, sales, accounting, marketing, and language packs.

  • Open-Source and Free

    Open-Source and Free

    OpenCart is open-source means it is transparent. It is free (zero monthly fees) means it comes with free downloads and updates. OpenCart provides a reliable and professional foundation to build successful online stores.

  • Extensions and Themes

    Extensions and Themes

    This platform has the biggest selection of themes and modules to expand your store functionality.

  • Payment providers

    Payment providers

    OpenCart is adaptable and works efficiently with all the latest payment processing providers at no extra cost or transactional fee. This gives your business the benefit to process payments itself with no extra charges.

  • Seo friendly

    Seo friendly

    OpenCart is an e-commerce platform that is mobile responsive by default and makes the development and management process more accessible while ensuring that your site is SEO friendly. With OpenCart, you will be aware of what SEO content is essential for your business.

Opencart- a modular system and an open-source e-commerce builder

OpenCart is a solid platform that requires little to no coding knowledge for extensive customization. This will give your business some level of comfort while setting up a website, dealing with hosting, and modifying the code. This modular system helps you start with basic functionalities or can choose from the marketplace with 13,000 + add-ons. The basic set of features offers:

  • 1

    No restrictions on the number of products you can offer through OpenCart

  • 2

    OpenCart has a facility to manage multiple stores from a single admin dashboard

  • 3

    No restrictions on the number of product categories and sub-categories you can generate

  • 4

    It has a built-in affiliate marketing system that allows you to offer discounts and coupons

  • 5

    OpenCart also has the functionality where you can update the product information in one location and have it propagated across multiple stores

  • 6

    OpenCart offers a variety of payment methods from bank transfers to online payment gateways. It has 36 payment gateway integrations

  • 7

    It has the ability to track your marketing campaigns and provide “viewed products” and “ purchased products” sales reports

  • 8

    OpenCart provides integrations with major shipping providers along with the support of 40 languages and multiple currencies

Why should you use opencart to build your online store?

Why should you use opencart to build your online store?

OpenCart is a simple and affordable platform for businesses that wish to operate an online store and run the business successfully. This platform allows you to scale your business successfully for free while manipulating the source code. It also permits them to craft their primary online store quickly and efficiently while maintaining enough functionality.

Free to Download

OpenCart platform provides free download making it extremely affordable with only additional costs coming from hosting fees and extra paid extensions.

Umpteen Extension Options

OpenCart offers numerous extensions to improve its standard and further expand and personalize your online store. These OpenCart extensions can enhance your e-commerce website’s design, functionalities, and operations.

Global E-Commerce Presence

OpenCart helps you to incorporate multiple languages with deep customization options allowing you to categorize products and services in different languages. This unique advantage lets small businesses become an international force for e-commerce with very little effort.