What is wordpress?

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP that uses a MySQL database. WordPress is the easiest and the most powerful website creation and blogging platform, designed keeping in mind usability and flexibility. It is a simple-to-use content management system that can be customized to fulfill various functionalities- from blogging and news to event calendars, media management, and actual page content.

WordPress is a great solution for both large and small websites but before developing, you just need a few things to get started with your WordPress website:

  • Quality Web Hosting

  • A Domain Name

  • WordPress Software Installed on your PC

What is wordpress?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing a WordPress website. Plugins and WordPress themes can add new design options and additional functionalities to your website.

  • WordPress is completely free

  • Easy and quick setup

  • Open source development platform

  • Large online community support

  • Secure and reliable

  • Search engine and SEO friendly

  • Responsive designs

  • A broad variety of themes

  • Plugins for every feature

  • User-friendly interface

Websites that use wordpress as its cms

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS), accounting for more than a quarter of all websites on the Internet. WordPress website creation is a wise choice for individuals seeking simplicity with plenty of room for growth. WordPress supports many users with varying levels of access. There are various famous companies like TechCrunch, Etsy Journal, TED Blog, Microsoft News, Facebook Newsroom, BBC America, French Today, and many more whose websites are developed using WordPress. With WordPress, you can develop various types of websites like:

  • Blogging Website

    Blogging Website

    A blog or a weblog is an informational website that is updated with new information that can be used for personal use or to fulfill a business need. It is an online journal that displays information in reverse chronological order where the most recent post is displayed at the top of the webpage.

  • Business Website

    Business Website

    With the growing technology and people adopting it, businesses prefer to have their online presence in the form of their websites. Businesses develop their website with WordPress so their customers can learn about their company and the services they offer. With the help of the information on the website, customers can contact you, schedule an appointment, ask for a quote, and much more.

  • E-commerce Website

    E-commerce Website

    An e-commerce website allows you to sell goods or products online and collect the payment via an online payment gateway. Using WordPress, you can download and install a WordPress e-commerce plugin so that you can have an online store on your website.

  • eLearning Website

    eLearning Website

    WordPress provides a special kind of WordPress LMS plugin to develop an e-learning website that can offer various online courses. Through e-learning websites, students can take online courses; track their progress and grades, download resources, and much more

  • Portfolio Website

    Portfolio Website

    A portfolio website gives you your own dedicated space to promote your artwork, design skills, or previous work. These types of websites can be built using WordPress.

  • Forum Website

    Forum Website

    A forum website can be a platform for users to ask questions or queries and share advice. Many forum websites are built using WordPress Forum like bbPress, Discussion Board, BuddyPress, WP Symposium Pro, Simple:Press, and more.

Why is wordpress right for website development

WordPress includes several built-in capabilities that simplify content management, including visual editing, an automated revision history, preview capability, and streamlined publishing, all of which contribute to a user-friendly experience for users of all skill levels. It is easy to get overwhelmed while building a website as there are many options when it comes to plugins, page builders, and hosting providers. One shouldn’t be intimated by the website creation process when it comes to developing with WordPress because it offers flexibility to create an amazing online presence for your business.

Here are some of the benefits of WordPress as a website platform:
  • 1

    WordPress is Open Source Platform which means anyone can modify the source code and contribute their ideas to improve the platform.

  • 2

    Your website is Extendable with WordPress Plugins. These plugins are bits of software you can upload to your website to add more features like contact forms, backup, SEO, and more.

  • 3

    WordPress allows you to build and publish your website content quickly. It is Simple and Easy To Use even for beginners.

  • 4

    The actual WordPress software available on WordPress.org is Cost Free. However, you need to pay for the domain name and web hosting.

  • 5

    The code behind Word Press is SEO Friendly, Neat and Simple allowing accurate search engine optimization.

  • 6

    When it comes to being Secure, Reliable, and Flexible, WordPress is at the top. They release regular security patches and updates thereby creating a safer website environment.