Specialized In Custom Education And eLearning Software

Specialized In Custom Education And eLearning Software

Hombolt develops custom College and University Management Software to fit the exact needs, requirements, and culture with custom ERP software development. We develop prominent education software development company specializing in providing top-tier University and College webapp development services to aid the educational and learning industries in providing students globally with the most exceptional eLearning environment possible.

Specializing in custom educational software development, we have an excellent team of software developers committed to providing clients worldwide with modern, feature-rich, and high-performing school management app solutions. Assume you work in the education or learning industry and wish to connect with additional students. Our cutting-edge education management software will assist you in growing your business and attracting other educators. You can enable students and tutors to learn and teach in their subject areas utilizing our cutting-edge educational software from anywhere in the world.

College And University Custom ERP Software

Hombolt leads the way in custom Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software development. Custom ERP software for Colleges and Universities utilize all 6 major components: Customer Relationship Management CRM, Inventory Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Business Intelligence, and Supply Chain Management.

Developing custom ERP software allows you to create custom login pages and dashboards for any entity that you require to access. Including, students, faculty, teacher assistants, management, board of directors, employees, alumni, vendors, and any entity your business requires to fit any needs, requirements, and culture of your Institution.

  • Assignment


  • Registration process

    Registration process

  • Admissions


  • Appointments


  • Medical records

    Medical records

  • Classroom management

    Classroom management

  • Student profile management

    Student profile management

  • Employee Management through Enterprise Resource Planning

    Employee Management through Enterprise Resource Planning

College And University Management Software Requires Business Intelligence

Smart Business Intelligence For Colleges and Universities

College and Universities need to implement advanced Business Intelligence with extract, load, and transform ELT or extract, transform, and load ETL processes.

  • ELT processes gather information from an unlimited number of sources. It will then load the data into a processing location (Data Warehouse). The Data Warehouse will sort and normalize the data. It will transform the data into actionable and relative business intelligence.
  • ETL processes pull information from remote sources. It will then transform the data into defined formats and styles. Then it loads it into the Data Warehouse.

The major benefit in implementing ELT or ETL processes is to give the key employees that make major decisions relevant business intelligence from Big Data that come from potentially unlimited number of sources that can potentially solve problems years before they are noticed. ELT or ETL can also provide advanced educational trends from Big Data.

College And University Management Software Requires Business Intelligence

The Advantages of eLearning Information Technology Solutions

There are numerous benefits and implications for university students and school administrators associated with eLearning IT systems. Education applications benefit the educational system by mainstreaming once manual in-person tasks, and creating a solution that results in not having to hault operations due to the need for an eLearning solution. With our innovative educational and learning software solutions, you can expand your company's reach, connect with worldwide universities, interact with thousands of students and instructors online, and provide the most satisfying educational experience from any given location in the world if needed.

How We Can Help You Grow Your Educational System

Hombolt is a market leader in customized application development, providing best in class education software development services. We help the educational and learning sectors offer a convenient, innovative, and aesthetically pleasant learning environment by connecting students with highly qualified teachers via the app platform.

The Online Education and Learning Solution Development Process

Our custom-built software can provide the best online learning experience possible by engaging learners with highly educated instructors and managing your business more successfully through custom and precise automations. It enables several competitive advantages through the simplification of corporate operations, the organization of online classes, the assignment of duties, and the addition of different schools or institutions.

  • 1

    Secure Login for Students, Faculty, Staff, Employees, and Management.

  • 2

    Efficient Content Management Integration of course materials, administration software, and maintenance of applications.

  • 3

    Online Collection of Fees

  • 4

    Interactive Massaging Multi-Platform Solutions