Scope of web app development services

The web application development team must determine a suitable life cycle model to develop a product in a systematic and disciplined manner. Each model follows a series of phases that is unique to its type and ensures success in the step of web application development.

Requirement Gathering and Project Planning

Requirement Gathering or Requirement Elicitation is a process of determining what can be accomplished through a project and how the project will be executed. After that, a high-level project plan is prepared by the Project Manager who will create a rough time and budget plan and compile a team for web project implementation.

Requirement Gathering and Project Planning
UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

The next process of UI/UX design is for creating appealing interfaces and intuitive navigation for web software. A responsive web design guarantees a smooth digital experience across all devices indeed leading to increased conversion rate and higher user satisfaction. UX comes after making improvements and changes in UI to interact with customers in a more proactive way to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Lead Time

    Lead Time

  • Cycle Time

    Cycle Time

  • Active Days

    Active Days

  • Release Burndown

    Release Burndown

  • Code Churn

    Code Churn

  • Mean Time To Recover (MTTR)

    Mean Time To Recover (MTTR)

  • Defect Removal Efficiency

    Defect Removal Efficiency

Web App Development

Web architects, experienced in designing all the latest architecture patterns including microservices and PWAs develop web app applications with the help of a wide variety of web development tools. On-time delivery is one of the major aspects of web app development and should use a rich set of KPIs like

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    It refers to a set of activities to determine that a web application meets specified requirements, the agreed-upon procedures, standards, and best practices. It checks the web app for any errors, and potential points of weakness before it goes live and is available to the end users. Quality Assurance is meant to improve the whole web app development process and makes sure that any problems or glitches found are fixed in time.

  • Integration


    We achieve seamless integration of web applications with Content Management System (CMS) via custom APIs to streamline and automate workflows. Adding new functional modules to an already developed web application will allow smooth deployment without hindering the work of the web application is also possible.

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 Support

    Troubleshooting to resolve any emerging issues in code, usage or configuration ensures high availability and failsafe functionality of web applications. This step guarantees higher user satisfaction.

  • Optimization and Evolution

    Optimization and Evolution

    During the introduction of a new feature, we optimize and enhance your web application to remain in sync with business needs and user expectations. It is important to opt for optimization and support to continuously monitor each release update and guarantee its fault-free performance.

Our relevat technology competencies

High-performing responsive web application development

The high-performing responsive web application that guarantees a smooth digital experience is formed when the below steps are accurately followed resulting in high user satisfaction and increased conversion rate.

  • Accurate business analysis and requirement gathering to match the client’s needs
  • Intuitive UX to prevent user errors and decrease bounces
  • Striking UI to enhance user acquisition and engagement
  • Sustainable performance during the development phase to ensure high user satisfaction
  • Seamless integration to automate workflows
  • Hotfixes within 24 hours and new releases when required
High-performing responsive web application development

Web app development pricing models

  • Fixed Price

    The fixed pricing model is a type of pre-negotiated arrangement where the price of the projects and services are decided based upon a thorough analysis of the requirement. The benefit of deciding on a fixed price model is you will not have to worry about the escalating costs that could affect your business plans.

  • Time and Material (T&M)

    This pricing model is based on optimizing time and material spent on the project. An hourly rate is pre-decided based on the quality of resources where no hidden costs are involved. The benefit of this price model is that it is highly flexible and the project can be customized according to the exact requirements.

  • Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)

    Through FTE or Rate Card pricing model we offer you a host of skill sets that meets your requirements and handle the tasks of getting your project completed on time by closely working on your project. The benefit of the FTE price model is that a talented and dedicated team will not only be working on your project but will also be working towards your goals and objectives.