Hombolt Software Maintenance And Software Hosting Plans

Hombolt implements progressive Maintenace and Hosting solutions to scale operations for the growing business to gain a competitive advantage. Software maintenance and software hosting plans are designed to give security that the custom software is up-to-date and constantly evolving. One main component of our software maintenance program that differentiates us is we don’t overcharge our customers to just provide updates on an entire system that they may not use.

Since our custom software solutions are designed to fit the exact culture of our clientele, we offer maintenance packages that offer added hours of custom software development to improve and add value to their intellectual property to continue its scalability. It applies to all facets of our software services in Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Website Design and Development, ERP Database Development, Artificial Intelligence, and Custom Software Development.

Software Hosting Solutions

Hombolt has partnered with many reliable software hosting companies, and we strongly believe there is not a one-size-fits-all. Every company is different and a small mom-and-pop local restaurant does not need the same server requirements as an international business with multiple locations utilizing a robust content delivery network CDN.

  • OVH Hosting

    OVH Hosting

    OVH hosting utilizes an array of server options from web hosting, app hosting, SaaS hosting, etc… They are one of the top companies that provide the cloud security needed to protect your digital intellectual property. OVH hosting is an affordable go to software hosting solution from bare metal server solutions, their OVH dedicated server solutions, and their VPS cloud server solutions. They strive for excellence by providing some of the best security options in the business.

  • AWS Hosting

    AWS Hosting

    AWS hosting is one of the Titans of Industry we are glad to have partnered with. They offer fast and reliable server options with the innovation in their AWS CDN. Content Delivery Network AWS CDN helps apps perform dramatically faster and is designed to be affordable for scaling platforms. CDN for growing operations helps shrink the world by giving the user the ability to geotarget certain areas while improving the user experience to deliver an optimal fast experience.

  • Digital Ocean Hosting

    Digital Ocean Hosting

    Digital Ocean hosting is known for the high levels of security and data protection they offer. More importantly, for a customer that likes to make their website changes and upload their blogs, Digital Ocean is a great hosting provider by utilizing the simplicity of their User Interface UI. Due to the ease of navigation, utilizing Digital Ocean hosting is desired by developers. Kubernetes, App Platform, Droplets, and Databases, Digital Ocean is a very sound decision.

  • Google Cloud Hosting

    Google Cloud Hosting

    Google is Google. Google Cloud hosting is known for having unrivaled throughput. Throughput is the rate at which data processes are transferred between locations. In a network, it is defined by the number of packets of data that arrive at a destination in a certain timeframe. Most importantly, Google Cloud Hosting is not complacent. They continue their efforts for growth to improve their global network. Google Cloud hosting is optimal for businesses that require high levels of HIPAA and other government securities.

  • Microsoft Azure Hosting

    Microsoft Azure Hosting

    Microsoft Azure hosting is a multifaceted option with more than 200 products and cloud services to help clients solve their digital hosting issues. Microsoft Azure hosting provides an environment to build, run, and manage all business operations with fast, secure, and reliable on-premise and cloud hosting solutions. For applications that require being managed on multiple clouds, Microsoft Azure hosting is a dynamic option with many tools and frameworks to choose from.

  • Siteground Hosting

    Siteground Hosting

    Siteground hosting is a phenomenal choice for local business owners that are looking for a fast and extremely reliable hosting solution. Siteground is an ideal choice for small businesses looking to scale their digital operation. Siteground Hosting partnered with Cloudflare to enhance speed and security for its users. Siteground hosting is an extremely user-friendly option for businesses that are looking for speed, security, and budget-friendly hosting solutions.

Software Maintenance Types

Hombolt develops custom software solutions in digital software technology. We offer software maintenance types designed to help your operation not only flourish but grow. Growth is heavily weighted on servers for speed and geotargeting purposes. With multiple server locations to host data to geo-target by location and perhaps utilizing different spoken languages, it is essential to utilize the best maintenance plan to update and enhance your custom software solution. Hombolt offers our clients different packages for maintenance that is custom based on the requirements of your software.

Software Maintenance Types
System Maintenance Plans Designed For Growth

System Maintenance Plans Designed For Growth

Hombolt specializes in custom software and to accommodate our software solutions it is imperative to offer software maintenance and software hosting plans that are designed to help businesses of all sizes continue to grow and enter new markets. Many software companies offer software plans that average 20% of the cost the client paid for development. Often these plans are justified by the business using big tech words that should be included in routine maintenance. Our software maintenance plans for our custom software are designed to maintain and grow your digital technology for expansion and growth.

Software Maintenance With The Hombolt Partnership Program

Hombolt has developed a Partnership Program for our custom software solutions to help Entrepreneurs consider and resolve all issues in the development process from corporate structuring to launch, and beyond. Software maintenance with the Hombolt Partnership Program is specifically built to offer a maintenance plan to keep business running smoothly without any delay, and to continuously develop the custom software to innovate and enter new possible relative markets.