Custom Software For The Surgical Supply Industry

Hombolt is continuously developing custom surgical supply management software through custom ERP software focusing on inventory management and control. Old methodologies were stopped in business-to-business B2B sales and custom software for the Surgical Supply Industry had to be adopted. Covid-19 stopped the world and the surgical supply businesses either boomed in sales to accommodate the demand by hospital systems and other entities to provide patient services or stopped because the niche services they offered didn’t contribute to the fight against Covid-19. Digital software innovation to mainstream processes in the supply chain and inventory management system is ideal to increase sales and to enhance the customer relationship management CRM component of a custom software solution in enterprise resource planning ERP software to manage all operations to scale as a business and to exponentially increase your business valuation and save an exponential amount on various software by eliminating per-user monthly or annual fees.

Growing Your Digital Presence In The Surgical Supply Industry

There is a major need in the modern world in growing your digital presence in the Surgical Supply Industry to establish a strong foundation. Your company website is the epicenter of your entire digital presence. It connects to your Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Social Media accounts, shows indexes of your very important structured data, and many more advanced benefits. Hombolt solved the issue of developing custom website coding using the most advanced up-to-date programming languages (examples: React, Angular, etc…) at less than the standard industry pricing. To achieve this massive service, we have developed our proprietary content management system CMS. It provides our customers a way to deploy a very advanced custom programmed language website.

Develop A Profressional Custom Website And Stop Using Themes That Thousands Of Other Businesses Use

Growing Your Digital Presence In The Surgical Supply Industry
Native Mobile Application Development

Native Mobile Application Development

Creating a unique way to enhance your digital presence by implementing Native Mobile Application Development for your Surgical Supply business is a great way to show the professionalism of your business, and to enhance the consumer and vendor experience to conduct business with ease. Hombolt can help mainstream the process by developing an enterprise level native mobile application for your business at a fraction of the standard industry pricing for both the iOS Apple Store and Android PlayStore. Having an advanced custom programmed native mobile application can create stickiness with your users. It will encourage the process of repeat business by having the ordering process simplified and conducted with ease. Outside of orders, combining a native mobile application with a WebApp that focuses on improving the social component of the industry is vital to create a legacy and start your journey as an entrepreneur that solves Surgical Supply Industry inefficiencies.

Enterprise iOS Apple Store And Android Playstore Native Mobile Application Development

Surgical Supply Management Software Requires ERP Implementation

Surgical Supply management software requires ERP implementation. This will save you exponential amounts to your bottom line to allocate the saved annual expenses to your growth and operation in the Surgical Supply Industry.

Designing, developing, and fitting an enterprise resource planning ERP database into your operation will meet the exact needs and requirements of your business. ERP implementation is an exponentially beneficial asset your business can accumulate to automate tasks between team members and departments. Utilizing our custom ERP software will increase your business valuation and lower expenses. Developing ERP software will lower expenses by eliminating monthly or annual fees per-user. It provides our clients with the ability to add unlimited users to a perfected system to mainstream automation through the various departments needed. Designing your ERP database with your unique company roles and permissions will create a more efficient and effective environment for your customers, vendors, and employees. Develop and pay for only what you need. Our custom software solution in enterprise resource planning will fit your budget and help your business by scaling your ERP database as your company grows. Utilize the 6 major components of ERP in an all-in-one database solution. The 6 major components of enterprise resource planning ERP: Customer Relationship Management CRM, Human Resource Management, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, and Inventory Management.

  • 1

    Customer Relationship Management CRM

  • 2

    Supply-Chain Management

  • 3

    Inventory Management

  • 4

    Business Intelligence

  • 5

    Financial Management

  • 6

    Human Resource Management HRM

Surgical Supply Entrepreneurs Develop Opportunity

Entrepreneurs find a competitive advantage in the Surgical Supply Industry to solve inefficiencies and to create revolutionary proprietary custom software that will advance socioeconomic growth for the industry. In custom software, there is no limit to the development of innovative software. Successful custom software either fixes inefficiencies in the industry or creates something completely new that will have demand from business and the population as a whole by implementing a social component. The one thing in common with both is that it is for the betterment of society. Custom software is more than just development. It is making sure that proper forethought has been considered and the corporate, legal, launch, and maintenance components have been addressed. Custom software development for entrepreneurs is creating a digital legacy with the proprietary software with the potential to become a leader in their industry. Combing the proprietary component with other various components will create user satisfaction, and create a WebApp platform for repeat use.

Create Change For The Surgical Supply Industry

  • Inventory Control
  • Business Intelligence
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Bot Automation
  • Multi Vendor Marketplace
  • Social Media Development