Swift or Objective - Which would best suit you?

When attempting to create the ideal iOS application, one of the first decisions you must make is swift or objective C that will be used. When developing native iOS mobile apps, you have two options: use Objective C or Swift.

Now, to determine the best programming language for iOS application development, you must analyze the features, distinctions, advantages, and disadvantages of both options. Swift has many advantages that propel it to the forefront of iOS development.

The following are the most critical among them:
  • 1

    Swift is an open-source project with a sizable development community.

  • 2

    It is faster, safer, and easier to read and write than other programming languages.

  • 3

    Swift features a more efficient memory management system and supports dynamic libraries.

Objective-C Development Services

Objective-C, one of the more established technologies for developing iOS applications, has a lot to offer. Despite being superseded mainly by Swift, Objective-C has excellent value and usefulness. A sizable portion of iOS apps is still produced using it. The technology is well-known for being extensively distributed among important third-party libraries, which implies that knowledge of and ability to use this venerable technology is still in demand.

At Hombolt, we leverage Objective-C and Swift to provide iOS and macOS X full-cycle development services.

Objective-C Development Services

Swift or Objective C development services

Whether it's a migration from Objective-C to Swift or a requirement to port existing C/C++ programmers built for another platform to iOS, Hombolt's Objective-C developers will ensure that everything goes according to plan.

  • Consulting

    If you're unsure which technology is best for your project, Objective-C or Swift, take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of both and receive an intelligent development strategy that takes your unique company demands into account.

  • Custom development

    Our Objective-C developers create sophisticated, feature-rich, and stable programming that runs flawlessly on various Apple devices, ensuring your success in this market.

  • Maintenance and assistance

    Our maintenance and support staff has you covered whether you have some minor issues with an older version of Objective-C software or wish to upgrade your solution with new features and capabilities.

Solutions for Swift iOS Development

Solutions for Swift iOS Development

We design Swift applications with a strong emphasis on code security, error handling, and data integrity for various industries, including gaming, healthcare, construction, e-commerce, education, technology, real estate, finance, and business.

Swift Application Support and Maintenance

Our skilled Swift Software Developers ensure that your applications are constantly refreshed for security and software updates, embrace the new trends in mobile app technology, eliminate bugs or problems, and more for enhanced support and maintenance.


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The Advantages of Developing in Swift with Hombolt

Our Swift application development experts are highly competent and experienced in delivering mission-critical software across various industrial verticals. We successfully integrate Swift code/frameworks into your existing apps or build new apps in Swift code from the start.

What Is the Purpose of Flutter?

Although Flutter is a relatively new cross-platform framework, it is rapidly gaining traction favouring frameworks like Xamarin, Cordova, and React Native. Several of the primary reasons development teams select Flutter include the following:

  • Swift Development for iOS and macOS

    We build quick, secure, and scalable applications, such as CRMs and ERPs, with automated task programming, complete management dashboards, real-time resource sharing and communication, remote network access, and streamlined analytic reporting.

  • Integration of Swift Software

    Our Software Developers have vast expertise and experience integrating Swift frameworks, including Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, AVFoundation, WebKit, CloudKit, and SCRUM, into Swift and Objective-C classes, design patterns, and APIs.

The Advantages of Developing in Objective C with Hombolt

While Objective-C iOS development is not as popular as Swift development, when used by specialists, such as the Objective-C experts at Hombolt, it still provides a slew of significant benefits, including the following:

  • 1

    Delivery of robust, scalable, and feature-rich iOS applications that are compatible with legacy device solutions;

  • 2

    Code that is very readable and compatible with C/C++ code;

  • 3

    Possibility of developing highly functional applications using object-oriented programming;

  • 4

    Collaboration with third-party APIs such as Cocoa Pods, SQLite, and others, which contributes to the app's reliability;

  • 5

    Compatibility with the latest XCode versions, which significantly lowers development time;

  • 6

    Simple interaction with third-party APIs for blockchain development, such as Tierion API.