Kotlin vs Java Android Development

When it comes to Kotlin vs Java Android Development Solutions on the market, Java is popular among developers and a globally recognized programming language. When embarking on an Android application development project, the Java vs Kotlin comparison has become a critical consideration for client corporations and IT firms. It's not easy to remain a favorite for creating mobile and web-based solutions for an extended period.

The latest buzz is about Kotlin, rapidly growing in popularity as an alternative to Java for Android development. Both languages have their stance as part of the Custom Android Application Development Services offered by IT organizations like Hombolt globally.

Hombolt Services for Java Software Development

Our full-stack Java experts are continually expanding their knowledge to provide high-quality full-cycle development services, including design, deployment, testing, maintenance, and support. We offer a variety of unique software products that suit our clients' specifications and needs utilizing the Agile development process in Java.

Hombolt provides its clients with cost-effective yet technologically advanced solutions that precisely match their requirements.

Our Experience Developing Custom Kotlin Applications

We specialize in custom mobile application development, server development, and enterprise-grade applications.


Our developers create compact and expressive server-side apps. Additionally, they can install Kotlin applications on hosts that enable Java web applications.

Kotlin Application

Our offshore Kotlin developers enable native binaries to be compiled from Kotlin code. It is used on platforms where a virtual machine is neither required nor necessary.

Assistance and Maintenance

We offer support and maintenance for Kotlin-based applications. Our skilled maintenance team guarantees that your application continues to perform smoothly over time.

Our Experience Developing Custom Kotlin Applications
The Business Case for Using Kotlin

The Business Case for Using Kotlin

Following are the business cases for using Kotlin:

Reduced Project Schedules

  • Because of Kotlin's speed, it can handle more bugs with fewer lines of code.

  • Kotlin's small design enables developers to understand and modify code more effectively, reducing the possibility for a project to be showcased.

Fewer Application Crashes

  • Kotlin programming requires fewer lines of code than Java apps. Not only does less code save time during development, but it also requires more support and maintenance.

  • There is less surface area for problems to hide, and the language's increased meaningfulness simplifies bug discovery for developers and testers, leading to fewer crashes and framework disappointments.

Java - A Constant Force in the Development of Android Applications

While programming languages come and go, Java is here to stay. It has withstood the winds of change for the following reasons:

When it comes to learning in Kotlin or Java Android development, it's worth noting that Java's importance in the developer community enables it to have comprehensive sources of learning, tools, and a large pool of online aid. Java can be run on a virtual machine or through a browser. How many programming languages can accomplish this flawlessly?

Java has Android's back, literally! Android is what it is today because of Java. This is one of the reasons for multiple SDKs that include Java libraries. As a result, it benefits from a sizable open-source ecosystem of libraries and SDKs. Android applications written in Java vs Kotlin are significantly more compact. Want some help with your android mobile application? Hombolt can assist you with scalability planning. Register now!

Transform your vision into real solutions with Kotlin services!

Kotlin is a JVM (Java Virtual Machine)-based language that supports a variety of Java tools and libraries. Android app development with Kotlin provides full Java interoperability, ensuring robustness and adaptability. Similarly, Kotlin code is compiled to native libraries to make it compatible with the iOS platform.

Utilize the value of emerging technologies such as Kotlin to bridge the divide between your technical audience and your business with Hombolt. Uber, Evernote, and Trello are just a few of the major apps that employ Kotlin to give a seamless app experience to its users. As a useful technology, Kotlin can resolve various challenging issues that arise during mobile application development.