Advance Industry Multi Vendor Marketplace

Hombolt develops Innovative Multi Vendor Marketplace Platforms with social components to increase the user base and influencers for seller marketing. We specialize in developing advanced systems that utilize advanced programming languages to create an atmosphere of unlimited potential. It is imperative to add value to the platform so sellers want to use the platform as well. Both challenges are resolved by implementing Social Media Development that provides the sellers with a user-friendly dashboard so they can create their business profiles, and a user-friendly dashboard for buyers to create their profiles.

The Social Media components are creating the ability to create posts and content through a native mobile application, and adopting Affiliate Link Development that exponentially increases sales and traffic from the Influencer Market. Many Software Innovations can be implemented into a personalized Multi Vendor Marketplace platform. It is essential to collaborate with one of our Sales Representatives and Software Architects during the documentation phase and put proper forethought into designing a platform that will attract the target demographic you are trying to reach.

Utilize Software Innovation for Multi Vendor Marketplace

  • Social Media Development

    Social Media Development

    Social Media Development creates elements to your Multi Vendor Marketplace platform that will organically and exponentially build the number of users that register on your platform.

  • Inventory Control

    Inventory Control

    Inventory Control creates automation for sellers to upload mass amounts of inventory to post with a user-friendly click of a button and provides the platform with added security preventing illegal activity.

  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence utilizes ELT or ETL for platform management, and Business Intelligence for sellers to track their sales and to encourage them to use paid subscription or platform marketing.

  • Bot Automation

    Bot Automation

    Bot Automation implements Robotic Process Automation RPA to automate human tasks and utilize Artificial Intelligence to innovate and make automation smart. Learn the 3 Bot types.

  • Affiliate Marketing Development

    Affiliate Marketing Development

    Affiliate Marketing creates unique links and dashboards for influencers to create content for various businesses selling goods on the Marketplace platform and can get compensated for their work.

Multi Vendor Marketplace Platforms Have Safety Protocols

The main objective is to create an environment that promotes safety for buyers, sellers, and influencers on the platform. Hombolt has developed and implemented many Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform safety protocols to ensure the most advanced methods to prevent illegal activity or acts of bad faith have been taken. Many don’t know but in the software structure, there is no difference in an Marketplace platform that sells goods for one industry over another. That creates a huge risk that criminals might use your platform to sell unethical, illegal goods, or illegal services on your platform. Criminals are often looking for platforms that were thrown together without proper forethought or protocols to conduct their illegal activity.

One of the main principles that Hombolt prides itself on is NOT developing software for the Pornographic Industry or Software Innovations that are developed to be used on the Deep Dark Web. Hombolt has established safety protocols and has in our contracts the agreement that our services will not be used for either of these industries. Many entrepreneurs don’t understand the lengths criminals will go to conduct their illegal activity. They can range from selling items in which the buyer knows illegal items will be delivered instead, all the way to selling images that contain encrypted inside potentially thousands of child pornography content.

Hombolt Assists in the Fight Against Human Trafficking and Child Pornography

  • User Friendly to Enhance User Experience UX

    User Friendly to Enhance User Experience UX

  • Robust to Complete Major Functions

    Robust to Complete Major Functions

  • Unique Rich Features

    Unique Rich Features

  • Strong Emphasis on User Interface UI

    Strong Emphasis on User Interface UI

Multi Vendor Marketplace Requires Native Mobile Apps

Consumers in the modern world require the use of a Native Mobile App to conduct business. Many want to develop Native Mobile Apps only, however, they are missing out on all the benefits of having a digital presence that can be accessed through a computer browser. Multi Vendor Marketplace requires native mobile apps to enhance the user experience and give a reason for users to register on the platform.

Utilize Custom ERP Software To Manage

Multi Vendor Marketplace implementation can be done through a content management system CMS. Many platforms only use this option, and as they scale they tend to subscribe to an outside Customer Relationship Management CRM database that incurs a monthly fee per user and tends to not be user-friendly since it is designed to accommodate any industry.

As the platform scales, it is important to develop a custom ERP software that is designed to fit the exact needs, requirements, and culture of the Multi Vendor Marketplace platform. Hombolt specializes in designing and developing custom ERP software that includes all 6 major components of Enterprise Resource Planning: Customer Relationship Management CRM, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Inventory Management, Financial Management, and Business Intelligence. Our Business Intelligence innovations include the use of Extract, Load, and Transform ELT or Extract, Transform, and Load ETL systems. ELT and ETL can analyze big data from potentially an unlimited number of sources and can provide key employees with important business intelligence to make decisions and solve issues potentially years before they are noticed by a team of analysts.

Utilize Custom ERP Software To Manage

Income Generating Potential

Hombolt specializes in helping business owners and entrepreneurs develop, implement, protect, and launch Multi Vender Marketplace platforms to gain a competitive advantage in an industry, create new revenue streams, reach new or untapped markets, and build their legacy in technology. There are many methods to create income without gauging small business owners in fees. Hombolt believes that small business is the backbone of the world, and is VERY against some platforms that exist that charge up to 45% of a sale.

Hombolt believes in taking less from the sellers and creating innovative income generation solutions that can increase profitability through advertisements being strategically placed on the user's walls, or creating unique ways for business owners to market their businesses as a premier company for different categories of items being sold on your platform. There is no way to eliminate all fees and Hombolt fully understands that there is a cost to conducting business. Many innovations can be implemented to lower user fees and that will drive more traffic to your platform than trying to gauge the sellers in sales fees.

  • 1

    Developing Software As A Service SaaS Innovations

    Adding to your Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform a Creative in-demand SAAS component that helps your users by providing a valuable resource builds revenues from collecting a renewable fee.

  • 2

    Developing on Platform Marketing and Boosting

    Developing on your Multi Vendor Marketplace platform a marketing solution where people can boost their posts and create ads to reach other users on the platform.

Developing Multi Vendor Marketplace Platforms Will Build Your Legacy

Developing Multi Vendor Marketplace Platforms Will Build Your Legacy

The fear of economic hardship or another world-altering tragedy like the Covid-19 pandemic has led to Entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to implement software innovations that can generate new revenue streams or scale their operations to reach new or untapped markets. The great thing when working with business owners to develop Multi Vendor Marketplace innovations is the creativity they bring to the software with their knowledge of their industry. Working with Hombolt and joining our Partnership Program will lower your risks associated with innovation, provide the proper checks and balances to make sure the software does not conflict with other pending or active patents and will develop a lifelong relationship focused on innovation and business.