Medical Industry Requires Custom Software Solutions

Medical Industry Requires Custom Software Solutions

Hombolt specializes in developing custom Medical industry ERP software focusing on medical ELT business intelligence systems to generate relevant intelligence. The Corona Virus Pandemic either exponentially overwhelmed or devasted business. The Medical industry requires custom software solutions. For the business sectors that were negatively impacted by the Corona Virus Pandemic, they need to increase their digital presence by developing a custom software solution that can either help their business create new revenue streams in the case of another world-shattering shutdown or a custom software solution that will fix an inefficiency of the industry that other businesses will utilize to create a more efficient and effective system. One difficulty of the medical industry is that they rely so much on the advancements in hardware technology, they don’t see a need to enhance their digital presence to generate more sales and growth.

Doctors Need A Simple User Experience To Deal With Difficult Issues

  • Emergency Medical

    Emergency Medical

  • Dental


  • Physical Therapy

    Physical Therapy

  • Pharmasuedicals


  • Private Practice

    Private Practice

  • Surgical Supplies

    Surgical Supplies

  • Hospitals


API Development For The Medical Industry

Building your business around data you collect and services you collected requires strong API development for the Medical Industry to increase efficiency. Any medical business that has doctors and patient care requires the use of an enterprise resource planning ERP software. API development for the medical industry is applicable for small to enterprise businesses to automate and mainstream processes that involve big data and service analytics acquired by the business that directly correlates to their ERP database software for management. From surgical supply to veterinary hospitals, API development as a custom software service is an important component to develop to enhance the digital business model to increase efficiency.

Develop And Design A Powerful API To Enhance The Digital Business Model

API Development For The Medical Industry

Consumers Demand From The Medical Industry A Website With Increased User Experience UX

In the modern world, consumers demand from the Medical Industry a website with increased user experience UX. Native Mobile Application development goes hand-in-hand with Website Development and Design to increase customer satisfaction. Medical Industry websites need to be custom programmed using advanced coding languages to solve the main risk, which is the level of security. In digital presence, one of the main differentiating factors between enterprises and small businesses is the level of security of their website. Your website is the epicenter of your entire digital operation.

It connects to your Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Social Media Accounts, and is the primary source of your indexing and ranking on the various indexes. Using a template or a many plugins to make your website run in the medical field is a poor decision. Many websites that are run on plugins average 20 to 30 to run the website (require updating a minimum of 2 times a month), and hackers can infiltrate these websites due to vulnerabilities in the plugins and theme. Hombolt has developed our proprietary content management system CMS that develops and designs custom code websites that utilize the most advanced coding languages available that cost exponentially less than the standard industry pricing.

The 7 Vital Steps To HIPAA Compliant Software

  • Get Access Control

    Get Access Control

  • Secure Person or Entity Authenticity

    Secure Person or Entity Authenticity

  • Ensure Secure Transmission

    Ensure Secure Transmission

  • Best Practices and Proper PHI Disposal

    Best Practices and Proper PHI Disposal

  • Evalution of Audit Controls

    Evalution of Audit Controls

  • Ensure Data Backup and Storage

    Ensure Data Backup and Storage

  • Apply Encryption

    Apply Encryption

Native Mobile Application Development In The Medical Industry Requires HIPAA Compliance

Major advancements are occurring and native Mobile Application development in the Medical Industry requires HIPAA compliance. This does not mean all mobile apps in the medical industry require HIPAA compliance, only ones that have a component of sharing personal health information and if there is a need to prevent unsanctioned use. It revolves around privacy and confidentiality in insurance portability, standardization, efficiency in health care data, avoidance of fraud and discrimination, and security and privacy of personal health information PHI. The major native mobile apps that require HIPAA regulation are telemedicine software, electronic health record EHR apps, and condition-based apps.

The digital world should be viewed as a scary place for businesses that utilize digital software that must follow the rules and regulations of HIPAA. Make sure during any venture in software technology that is applicable to follow all the standards that are required in your industry. A majority of developers don’t emphasize the importance of HIPAA regulation.

Native Mobile Applications Should Be Fun, Easy To Use, Engaging, And Follow HIPAA Compliance

Medical Management Software Utilizes All 6 Major Components Of ERP Software

Medical Management Software Utilizes All 6 Major Components Of ERP Software

In the management of a business in the Medical Industry, the demand is exponential for an ERP database with strong development in customer relationship management CRM, human resource management HRM, inventory management, supply chain management, financial management, and advanced business intelligence. The ERP database must follow the rules and regulations of HIPAA. The importance of business intelligence is vital to any organization that deals with inventory that has expiration dates. Business intelligence to automate major processes and big data in the Medical Industry is a major component to enterprise resource planning. As a business in the Medical Industry, you need a HIPAA compliant ERP database that utilizes all 6 components of ERP implementation.

  • Customer Relationship Management CRM
  • Supply-Chain Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management HRM