What Is Angular JS?

What Is Angular JS?

AngularJS is a structural JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework for developing single-page applications. Developed by Google, AngularJS is maintained by the community of various developers, testers, and organizations whose sole focus is to ease and accelerate the development of single-page web applications.

AngularJS uses HTML as a template language to extend its syntax and express the application’s components clearly and concisely. HTML is for declaring static documents and the resulting environment is readable, quick to develop, and extraordinarily expressive. There are other frameworks to deal with HTML’s shortcomings by either abstracting away HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or by manipulating the DOM.

AngularJS is extensive and works well with other libraries where every feature can be replaced or modified according to the project requirement.

Popular Websites And Web Applications Built On AngularJS

Angular caters to every industry because of its robust and high-performance features. There are various famous, cutting-edge companies from various industries like tech, airline, publication, and weather forecast whose websites and web applications are built on Angular that is highly engaging and interactive. They are Google, Microsoft Xbox, Forbes, Paypal, Deutsche Bank, UpWork, Weather.com, Gmail, IBM, The Guardian, and many more.

Angular expresses application components with only a few lines of code and has the added advantage of data binding and dependency injection. Since all of these happen within the browser, Angular is one of the most ideal front-end web frameworks to couple with any server technology.

Popular Websites And Web Applications Built On AngularJS

Why Use Angular For Front-end Development?

AngularJS framework is highly-declarative, intuitive, and less convoluted which makes it easy to test, maintain, reuse, and free from boilerplate. The features incorporated in AngularJS are to create visually stunning and engaging web applications with quicker development.

Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture

MVC is a software design pattern to design and develop a web application. In AngularJS, the Model part consists of a database, the View is the user interface part of an application and the Controller is the interaction between the Model and View.

Data Binding

Data Binding is an automatic way of updating the model whenever the view changes as well as updating the view when the model changes. This feature automatically synchronizes the data between the model and the view components.

Deep Linking

A deep link reflects the user in the application where they can email and bookmark links to the locations within the app. It allows the developer to encode the state of the application in the URL and then restore it to the same state.


It is a unique and powerful feature that lets you invent new HTML syntax specific to your web app.

AngularJS For Creative Web App Development

Angular is no doubt a very versatile JavaScript framework that is used in developing hybrid and native web app development. Being a full-featured framework for developing web applications, it serves you with everything you need to build the client-side of an application.

  • Revamped Design Architecture

    Revamped Design Architecture

    When an application contains multiple components, it becomes difficult to manage the project. When developed in AngularJS, an enhanced design structure is available which becomes easy for the developers to locate and manage the code.

  • Code Reusability

    Code Reusability

    Directives are used to create reusable components to hide complex DOM structure, behavior, and CSS. Developers can reuse the codes and the components used in the previous applications. This makes AngularJS distinctive and remarkable.

  • Rapid Application Development

    Rapid Application Development

    AngularJS offers MVC architecture that makes sure that the development, testing, and maintenance are performed in no time. AngularJS is a comprehensive JavaScript framework with a complete package of resources required for swift and easy development.

  • Handling Dependency and Allowing Parallel Development

    Handling Dependency and Allowing Parallel Development

    AngularJS outshines when it comes to handling dependencies and is truly famous for Single Page Application (SPA) design and testing. Coupling these features will MVC architecture will allow parallel application development scoring a point over other frameworks.

Design Smart And Interactive Applications To Engage Users

Angular has quickly become the dominant JavaScript for professional web application development. If you wish to develop robust, scalable, well-maintained mobile or web applications of any size, then AngularJS is highly recommended. There are some additional core features of AngularJS that needs to be addressed and they are:

  • 1


    There are singleton objects which are incorporated as built-in services in AngularJS and are instantiated only once in the app. Service comprises value, functions, or features that an application requires and is a piece of reusable code with a focused purpose.

  • 2


    Templates represent a view whose role is to display data and exchange data whenever an event occurs. Templates separate the View layer from the rest of the framework, so the View layer can be changed without damaging the entire application.

  • 3


    It allows the users to create a single-page application with multiple views and allows navigation between them. The users can switch between these views without losing the application properties and state.