The Entrepreneur Role In Custom Software Development

Hombolt specializes in custom software development to scale operations for business owners developing innovative solutions to gain a competitive advantage. The Entrepreneur role in custom software development is to create a software dream into a reality. That is what led the leaders in software technology to profit and innovate the current modern world. In custom software development services there are no limitations to the potential for innovation. Artificial Intelligence AI is advancing in bot automation, robotic process automation RPA, and the demand for intelligent software is growing. The major social innovations combined with multi vendor marketplace development have the potential to generate large profits, result in an exponential return on investment, and establish your legacy as a digital entrepreneur in the modern world.

The digital entrepreneur is not just a single person, often they are business owners who are looking to develop a software that will fix an inefficiency in their industry, a software-as-a-service SaaS solution that will revolutionize their industry where competitors will be required to utilize their software to maintain a competitive advantage, or they already have a successful business and are seeking their next venture. The Hombolt Partnership Program in custom software development services is designed for the future digital entrepreneur. Our partnership solves most of the many concerns for the entrepreneur and gives them peace of mind that we have developed a strategy that will put all of our best efforts to make sure their custom software technology is successful.

Custom Software Solutions Making Waves

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

  • Bot Automation

    Bot Automation

  • Inventory Control

    Inventory Control

  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

  • Influencer Affiliate Marketing

    Influencer Affiliate Marketing

  • Web Application Development

    Web Application Development

Custom Application Development Services Need Legal Structuring

Hombolt created our Partnership Program to give our future partners the foundation they need to assure their success in their custom software development. Custom application development services need legal structuring. Ownership in a corporation is the legacy the digital entrepreneur creates. Ownership in a corporation gives the ability to scale with no limitation to earning potential. It creates for business owners an added revenue stream that did not exist before. Custom application development services need legal structuring that addresses many aspects:

Type Of Service Offered In Custom Software Development

The Entrepreneur role is to properly set up the necessary legal requirements in our Partnership Program to protect the intellectual property and corporate structure. The major decision an Entrepreneur needs to make when implementing custom software development is essential to properly collaborate on the right plan of action to execute proper development to make sure that the software innovation has the right solutions to be in-demand and profitable.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The Major Benefit To Custom Programming Services With Hombolt

Hombolt has built our foundation around providing a valuable service to the business world of all sizes and entrepreneurs by developing custom software development services. The major benefit to custom programming services with Hombolt is developing custom software services that are built for scale. The main benefit of our Partnership Program is combining proper legal structuring with custom software solutions built for scale to be a valuable investment for Venture Capital firms.

Venture Capital due diligence evaluates the creation of a successful exit strategy, realistic forecasted net present values, the potential demand for the intellectual property, patents filed for the intellectual property, and proper corporate structuring. The Hombolt Partnership Program assists the digital entrepreneur by discounting the cost of development, corporate structuring, protection of the intellectual property, and exponentially increasing the valuation of the project.

Major Components Of Venture Capital Due Diligence

  • Exit Strategy

    Exit Strategy

    Developing a proper Exit Strategy is a major influential business decision in custom development that plays a major role in due diligence with a Venture Capital firm. Common exit strategies are not limited to an initial public offering (IPO), strategic acquisitions, and management buyouts (MBO). All options are highly lucrative for the digital entrepreneur, and often the exit strategy is misunderstood and is viewed by many as a plan of action if the business was to fail.

  • Forecasted Net Present Value

    Forecasted Net Present Value

    Net Present Value (NPV) is a valuable benchmark in prospecting the value of an investment proposal. It is a discounted cash flow (DCF) strategy that incorporates the time value of money. In terms of forecasting to establish a reasonable valuation, the extent can go from a simple all else constant (ceteris paribus) profit and loss statement, to the extent of econometric forecasting. Forecasting is an essential part of due diligence and should be established with realistic proper forethought.

  • Potential Demand

    Potential Demand

    It is no surprise that the potential demand for custom development will increase by 2024 to over $25 billion. Our Partnership Program is built for success by performing a complete market analysis, developing highly secure safeguards, the potential for integration with other software, and a user-friendly user interface UI and user experience UX. Hombolt emphasizes the importance to create an original idea that does not infringe on the intellectual property of others.

  • Patents And Trademarks

    Patents And Trademarks

    Hombolt cannot stress enough the importance of non-disclosure and confidentiality. Many entrepreneurs like to post on social media their custom software development ideas to get the security that they made the right decision to move forward. Patents and trademarks are an important aspect of custom software development that is addressed in the Hombolt Partnership Program. Don’t be one of the many entrepreneurs who develop, launch, and instantly receive a cease and desist letter for patent infringement.

  • Corporate Structuring

    Corporate Structuring

    Corporate Structuring is a major component that Venture Capital firms and other investor types review. It is due diligence to assure a competent board of directors is in place to complete the tasks to review the effectiveness of management, company plans, budgets, assuring legal compliance, and protecting shareholders. Proper corporate structuring takes a local family business to become an international titan of the industry. In infancy, it is common for 1 or 2 people to serve as the business’s sole director, officer, and shareholder. It is essential to have a growth plan.

Custom Software Development Concerns

Entrepreneurs take risks, and often without risk, there is no reward. The Hombolt Partnership Program is implemented to address custom software development concerns for the future digital entrepreneur. The main issue that often arises is money. Development costs money. Hombolt exponentially discounts the cost of development for future partners and gives many valuable resources that are required to lower risk and increase future success.

  • Will I need to fund an entire management team for my custom software project?

    Will I need to fund an entire management team for my custom software project?

    Hombolt often automates many processes to lower the amount of human action to manage the custom software services. However, as the platform grows and scales, very seldom is there ever a time that employees are not necessary for major custom software solutions. Hombolt minimizes the amount of management needed to launch.

  • How much will it cost after launch to assure success?

    How much will it cost after launch to assure success?

    Hombolt collaborates to put every effort possible to make sure that the software innovation has a good chance to receive funding, and we make sure before accepting a digital entrepreneur into our Partnership Program that the custom software solutions has a high probability of Venture Capital funding acceptance.

  • Big picture, how are funds allocated in Custom Software Development?

    Big picture, how are funds allocated in Custom Software Development?

    In the beginning, the major cost is development. The main purpose of the Hombolt Partnership Program is to assure funding available to allocate toward salaries, servers, SEO, and taking all necessary avenues that are required for the unique custom software solutions to be successful once running live at full capacity.

Hombolt Develops A Brilliant Idea Into A Reality For The Digital Entrepreneur

The digital entrepreneur is a business-minded individual with a brilliant idea to develop into a reality. Many of the leaders of the industry have stories of failure. However, they overcame that and became leaders in both innovation and net worth. The main reason for their failure was not having the structure in an era where technological software advancements weren’t available. In the modern world with the development and innovation in software, the possibilities are endless, however, there is more competition and granted patents. Hombolt exponentially lowers the risk with our partnership program.