What are native applications?

What are native applications?

A native application is a software program developed for the use of a particular device or a platform. These applications can take advantage of the latest technology and provide optimized performance when compared to web or mobile cloud applications developed to be across multiple systems. Native applications are written in the code preliminarily used for the device and its operating system.

The native development tool is software used by the developers to create applications for a particular platform, system family, or devices like Android and iOS. These applications work with the device’s operating system which enables them to be more flexible and perform faster than other application types. For every mobile platform’s native application there is a different programming language, like:

  • Swift and Objective C for iOS
  • Java and Kotlin for Android
  • C Sharp (C#) for Windows

Native applications can be installed directly on a mobile device and the data associated can either be stored remotely or on the device. The advantages of the native applications can be evaluated as follows:

  • 1

    A user interface that matches the user experience of the operating system

  • 2

    Fast, easy, and responsive software performance

  • 3

    Due to the underlying device capabilities, broad functionalities can be accessed

  • 4

    Quality assurance can be enhanced through app store ratings

Why develop your app using native application development?

  • Security


    Web applications rely on different browsers and underlying technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The native applications are developed using platform-specific technologies which is a greater way for reliable data protection.

  • Maintenance


    With the ability to update maximum content on installation, native applications don’t require regular updates as it is a bit more complex when compared to hybrid applications. However, the newest updates are made available to the users without any hassles.

  • Best Performance

    Best Performance

    Native applications are fast and responsive as they are compiled using core programming language and APIs. Built for a specific platform, native applications allow to leverage the device’s processing speed. While navigating through the application, all the elements are already stored on the phone which means that the load time is quick.

  • Fewer Bugs

    Fewer Bugs

    When two applications are developed in two different codebases maintenance is easier when compared to two applications in a single codebase. With native application development, there are fewer bugs’ possibilities as you do not have to rely on cross-platform tools such as Cordova and Xamarin.

  • Unified UI/UX

    Unified UI/UX

    It is easier for the designers and developers to apply the best standards and practices with the unified UI/UX when compared to hybrid applications.

  • Scalability


    Developed for a single platform, native applications can be configured very quickly which makes them easier to scale. This is advantageous, giving a superior user experience.

Popular companies and their native applications

  • WhatsApp


    Whatsaap is a commonly-used messaging service developed as a native application for iOS and Android phones. This platform is downloaded by over 2B people globally in more than 180 countries.

    • 1Voice, video calls, and voice messaging
    • 2Offers group function with up to 8 participants per video call and 32 participants during a voice call
    • 3Secure messaging with end-to-end encryption
    • 4Allows media sharing like photos, videos, and documents
  • Spotify


    Spotify- a digital music service hub that gives users access to thousands of songs and podcasts from media companies and record labels globally. It is a well-liked native application and is a must-have application to be installed on smartphones by music lovers.

    • 1Integration of Spotify Radio
    • 2Users can follow their favorite artists and friends
    • 3Develop a library to store and download your favorite songs and podcasts
  • Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go is an AR mobile game that was made to turn the real world into a game map encouraging people to travel around the real world. It was a breakout hit in the App Store in 2016 and revolutionized the concept of mobile gaming.

    • 1Integrated Augmented Reality (AR)
    • 2Allow access to GPS
    • 3Available across 114 countries
  • SoundCloud


    This application is a music sharing and online audio distribution platform that allows the creators to upload, promote and share publicly and privately. It is a digital signal processor enabling music fans to stream audio and is available on the desktop and mobile applications for Android and iOS.

    • 1Gives access to millions of songs online and offline
    • 2Allows you to create your playlist
    • 3Share your preferred playlist with friends, family members, and colleagues