What is golang?

Golang, also known as ‘Go’ is an open source, statically typed, compiled programming language designed by Google. It is high-performing, simple, efficient, and readable. Go is syntactically similar to C but with structured typing, garbage collection, CSP-style concurrency, and memory safety. Go supports unit testing that runs parallel with written code but due to its modular design, the code can be compiled onto any platform.

The extensive libraries, unique features, and user-friendly syntax all contribute to developing high-quality code. The programming platform supports dynamic typing, garbage collection, and increased security which gives a robust and comprehensive foundation for developing software applications.

  • Distributed Network Services
  • News Outlets
  • Media Platform
  • Cloud-Native Development
  • Utilities and Stand-Alone Tools
  • Data Science

What is possible with go?

Web Development

Go powers fast and scalable web applications that support enhanced memory performance and support for several IDEs.

Cloud and Network Services

Golang is easier to build services on major cloud providers with a strong ecosystem of tools and APIs.

Command-line Interfaces

Golang helps to create fast and elegant CLIs with popular packages and a robust standard library.

DevOps and Site Reliability

Go is built to support both DevOps and SRE with fast build times, lean syntax, automatic formatting, and a document generator.

What is possible with go?

Market-driven, reliable, and efficient solutions through golang

IT companies create highly customized web solutions utilizing the Golang framework's powerful coding tools. These companies are prepared to serve businesses of all sizes, whether tiny, medium-sized, or giant with market-driven, reliable, and efficient Golang solutions.

  • Software Development from Start to Finish

    Software Development from Start to Finish

    The Golang development services are geared toward increasing business efficiency. This satisfies all the software demands from websites to enterprise-grade software solutions.

  • Full-Stack Golang Development

    Full-Stack Golang Development

    Golang software development companies provide professional full-stack software development services specially tailored to satisfy clients’ needs using a team of highly experienced software architects and developers.

  • Maintenance and Support

    Maintenance and Support

    For IT companies there is a specialized team committed to resolving all of your Golang web development-related inquiries. They are prepared to assist swiftly, whether it's a tiny technical snag or a significant troubleshooting demand.

Why use golang for your project development

Golang allows the development of creating lightweight and highly scalable applications. For resource-intense projects where servers need to deal with a large number of requests like e-commerce websites, Go is the perfect language. Golang has the advantage of creating transparent and leaner software that runs smoothly on networked devices. Here are a few valid reasons why using Golang is more rewarding than other programming languages.

  • Golang is Fast

    Golang is Fast

    Go is a compiled language where the code written is directly translated into formats that a processor will understand. Golang has proven to be much faster when compared to Java and Python, which enhances the reliability and availability of the service.

  • Fewer Bugs

    Fewer Bugs

    Golang is a statistically typed language which means the developers have to be more focused on creating neat and safe code. The compiler has the advantage of error checking, code optimization, and deployment facilitation. Golang has an excellent feature of cross-compiling where the applications can be compatible with any operating system and platform.

  • Comprehensive Programming Tools

    Comprehensive Programming Tools

    Go has various editors, plugins, and IDE that can easily be downloaded from the Go Github repository. As an open-source initiative, Golang has comprehensive programming tools that make the development of your product easy.

  • Performance and Scalability

    Performance and Scalability

    As applications grow, multiple sub-tasks process simultaneously and you need a higher number of core processors to enhance the performance. Golang has a built-in feature that supports concurrency which allows the application to perform multi-tasks simultaneously on one CPU.

  • Code Readability, Straightforward and Stable Syntax

    Code Readability, Straightforward and Stable Syntax

    Golang is based on C syntax but prevents memory leakage and has safer memory management. As a procedural language, there are strict programming rules which need to be followed to perform a task. The independence of code segments is important for the overall maintainability and the possibility of modifications which is one other factor. Understanding that readable code is critical for the project’s success, transparent syntax meets this goal.