Business Intelligence For BI Reporting

Business Intelligence For BI Reporting

Hombolt develops advanced business intelligence for BI reporting to analyze enterprise data warehouse files to automate valuable business processes. Custom ERP software that we develop to fit the exact requirements of a business needs to develop custom business intelligence BI development to analyze the data by utilizing either extract transform load ETL or extract load transfer ELT to produce a BI report. Implementing a process to store, categorize, and archive all company data requires the utilization of advanced custom Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence AI. Artificial Intelligence AI to analyze the data and automate the business intelligence BI tools will regularly provide key employees with the necessary and relative business intelligence a BI report and BI analytics are necessary to locate problems before they are realized by the enterprise business. The business intelligence solutions just described are the BI tools necessary for any company wanting major growth, exponentially lower expenses, and to increase their company valuation by being able to analyze big data and show an advanced BI report that would normally take human analysts years to provide with a large amount of human error. Advanced business intelligence BI reporting if implemented will secure the competency of CEOs and provide valuable intelligent analytics to make decisions that solve future problems before the results of data are detected and brought to the attention of key employees from various departments of the enterprise ERP software.


  • ExtractExtract
  • TransformTransform
  • LoadLoad

Advancing Business Intelligence

Advancing Business IntelligenceAdvancing Business Intelligence
  • Extract & LoadExtract & Load
  • Data WarehouseData Warehouse
  • AnalyticsAnalytics
  • Critical Differentiation Of ETL Vs ELT

    Many are mistaken or do not quite understand the critical differentiation of ETL vs ELT. The main commonality between ETL vs ELT is the integration to move data from various sources to a built-for-scale enterprise data warehouse. Creating a relevant business intelligence platform from inefficient raw data that was passed between various entities on an ERP software is the other major link between big ETL data software and big ELT data software. Differentiation between the two rests on how the data is transformed. Another major difference is the amount of data that is retained in the enterprise data warehouse. Many misconceptions arise from the complexity of these business intelligence BI tools, and many think ELT and ETL development is only for use in ERP software. Any system that gathers big data ETL and ELT data need automation and systematic BI reporting can utilize these in-demand real-time innovations.

A CEO Should Know When The Time Is Right To Implement Business Intelligence BI

In business, the optimal goal is to maximize shareholder wealth. Utilizing pre-built business intelligence tools made to fit all industries is a costly expense. Hombolt develops custom business intelligence software developed specifically to fit your exact company needs and culture to deliver the exact BI reporting to maximize efficiency and exponentially increase your business valuation. For enterprise business, a CEO should know when the time is right to implement business intelligence BI development to maximize company efficiency, increase business valuation, and stop potential issues before they start.

What Do The Words Extract Transform Load Mean?

  • Extract


    Various big data in all shapes and sizes are consumed either in their entirety or by predetermined rules. The major innovation is to utilize streaming data to get almost real-time analytics and provide a BI report almost instantaneously

  • Transform


    This is where the Data Warehouse normalizes the data. Based on the predetermined rules it will store all or just the relevant data to be accessible for Business Intelligence BI reporting.

  • Load


    This is the major differentiating component of ETL vs ELT. In ETL development software, the raw data is extracted to a separate server (called the staging area) where it is transformed before being loaded into the Data Warehouse. In ELT, the data is extracted and loaded right into the Data Warehouse where it is Transformed. Both options have their pros and cons.

The Benefits Of Utilizing An ELT Process

The benefits of utilizing an ELT process to automate business intelligence BI reporting are primarily speed, scalability, simple integration, and utilization of open-source custom software technology. Many companies will state that ELT systems are pay-as-you-go with monthly pricing only. That is because they want you to use their one-size-fits-all ELT process. Hombolt develops a custom ELT process to fit the exact dynamic and constantly changing environment of your business. This process will increase your business valuation since once developed, you won’t have ELT process monthly fees as an expense, instead, you will have an ELT system that scales as your business grows.

The ELT Process has potential security issues that must be addressed.

  • 1

    Regulatory issues with GDPR ( and HIPAA (

  • 2

    Management and Control Operator of the big data.

  • 3

    Updates and Maintenance of the big data.

  • 4

    Need more resources allocated towards the cloud to increase computing speed to analyze large volumes of unstructured data. That is because transformation only occurs after the big data has been loaded and is necessary for analysis.

The Main Benefits Of Utilizing An ETL Process

The benefits of utilizing an ETL process in the modern world are to extract data from many different locations and sources to analyze and to provide a custom BI report. Since the big data ETL conducts most of its processing using the custom software ETL tools during the transformation and load phase, much of the raw big data ETL process is already cleansed and accumulated to be used at the time it is loaded into the data warehouse. The other major benefits are that an ETL process is simple to create by requiring little programming knowledge, they provide metadata to build the data warehouse, catch operational issues in the organization during transformation, tracks data extraction to give access to a plethora of valuable structured big data results, and creates universal formatting that is understood by all users of your software.

  • 1

    Speed. The ETL process transforms data in the staging area before it is loaded. Any added step in a path will take longer.

  • 2

    ETL development is designed for smaller datasets with more advanced data manipulation for BI reporting. Big data ETL struggles due to the time to transform in the staging area.

ETL vs ELT: Which One Is better?

  • ELT is best suited for large amounts of structured and unstructured Big Data.
  • ETL is best suited for smaller amounts of data that require advanced and complex transformation.

Hombolt Innovates Business Intelligence BI Development To Fit And Scale

More often than not, many businesses don’t need a full-fledged ELT or ETL process. Hombolt innovates business intelligence BI development to fit and scale any size operation. Mom and Pop operations don’t require an enterprise ELT process to gain business intelligence using Artificial Intelligence AI to calculate how many muffins they sell on an average saturday rush. The main principle behind all of this is that every business is different and has various characteristics that define them. Hombolt custom software innovation was designed to fill that void and give back to the businesses by developing software that is appropriate for their business. I guarantee the CEO of BMW did not register a free educator or student trial with QuickBooks.

Hombolt Innovates Business Intelligence BI Development To Fit And Scale

What To Be Concerned About

Any amount of data that involves people and various market trends is incredibly valuable to the modern world. It is of vital importance to make sure you trust the company you pay a monthly fee to use their business intelligence software. Remember, Equifax got hacked in 2017 and valuable personal private data was leaked for 147.9 million Americans, 15.2 million British Citizens, and about 19,000 Canadian Citizens! The main questions you need to ask these companies are:

  • Who has access to my company data?
  • If your ELT gets breached, what are my options?
  • What safeguards do you have in place to protect my data?

Hombolt Custom Software Partnership Program Is For Entrepreneurs

The Hombolt custom software partnership program is for entrepreneurs that want to solve issues in the modern world by fixing inefficiencies in the industry. The ELT and ETL development process has major innovation potential that can revolutionize custom software for various industries. The Hombolt mission is to make this world better. We are excited to launch our software to help improve the advancement of heightened intelligence for business owners and key employees.