Custom Hospital Management Software

Hombolt develops automated Hospital Management Software to advance ERP software in the Hospital Industry focusing on advanced business intelligence. The Hospital Industry relies heavily on databases to efficiently pass data from department to department. Custom software for hospital system management is essential to solve the broken system that currently exists. A custom enterprise resource planning ERP software is a full management system that hospitals require to pass data securely to follow all the laws, rules, and regulations of HIPAA. In database development, many hospital systems rely on various electronic medical records EMR database systems, or electronic health records EHR database systems. The main system used for the hospital system is the Online Transaction Processing OLTP database. In Hospital Management the main question is to use OLTP vs OLAP Online Analytical Processing.

Hospital Systems Need To Adopt Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Software

The answer for this question is simple, use a combination of the two and embrace the use of an extract, transform, and load ELT system to collect Big Data and have sent to its various destination OLTP, and send the data through an OLAP system component warehouse where it is queried for insights.

  • Understanding Advanced Business Intelligence

    Hospital systems use very expensive systems in which the major area of concentration is analyzing big data, which is the definition of Business Intelligence in an ERP software. In a HIPAA compliant industry, concentration is focused on security and analytics of Big Data, yet a majority of providers rely heavily on faxing medical records.

A Centralized Hospital Management Database Is Not The Answer

Hospital systems should be required to limit their management system to enterprise resource planning ERP databases. The main reason is increased security measures of Big Data about HIPAA sensitive patient information, and many other sensitive data. The major reason to not utilize a centralized Hospital management database is the risk of data mining and vulnerabilities being exploited by the public and private sector businesses. However, in the advancement of Artificial Intelligence AI, the future of a business intelligence system that can analyze data from like patients with similar ailments and treatments could give smart advice to doctors to potentially prevent their theoretical client from going into cardiac arrest in the next hour through the use of a smart alert system. The issue legislators face in centralizing a Hospital database is the misuse of data mining by fraudulent companies to target people for various scams, privacy issues, manipulation of data (medical and financial records), security issues, misuse of information, discrimination, ethical issues, aggressive marketing, etc…

Develop A HIPAA Compliant User-Friendly ERP Database For Patients, Employees, Management, And All Important Entities

A Centralized Hospital Management Database Is Not The Answer
OLTP Vs OLAP And Why Implement ELT Systems

OLTP Vs OLAP And Why Implement ELT Systems

OLTP Vs OLAP database solutions are differentiated by OLTP being an online database modifying system, and OLAP being an online query response system. OLTP Online Transaction Processing and OLAP Online Analytical Processing has one major thing in common, they are both online processing systems.

ELT systems combine the benefits of both OLTP and OLAP. Extract, load, and transfer ELT business intelligence solutions are a data integration process in the transfer of data from a server to a data system on a targeted server where the data is prepared. What this means and how the data is used for ERP Hospital Management is the relevant and needed data being extracted by a tool where the information is stored in a staging area or database where the system runs various integrity checks and business rules before it is loaded into the data warehouse where all the data transformation happens.

ELT To Process Big Data For Advanced Business Intelligence Systems For Hospital ERP Software

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ERP Hospital Management Software

ERP Hospital Management Software is a major asset to be utilized to automate processes, enhance security to follow the rules and regulations of HIPAA, and implement a business intelligence that utilizes artificial intelligence AI development to enhance the management experience by developing an efficient and effective machine learning AI to mainstream processes throughout your organization. ERP database development comprises of 6 major components, and in the hospital industry, it is not uncommon for hospitals to be run on older ERP satabase systems that have not been updated to keep up with the current security threats. Hombolt develops custom software enterprise resource planning ERP software to meet the exact needs and requirements of what you expect from a Hospital Management Software. The 6 major components of enterprise resource planning ERP: Customer Relationship Management CRM, Human Resource Management, Business Intelligence, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, and Inventory Management.

Hospital systems must address these security issues and use advanced security measurements to assure the sensitive data in the Hospital System Database is protected at the highest level of security.

ERP Hospital Management Software can be built for scale, it can also integrate with other database systems through the use of an application programming interface API. However, it is not recommended to use a lot of various databases managed by 1 system, because that increases the risk of vulnerabilities in your security system.

  • Excessive Database Privileges

    A majority of attacks on a database are completed by employees and ex-employees.

  • SQL Injections

    Malicious code is embedded in the front-end and then passed to the back-end.

  • Weak Audit Trail

    A non-audited database risks non-compliance with sensitive data protection regulations.

  • Database Backup Exposure

    Companies put so much effort into protecting the database, but zero effort in protecting the database backup files.

  • Vulnerabilities And Misconfigurations

    Many databases are completely unprotected due to misconfiguration.

  • Lack Of Security Expertise

    Continuing education is important, and qualification of IT Security expertise.

  • Denial Of Service Attack DoS

    An attack that slows down the server and may make the database fully unfunctional by users. DDoS Distributed Denial of Service uses multiple servers during the attack.

  • Unmanaged Sensitive Data

    Many Hospital systems store sensitive data but lack the forethought to keep an accurate inventory of it.

  • Malware

    Software is written to damage data or your database.

Entrepreneurs will Develop the Future of Hospital Innovation

Hospital software in the industry is expensive. Entrepreneurs will develop the future of hospital innovation and find ways to make systems more affordable to mainstream sales. The Hospital Industry needs the development of an advanced custom software ERP database that is focused on an extremely simple and fast configuration, easy to use, simple to train employees how to use, but has very advanced business intelligence needed by the hospital. The development of Artificial Intelligence AI in a system that if permissions are given by patients, can extract data from a pool of similar health ailments, and can help in the fight to save lives. These are the major custom software innovations that Entrepreneurs will develop and implement to create their digital legacy, and become a titan of the industry in the Hospital Management Software Industry. Hombolt can help in these efforts by our specialization in enterprise resource planning ERP software.

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