Hombolt Bot Automation And Robotic Process Automation RPA

Hombolt specializes in developing advanced Bot Automation implementation in Task Bots, Meta Bots, and IQ Bots to scale operations and maximize efficiency. Bot Automation and Robotic Process Automation RPA utilizes custom RPA bot software for businesses embracing automation anywhere throughout the organization. Bot Automation in RPA bot development is a major service that will advance the digital spectrum for innovative businesses. RPA bots hold limitless potential in custom RPA development and can advance your business to gain a competitive advance in your industry by automating menial to advanced tasks efficiently without the potential for human error. The main decision in Bot Automation development is if your business infrastructure requires attended or unattended bot development.

  • Task Bots

    Task Bots

    Task bots are developed by taking numerous actions and having those actions programmed into them to automate tasks and implementing various rules to process the different structured data types. Build a bot for tasks will increase business efficiency by not having to pay employees to complete these tedious tasks, data will be executed and generated extremely fast, and all the tasks will be completed correctly without human error. In a business, you often see these types of bots in HR Administration, Quoting systems, procure-to-pay, and claims management to name a few.

  • Meta Bots

    Meta Bots

    Meta bots are designed to be the structure of an application type that can adapt to various changes. To build a bot for Meta Bots usually requires pairing them with a Task Bot. Meta Bots take the role of scaling complex processes in places of the business operation that require various scripting. A major benefit to Meta Bots is the innovation to capture important data that is used to automate front-end functions. The capability of a Meta Bot to follow and adapt to advanced inputted data, and process big data efficiently and effectively is an essential demand all Enterprise business requires.

  • IQ Bots

    IQ Bots

    IQ Bots combine the custom software innovations of Robotic Process Automation custom RPA and Artificial Intelligence AI. This type of Bot Automation is very advanced but has limitless potential for Enterprise business advancement. A business that embraces the need to build a bot with IQ capabilities will add major value to the software due to the cognitive capability to adjust and make actions and extract information from various semi and unstructured data.

Hombolt RPA Services Will Advance Intelligent Document Processing

Hombolt RPA services will advance intelligent document processing in any organization by combining custom software innovations in Artificial Intelligence AI (Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, etc…) with Robotic Process Automation RPA. RPA Services will provide automated business intelligence to major decision-makers in your organization to improve operations and solve potentially thousands of small mistakes that combined and built up could potentially be viewed years down the road as a fault in leadership.

The need for business owners to adopt RPA Services that are combined with Artificial Intelligence AI is to develop and implement organizational automation that provides learning components in the software technology to constantly find ways to streamline organizational actions and gradually increase the efficiency of the organization. As a business owner and an Entrepreneur, designing, developing, and innovating RPA with Artificial Intelligence AI can increase the valuation of your business, scale your business operations, and can build your legacy in the advancements of Artificial Intelligence AI and Robotic Process Automation RPA.

Hombolt RPA Services Will Advance Intelligent Document Processing
  • Analyze and Prioritize

    Analyze and Prioritize

  • Generate Relevant Data

    Generate Relevant Data

  • RPA and AI Lifecycle

  • Sort, Classify, and Archive

    Sort, Classify, and Archive

  • Sort, Classify, and Archive

    Automate Business Intelligence Reporting

The Potential Of Custom RPA Services With Business Intelligence

The analysis of all company data that can continuously input and analyze all of the individual data sets from multiple departments that are being passed between individuals. All of this data that often is not archived can now be analyzed and automatically sorted, and the automated production of reports can be generated to show key employees only the relevant data from potentially thousands of individual data pages, in possibly a few exact reports being automatically generated at certain times relevant to your business.

Answer Bots Increase User Experience UX And Customer Satisfaction

As a business, you can have amazing products and offer valuable services, but a detrimental component that can destroy the system you built is poor customer service. Using an Answer Bot to increase user experience and customer satisfaction will drastically lower business expenses and provide your clients with an immediate answer or solution to their issues. Answer Bot development utilizes Artificial Intelligence AI to adjust and learn to constantly develop and scale the more users use the Answer Bot. Many clients utilize an Answer Bot solution to their SDK for mobile application development to answer questions and concerns users might have while using the mobile application. Businesses do and should care a lot about their ratings from the Google PlayStore and iOS store.

An Answer Bot needs to start being implemented into Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Database Development. Many employee issues and concerns arise from many different ways to complete 1 function is being told to them by multiple people to who they report. Many employees leave companies that are not efficient and they can not get answers or solutions to their issues promptly. A business that utilizes an Answer Bot will exponentially increase employee morale and it will serve as a function valuable answers to much-needed questions for all departments, but most importantly, can extract business intelligence data to pinpoint inefficiencies throughout the organization.


Answer Bots Increase User Experience UX and Customer Satisfaction

Hombolt Partnership Program With Bot Automation For Commercial Use

Hombolt Partnership Program With Bot Automation For Commercial Use

Hombolt Partnership Program with Bot Automation for commercial use is a valuable resource for our future partners and Entrepreneurs who want to develop custom software as a service. In our vetting and due diligence stage for acceptance into our partnership program, one major issue our partners always want to do is patent their software to create a monopoly. A lot of the platform components are not eligible for a patent to be granted because you discourage the world by stating any platform that uses a chat box is infringing on your intellectual property. The patentability for industry-specific utilization through bot automation has a direct correlation to our custom RPA services. Build a Bot with unique characteristics and innovation to develop custom software to revolutionize your industry, solve inefficiency, increase customer service and satisfaction, power automate pricing, boost employee morale, and increase company ratings just to name a couple. In Bot Automation, utilizing custom RPA development and artificial intelligence has no bounds or limits to the potential of enterprise software innovation for the modern world.