Relationship Building in Custom Software

Hombolt emphasizes the importance of relationship building in custom software innovation throughout our entire corporate structure. It is one thing to build and develop something. We are not a company that provides a service and are done with you. With the services that we offer, we are built as a system to maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients to continuously build and develop custom software solutions to enhance and scale our client's businesses to extend past the threshold of just having a local presence. Inside the budget of our clients, we find a way using our advanced legal and compliant strategies to optimize the digital presence. The major benefit that we offer to our clientele is the limitless possibilities we offer in custom software development.

Hombolt encourages our sales force to develop life long relationships by joining groups in their community that are focused around making social change to make this world better. Many of our software innovations have come from groups in communities needing a custom innovation to mainstream processes for their group. These services include and are not limited to: Custom Software Development, Custom Website Development and Design, Custom ERP Database Development, Artificial Intelligence, Bot Automation, RPA Development, Mobile Application Development, Multi-Vendor eCommerce Development, Affiliate Marketing Development, and Social Media Development.

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Main Formula for Relationship Building

Our main formula for relationship building in custom software is to start with a solid foundation. The foundation for any company is its digital presence which directly correlates to its website. How we solved this issue for our clientele is by developing our proprietary Content Management System CMS that utilizes HTML so that we can develop a professional aesthetically pleasing website with the powerful dynamic advanced coding languages that are favored and/or developed by Google (Examples: Angular and React). Even the advanced coding language Golang that is flooding Silicon Valley are programming languages that our CMS menu is compatible with.

The main purpose of Hombolt developing our proprietary Content Management System CMS is so that we have the compatible framework to quickly give our clients during development a live link to visually see the progression of their future website. Most importantly, our CMS provides our clients with the most advanced websites for exponentially less than the industry standard.

ERP Management Software Built to Scale

Hombolt has developed and designed our custom ERP management system for our Prospective Clients, Current Clients, Sales Representatives, Development, Architects, SEO Content Writers, and our Home Office. As a prospective client, the first thing you will notice is that our system is very robust with video conferencing, project management, payment area, chat area, conference scheduler, and many other amenities most companies do not offer for customer service. The 2nd thing you will notice about our system is that it is extremely user-friendly and takes no time to learn and navigate.

Building a Custom ERP Database means increased efficiency and utilization of your workforce. It is imperative to adopt implementing advanced business intelligence and inventory control to build and scale operations.

ERP software includes not having a monthly per-user fee for your employees and any other entities you want to access. Automations are created that are specific to your exact business needs. Building your own ERP database means not having a scenario where your employees utilize different systems with different logins to access different components (examples: job function, human resources, CRM) when the entire operation can be run by 1 central database developed custom with Enterprise Resource Planning.

ERP Database is 1 Central System that provides solutions for Customer Relationship Management CRM, Human Resource Management HRM, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Financial Management, and Business Intelligence.

Relationship Building in your Organization

One of the most important parts of a business is boosting employee morale. Relationship building in your organization is accomplished with custom software development with Hombolt. Our specialty is developing custom software solutions for businesses by helping organizations get away from using only licensed software that hurts their growth by them paying exorbitant amounts in per-user monthly fees to use.

One of the biggest downfalls for a business is when companies utilize non-user-friendly software and employees create a system outside of the company infrastructure to complete tasks.

  • Decreases Efficiency
  • No Accountability
  • Negative Employer Reviews
  • Overpaying in Expenses for Underutilized Software

Custom software is the future of innovation and infrastructure, and developing innovative software for your company will exponentially increase the valuation of your company.

Relationship Building with Future Industry Leaders

A major passion and component of our business model is the partnership and relationship building with the future Entrepreneurs of the Industry. One major fault in software development is how the herd of development moves when 1 sector of industry becomes profitable (Examples: Blockchain and Crypto). The major issue that arises in these two examples is how to make it profitable, how to make it proprietary with patent protection, and how to launch to desired clientele who have the means available to be clients. Hombolt focuses on Custom Software Technology that applies to the general public and can go viral.

Viral in custom software is the ability for a custom project to take off with an exponential amount of users because it is unique, fixes an inadequacy or inefficiency, and most importantly is exciting. Hombolt does not discourage again the protection of intellectual property by utilizing patents. What Hombolt is against is:

Big Tech Corporations trying to create monopolies by applying for thousands of patents to see which sneak through the process and get approved. What the system does not understand and what they should care most about is that a patent is designed to protect an invention. It’s not designed to create a monopoly in which Big Tech is the only one that can develop, and in turn, charge insane amounts for use of the software. The main part of the evaluation process by the Patent Office is to address 1 Major Question:

Relationship Building with Future Industry Leaders

If a patent is granted, will the intellectual property provide socio-economic value that will be for the betterment of society?

Hombolt looks forward to advancing custom software to better society and build stronger relationships with our future Entrepreneurs. To become a Titan of Industry often does require ownership. We understand and utilize this process. However, to put our clients above business, and the betterment of society above all, our process is designed to protect the inventors, ourselves, and to provide a system to advance the digital entrepreneur software to solve issues, and give true value to the world.