Exponential Growth Requires Proper Sales Sales And Consulting Management Software

Exponential Growth Requires Proper Sales Sales And Consulting Management Software

Hombolt specialists in developing Custom Sales and Consulting Management Software that customizes the needs, requirements, and culture of your business. Many small to medium-size businesses looking for exponential growth requires proper management of the sales department with a strong emphasis on user experience UX. The major sector that requires proper management is the 1099 industries that compensate their sales representatives on a commission-only structure. That industry requires a system with business intelligence for management to keep their sales representatives engaged and on track to be successful in their sales endeavors. We develop Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software services for the Sales and Consulting Industry that are custom programmed to meet the exact dynamic culture of the business. Have custom logins for clients, sales, management, vendors, home office support, executives, and any other entity that your business requires to have their own dashboard that is custom designed to increase operational efficiency.

Developing Custom ERP Software Will Eliminate Your Monthly Per-User Expense And Will Scale Your Business With Unlimited Users

The Sales And Consulting Industry Demands A Strong And Secure Digital Presence

Habitually, the industry as a whole has lacked in a digital presence due to the misconception of not utilizing Google keyword search results for their specialty and company. The Sales and Consulting Industry demands a strong and secure digital presence. A good example is the insurance industry is a keyword for "Medicare Insurance" or "American Insurance" that is extremely difficult word to rank on the search engine result pages since those keywords compete with the titans of the industry; Mutual of Omaha, United Healthcare, State Farm, etc...

One of our main proprietary developments is our Content Management System for custom programmed Website Development. Having a custom programmed Website gives more flexibility, speed, and fewer updates for management. Some websites require multiple per month updates on their plugins and themes in which the average business website utilizes 20-30 plugins to run the website. That alone creates the issue with speed and security vulnerabilities if not maintained or are unfortunately one of the business owners who is using a Hacked Wordpress Page from often a Freelancer.

Native Mobile Application Development For Customer Satisfaction And Employee Morale

The Sales and Consulting Industry in the modern world must implement the use of Native Mobile Application Development for customer satisfaction and employee morale. In sales, keeping customers and employees engaged through your branded native mobile apps to your company is essential for sales representatives to keep in contact with current and existing clients, for clients to see their purchases and/or services take effect, and for management to get important business intelligence to increase efficiency by gaining the analytics to focus more or less in resources and time. Native Mobile Application development has many benefits if developed with proper forethought, research, and development to implement an app to automate processes in the customer and sales experience for your company.

Create A Competitive Advantage With Native Mobile Application Development

Native Mobile Application Development For Customer Satisfaction And Employee Morale

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Sales And Consulting Management Software

In the Sales and Consulting Industry, the industry as a whole has spent an outrageous amount on per-user database solutions that only covered 1 major component of ERP; Custom Relationship Management CRM. How does a company expect exponential growth if they are in a system that costs $150 per month, per user, and has 1000 users? That equates to $150,000 a month for a system that is pre-built to fit the needs of all industries. One of the major complaints about pre-built systems is they are not user-friendly, and when running analytics it typically shows that the database is wildly underutilized by a majority of the users and that users of the platform find shortcuts and work outside of the platform to conduct business. We build a custom programmed solution for ERP database development for the Sales and Consulting Industry that is tailored to fit the exact culture and requirements of your business through branding and user-friendly interface UI and user-friendly experience UX so it engages the entire business through automation all the major components of ERP and saves your bottom line an exponential amount by only paying for the cloud server with unlimited employee registrations.

The 6 Major Components Of ERP Implementation Software:

  • Customer Relationship Management CRM

    Customer Relationship Management CRM

  • Supply-Chain Management

    Supply-Chain Management

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

  • Financial Management

    Financial Management

  • Human Resource Management HRM

    Human Resource Management HRM

The major benefits for the Sales and Consulting Industry to a custom developed solution is:

  • 1

    On website-specific logins for customers, vendors, and employees.

  • 2

    Advanced business intelligence for management custom-tailored to fit your exact needs.

  • 3

    Potential video conferencing between departments, and/or customers and sales representatives.

  • 4

    Automated systems are in place to increase the user experience UX.

  • 5

    Unlimited users without the expense of a per-user fees.

  • Influencer Affiliate Link Innovation

    Influencer Affiliate Link Innovation

  • Multi Vendor Marketplace

    Multi Vendor Marketplace

  • Business Intelligence Innovation

    Business Intelligence Innovation

  • Mass Inventory Upload Innovation

    Mass Inventory Upload Innovation

  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Database Innovation

    Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Database Innovation

  • Native Mobile and WebApp Innovation

    Native Mobile and WebApp Innovation

Entrepreneurs In The Sales And Consulting Industry

Old school methodologies plague the industry, and the potential for true innovation is in demand for entrepreneurs in the Sales and Consulting Industry. The Corona Virus Pandemic has shaped the future with businesses needing to establish a digital presence with the various lockdowns and closing of business practices. Our hearts go out for the Sales and Consulting Industry, as a company, we were one of them. As an entrepreneur, developing a proprietary system that can revolution your industry is essential to create a following to your current services and to create newfound revenue streams through a proprietary platform that solves inefficiencies that currently exist in the business cycle, custom software that has the demand for large potential social followers, and/or by developing the next big thing to become a titan of the industry.

The world demands it, and there is exponential potential to develop and create some of the big in-demand innovative ideas that could revolutionary the industry.


Entrepreneurs With Character Should Develop Custom Software With Character