Animal Services And Supplies IT Solutions

Animal Services And Supplies IT Solutions

Hombolt develops innovative custom Multi-Vendor Animal Service and Supplies eCommerce platforms that include social media development for the influencers. We develop cutting-edge Animal Care Software that transforms Animal Supply Management and pet care. We can assist you in optimizing and better managing your animal care procedures and practices, regardless of whether you are a farm or ranch owner, animal caretaker, feed yard operator, or animal care specialist.

Software for Keeping Track of Livestock

Our livestock record-keeping software enables farmers, ranchers, and commercial cattle producers to easily share real-time cattle records inside their networks, removing the need for paper-based processes entirely. The platform centralizes all information about an animal from birth until processing or transportation, allowing for seamless data exchange between seed stock, cow-calf, feedlot, and packing sectors. Hombolt develops custom ERP software to manage complete operations utilizing all 6 major components of Enterprise Resource Planning ERP: Customer Relationship Management CRM, Inventory Management, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management HRM, and Financial Management.

Software For Animal Farm Quality Assurance

Hombolt farm quality and assurance software can be developed for certified beef programs that provide consumers with more information about how their beef is raised and cared for, from cattle feeding operators to processors and marketers of meat. Our software automates the agricultural quality assurance process.

Software For Managing Livestock Health

Our animal health management software gives veterinarians and production managers real-time data on herd health to keep ahead of disease outbreaks. The solution can assist in tracking a variety of health statistics, such as observable symptoms of illness, treatment dosage and administration, and results, such as mortality rates.

Animal and Farm Business Intelligence

Adopt advanced business intelligece by utilizing extract, load, and transform ELT or extract, transform, and load ETL system implementation. These business intelligence innovations can gather intelligence from big data that comes from an unlimited number of sources and will analyze the data to give valuable business intelligence to your key employees to make major business decisions.

Software For Animal Farm Quality Assurance

Hombolt Develops A Plan Of Action

  • Easy-To-Use Formula

    Our software is user-friendly. We specialize in custom software for both web, mobile, and Enterprise Resource Planning software. Because it is custom, our software is developed to be extremely straightforward and easy to use.

  • Innovative technology

    We enjoy providing the animal rescue community with some of the most cutting-edge technology available. Our features expand to help all facets of your growth! Our data scientists research the most effective rescue techniques. We then leverage these studies and data to develop intelligent features for your system.

  • Compatible with any size organization

    Designed for all organizational groups of all sizes and shapes, with economical pricing and features that scale with your needs. You'll only ever pay for what you use, and your database's design will remain simple to navigate.

Reliable And Efficient Software Solutions

Hombolt custom software solutions are reliable and efficient. Our systems are designed with intelligent features that will assist you in doing time-consuming manual chores such as locating and connecting to vendors, contracts, inventory management, supply-chain management, and generating reports.

  • 1

    Client and Pet Administration

  • 2

    Check-In, Check-Out, and Reservation Management via Online Booking and Customer Portal

  • 3

    Develop Pre-Paid Packages for Sale

  • 4

    Automated Calendars

  • 5

    Retail Point of Sale Customer Communication

  • 6

    Marketing Instruments

  • 7

    Management of Employees

Animal Service Custom Software Benefits

  • Manage

    Manage all aspects of your organization's operations from a single platform, including animals, medical records, care records, volunteers, adoptions, and web presence.

  • Organize

    Numerous automation to eliminate monotonous tasks. Publish the animals for adoption and produce the adoption contracts with a single click. Remind yourself to deworm, vaccinate, and seek veterinary treatment.

  • Scale

    The program creates a remarkably optimized adoption catalog for the animals in your care, increasing user engagement and search engine and social media rankings.

  • Streamline

    Automating tasks will handle the overhead so that you can focus on what matters most. The platform provides daily data backups and careful handling of sensitive personal information.