Water And Environment Management Software

Hombolt can implement innovative custom environment management software to maximize efficiency and effectiveness while lowering your business operating expenses. By fostering a new culture of automating traditional operations and development responsibilities, the advanced coding and programming languages we utilize allow us to develop a user-friendly, state-of-the-art, ERP database to manage your business operation.

We develop environment management software that encompasses administration infrastructure, applications, tools, procedures, and day-to-day operations to increase agility and automate processes while lowering operating expenses.

Hombolt has been developing innovative ERP software that utilizes all 6 major components of ERP software. It provides standardized processes and automated frameworks for a broad range of tasks such as infrastructure configuration, environment monitoring, environment management software, and accident management.

Our software engineers conduct an assessment of your enterprise software to make recommendations for improvement across development and operational functionality.  Developing a custom ERP software will eliminate your monthly per-user expenses, and will develop a state-of-the-art database custom-designed to fit the exact dynamic culture of your business.

Environment Management Software Benefits

Developing your Environment Management software will benefit your company. It provides you with unlimited users without incurring a per-user fee.  It boosts your company valuation by exponentially lowering your operating expenses, and having complete ownership over the intellectual property IP.  The custom ERP software can be built to scale and made with the intention of massive growth as your company's net profits increase.

Developing A Custom ERP Software For Environment Management

  • Implement unique logins and dashboards for various users, vendors, employees, executives, and prospective clientele.
  • Enhance the user experience UX by designing a user-friendly interface UI that boosts employee morale, safety, and security.
  • Only pay for what your business requires and values for development, maintenance, and updates.
  • 1

    Configuration deployment that is automated, error-free, and faster

  • 2

    Configuration of reports on activity

  • 3

    Elimination of configuration incompatibilities

  • 4

    Management of all tools from a single location

  • 5

    Design, installation, backup, and recovery of the environment

  • 6

    Management of releases and configurations

  • 7

    Capacity and consumption planning on a proactive basis

Why Innovate Environment Management Software With Hombolt

Why Innovate Environment Management Software With Hombolt

Hombolt Services That Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Investment

The major advantage of utilizing our ERP Environment management software is that it increases your software technology library for your business with intellectual property that your business will own. Since the software is custom-built to fit your exact needs and requirements, a major part of custom software development is implementing a native mobile application for both Android and iOS for users to access and input data securely.

MRO (Maintenance, Repair, And Operations) Software Minimal Business Disruption

Realize the benefits of your projects more quickly and with less risk and inconvenience to your business.

Sustainability Of MRO Software

Increase the value of your investment by upgrading and adapting your software to the changing business requirements of the modern world.


You will receive maintenance and updates that only are priced based on the components of the ERP you developed.

Customized Software For Process Monitoring And Operations Management

  • Convert Data To Insights

    Convert Data To Insights

    On your dashboard, you'll find qualitative and quantitative data that can assist you in troubleshooting computations, making decisions to reduce non-compliance, mitigating risk, and forecasting performance.

  • Fast And Accurate Calculations

    Fast And Accurate Calculations

    Calculations that previously required hours are now completed in a matter of seconds. Utilize precise, consolidated data, near-real-time, and standardized emissions data to complete your work.

  • Collect Relative Data

    Collect Relative Data

    Advanced Business Intelligence that implements an Extract, Load, and Transfer (ELT) or Extract, Transfer, and Load (ETL) system to highlight potential issues that human analysis could not manually process.

Convert Data On Wastewater Emissions Into Actionable Insights

Water quality is being scrutinized more closely as a sustainability indicator and a regulatory compliance issue. Managing significant amounts of data related to wastewater discharge permits can be time-consuming and costly.

Custom wastewater environmental software enables firms to archive and create reports on the massive amounts of data samples associated with the wastewater discharge that various government agencies and regulators require.

The Benefits Of Water Quality Management Software For Your Organization:
  • Enhance the clarity of your wastewater emissions calculations

  • Compare results against permissible limits, ensuring that none are exceeded

  • Produce monitoring reports for discharges (DMRs)

  • Attain, maintain, and easily demonstrate compliance with government standards governing water pollutant discharge