Hombolt Innovation In Enterprise Custom Software

The modern era and the digital world have increased the demand for Hombolt innovation in enterprise custom software for business. Hombolt understands the constant growth restraints for enterprise businesses to scale.  Enterprise software demands custom software focused on user experience. Covid-19 has caused much concern for enterprise business to maintain their operations and expenses with a major decrease in revenue. Adopting custom enterprise software into the operation increases the net present value profits to the organization by potentially creating new revenue streams that did not exist before. Hombolt develops custom software innovation for entrepreneurs of all sizes who want to develop a custom solution that will take their business to the next level. Having an already established client base and following for enterprise business owners eliminates the risk of the custom software not being successful.

Enterprise Business Requires Advanced Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development
  • Custom Software Development

    Custom Software Development
  • ERP Database Development

    ERP Database Development

  • Mobile Application Development

    Mobile Application Development
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

Enterprise Software Demands Custom Software

Enterprise Software Demands Custom Software

Hombolt understands the constant growth restraints for enterprise businesses and growth. Enterprise software in custom software focuses on user experience. Enterprise business utilizes enterprise software that is complicated and requires extensive training for their employees. Another major issue in pre-built software that is created to fit the needs of every industry enterprise corporation has the issue that when the database is updated to accommodate the whole spectrum of users, it creates issues and re-training for some of the enterprise corporations to adjust their system to accommodate the change which creates inefficiency.

Hombolt creates custom software to fit the exact requirements of enterprise business by developing enterprise resource planning ERP software to create specialized business logins to enhance the user experience for various departments in an organization. This encompasses the development of custom software to mainstream automation for all 6 of the major components of ERP software: Customer Relationship Management CRM, Human Resource Management, Inventory Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, and Business Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence For Enterprise Software Development

The goal of Hombolt is to develop custom software to make this world better. The development of enhanced custom business intelligence using artificial intelligence for enterprise software development is the future of proprietary software innovation that mainstreams big data functions for specialized business needs.

Why Develop Artificial Intelligence AI? What Purpose Will AI Serve?

Why Develop Artificial Intelligence AI? What Purpose Will AI Serve?

In enterprise resource planning ERP software the database being used by the company is almost always owned and licensed by the business providing the database. Hombolt increases company valuation by the owner of the proprietary custom software being the business we build it for. Building an ERP database that is custom for your business can benefit from specialized artificial intelligence AI to mainstream automation, interpret data, and increase efficiency through machine learning technology innovation. Another major benefit is that if it increases efficiency for your business, chances are with a proprietary ERP database it will increase efficiency for other businesses in your industry, and owning the proprietary ERP database can create a scenario where you can license the software to help your fellow interdependent competitors excel and expand their business growth.

Enterprise Software, Native Mobile Apps, And ERP Database Development

Enterprise business needs evolving and dynamic custom database solutions to run their operation by implementing custom enterprise software, native mobile apps, and ERP database development software into one system to make a complete user-friendly experience with a concentration on user interface UI and user experience UX. Often in many enterprise business software models, the business pays an exorbitant amount in fees to other software service companies that license a one-dimensional software that solves a certain fix for the enterprise business.

Many database operations for users can be solved using an advanced ERP software that mainstreams valuable automation, big data, and increases user experience by the user interface being simple for employees to conduct business. The major service to implement is the use of native mobile apps to conduct business, transfer data, analyze data, interpret the data, and is fully integrated into the ERP software. Native mobile apps as part of your infrastructure are a major component in software development that must be adopted in enterprise business operations. There are practically no adults in the working world anymore that does not have a mobile device and the native mobile app statistics speak for themselves.

Native Mobile Application Development For Enterprise Software

  • Engages employees and clients to conduct business activity

    Engages employees and clients to conduct business activity

  • Transmits data from employees without delay

    Transmits data from employees without delay

  • Opens new markets of clientele to your business

    Opens new markets of clientele to your business

Enterprise Software Grows Your Digital Presence

The main reason an enterprise business is the size they are is that they realized a void in their industry that required their services to fix. Enterprise software grows your digital presence as long as the business realizes the true risks they are taking with their current software.

Can Your Enterprise Business Afford To Be Hacked?

Can Your Enterprise Business Afford To Be Hacked?

Enterprise software means not using the same software that startup boutique stores use for their website. You are an enterprise business for a reason, and you must act like one regarding your digital presence. The average amount that is lost to business is $1 trillion to cybercrime. Could your business afford for your website to go down, or for it to infiltrate past the website into your bigger processes? Many websites run on plugins and often themes. Websites that require themes for business typically use between 20-30 plugins that make it function, and it is required for those plugins to be updated a minimum of twice per month. Hackers look for vulnerabilities in plugins and themes (and many other vulnerabilities) in the website that they can exploit.

Hombolt developed for our clients a content management system CMS to develop custom websites programmed using the most advanced coding languages which allow us to price our custom websites at less than the industry standard pricing for a professional website.