Hombolt Follows The General Principles Of Being Good People

Hombolt has established general principles to provide excellence to our customers, employees, developers, and society as a whole as a priority over all else. The main issue with the business world is trust. We follow the general principles of being good people and progressing software innovation technology. General principles discuss how as a company we fulfill the demands of our client's and employees' expectations. General principles are about trust. That requires our sales force, management, home office support employees, software engineers, software architects, software engineers, software designers, development management, the development home office, and all other components of our business to emphasize their daily activities to revolve around building trust.

Our Core Beliefs

Components of Trust

Components of Trust

  • Open


    Vulnerability creates trust. Often sales representatives are expected to be developers. We focus our sales training in custom software on how to quickly find answers to technical client questions.

  • Competency


    Our ERP Database gives clients a portal for communication and actions and continuing education for sales representatives and development in advanced coding language and strategy.

  • Reliability


    We develop advanced custom software systems using the most advanced and current coding languages to make sure the digital software lasts, is secure, and is built for scale.

  • Honesty


    We utilize robust documentation to provide a fast and accurate quote. The main reason documentation is so robust is because we never ask for more money unless add-on services are requested.

  • Good Will

    Good Will

    Our mission is to advance society with custom software digital technology. In good faith, we will develop custom software to the best of our ability and give valuable advice to our clientele.

Trust Is A Two Way Street In Our Software Partnership Program

Hombolt is not the average company that takes on every project, and partners with customers just because the customer has the means to be successful. We put high value and attention to our company reputation and make sure as a company we are constantly working on solidifying our actual intentions and desire to follow our mission which is to make this world better by progressing the advancements in software development innovation using advanced programming and coding languages.

Trust Is A Two Way Street In Our Software Partnership Program And Is Established During Our Due Diligence For Partnership

The main criteria we look for during our due diligence process are if the Entrepreneur is planning on being the Chief Executive Officer CEO of the created corporation and if they can learn the fundamental management skills to grow into becoming a great leader in the Technology Industry.

A great Chief Executive Officer CEO does not necessarily mean generating massive profits. Profits are of course a big part of for-profit software innovation for growth and scalability. We emphasize doing what is best for society overall. We need to make sure our future partners don't gauge small business owners to make themselves rich, and that they follow our mission to make this world better.

Hombolt Does Not Build Software For The Deep Dark Web

Hombolt does not build software for the Deep Dark Web, or software for the Pornographic Industry. Even though these industries produce major profits for software companies, it goes against our moral beliefs as a company. We implement safeguards into our multi vendor marketplace platforms to protect the users of the platform and the Entrepreneurs who build the software against users exploiting the platform to conduct illegal or unethical behavior.

No difference exists between Multi Vendor marketplace platforms that sell goods and services to consumers and platforms built for the Deep Dark Web that traffic children, illegal drugs, and illegal firearms. When a user makes a post, the post could state one thing, but criminals have gotten smart about encrypting and utilizing non-robust Multi Vendor marketplace as a tool to conduct their illegal activity.

Hombolt implements state-of-the-art safeguards to do our best to stop this activity and make sure that our software innovations are designed to create a positive environment for buyers and sellers to conduct business.

Inside The Deep Dark Web

Inside The Deep Dark Web

Many confuse using a TOR browser for security and privacy with the Deep Dark Web. There is nothing wrong with using search browsers like DuckDuckGo to stay anonymous or for privacy from the cookie trackers of the world. The main reason we don’t produce software for the use of the Deep Dark Web is because of the potential for it to be unmanaged and take part in illegal activity. Unfortunately, not everything is as it may seem on the Deep Dark Web. There are onions (which are .onion and created for special use by anonymous services/hidden services that hide on TOR networks that are not actual DNS names) that may sell images, and the main part why we do not take part in custom software for the use of the Deep Dark Web is that inside some of the images a user might gain access to thousands of images of child pornography. Other Deep Dark Web issues and reasons we don’t develop custom software for the industry:

  • Commerce To Evade Taxes

    Commerce To Evade Taxes

    Many use commerce on the Deep Dark Web to buy illegal items and to avoid paying taxes through utilizing various platforms for crypto payments and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) payments.

  • Human Trafficking

    Human Trafficking

    The United Nations estimates that at any given time, 2.5 million victims are being human trafficked. Hombolt custom software will not be utilized for anyY Deep Dark Web technology.

Hombolt Will Not Build Pornography Websites

Hombolt will not build Pornography websites or any custom software for the Porn Industry. Since launch of our proprietary content management system CMS that develops advanced custom programmed websites for a fraction of the stand industry pricing, we have had many inquiries about the development and design of Pornographic websites. Pornographic websites go against our moral guidelines and despite the income potential they can generate, we will not take part in offering our services to that industry.

Custom Software Innovation Requires Trust

Custom software innovation requires trust as a fundamental foundation to create legendary digital services for the modern world. We start a lifelong relationship with our clients through the use of our sales representatives completing a non-disclosure agreement NDA with our clients. Hombolt takes NDA’s very seriously, and we will not violate your trust by sharing your proprietary ideas with others. Trust is about creating something unique that fits the personality of the business owners and Entrepreneurs, and respect is the commitment Hombolt makes to our employees and clients to build an environment of pure software innovation for the future of digital technology in the modern world.