Build Your Legacy To Become A Titan Of Industry In Technology

Hombolt built a software partnership program for custom software development with a plethora of added value and features for our future digital entrepreneurs. If implemented correctly, custom software can build your legacy to become a titan of industry in technology. Custom software development by itself is an interesting and exciting venture with massive upswing potential. What Hombolt brings to the table far exceeds that of just development. We believe it is one thing to have a great idea, its another thing to make the custom software profitable and legal. Many have a goal for their project to become the next big thing in software technology. There are several steps to consider above and beyond development to make sure that the custom software is a venture you are ready to take on:

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    Corporate Structuring

  • 2

    How To Build Your User Base

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    Research for Conflicting Intellectual Property Patents

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    Is your Custom Software Proprietary? (Patentable)

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    How the Custom Software Makes Money

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    The Launch

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    How the Custom Software Will Be Maintained and Updated

Benefits Of The Hombolt Software Partnership For Custom Software Development

Hombolt launched the custom software partnership program to assist our future partners through the whole process without having major unforeseen events arise. We start by creating the exact documentation to establish a quote. We then give 2 different quotes; one without being a partner, and the other heavily discounted for becoming a partner with Hombolt. The main reason the other quote is heavily discounted is because we have valued the content of the documentation and have derived a valuation of what the custom software will make in net present value revenues to the risk we take on to develop at such a substantial discount.

Throughout the process of development, we assist our future partners with the corporate structuring phase, proper search engine optimization SEO strategy for launch, due diligence phase with venture capital groups, connecting future partners with proper legal counsel for trademarks and potential patent eligibility, researching and finding the perfect keyword name of platform and domain, and by discounting all other services we offer to just cost of development to help your project succeed.

Start A True Partnership Program That Goes Above Just Development

Hombolt Aims To Make This World Better

Hombolt Aims To Make This World Better

Hombolt aims to make this world better by creating a goal of the partnership program to advance custom software technology. Besides all the services and benefits listed, the main purpose of being an entrepreneur is to solve an issue in society that needs to be fixed. The number 1 objective is to solve industry or world inefficiencies by developing proprietary software that the population can use and interact with. Often entrepreneurs come to us wanting us to replicate a software that already exists intending to market it better. In software, it happens often and is sometimes successful, but it is not our true passion. Other times, entrepreneurs will want us to develop the next Facebook and want to charge users a fee to use it. Why would users pay to use a platform that is the same platform that they have already integrated into their daily lives, and is free? That does not mean we turn the entrepreneur away. It means we find a way to make the platform unique, not infringe on any intellectual property IP that already exists, and strategically develop an idea that will be in-demand and profitable.


A Software Partnership That Understands The Need For Available Shares

Hombolt is not greedy. We fully understand that with all partnerships there is give and take and that once developed, a sizeable amount of shares must be available for potential venture capital funding. The major reason our partnership program is extremely reasonable is that we don’t partner with every opportunity that arises. There are many reasons; examples are they go against our beliefs and/or they might damage the reputation of Hombolt. The other main reason our partnership program is reasonable is that we are looking for custom software that we strongly feel with proper forethought has major potential to be successful.

A Valuation That Is Fair To All Parties To Ensure Success

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    The custom software we develop for our future partners is their legacy as founder(s). We develop and add valued services to achieve this goal, and continuously add value by maintaining and advancing the software.

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    A Venture Capital firm would not take you seriously in business during due diligence if you give too much equity to a development company. It is better for our share to be less and for you to get more funding for expansion and potential server speed based on the value of the custom software and potential pending patent IP.

The Legacy Of Custom Software For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners

Small business is the backbone of the world. A common misconception is that small business owners are compensated exponentially less than mid-size business to enterprise corporation CEOs. That is not true. Many small business owners make huge profit margins and income because they don't have all the shareholders, expenses, and many other moving components that a mid-size business to enterprise corporation has. As business owners, after the hoorah of making substantial income is achieved they sometimes plateau due to comfortability. Custom software development whether being developed to be added to a successful business plan or developed to be sold establishes a legacy in the ever so changing and advancing software technology field.