Moz SEO And Ahref SEO For Real Rankings

Hombolt implements real Search Engine Optimization innovation using on-page and off-page SEO strategy to build your digital presence and increase traffic. Many try to find the magical shortcut to rank #1 on Google and don’t realize the importance of a high rating on Moz SEO and Ahref SEO for real rankings in SEO. The first major realization is to understand that when creating a blog or web content, what you may think people are typing on Google is not what is the most important keyword to try to rank for. As a company, we often are helping companies grow and make the transition from an insecure website to a custom programmed website. Many of the companies have very low organic keywords that are very difficult to rank for and a majority of the keywords they are ranking for are not relative to their call-to-action and what they even offer as a good or service.

A great example of this is an Insurance Agency that paid $100 a month to a company that promised to get them ranked #1 on Google. They got them ranked #1 on Google but for the name of one of their Sales Agents on their website. They received an outdated plugin to help them with SEO, and the most relative word for the industry they were trying to rank for was Life Insurance in which there are 1,238,111,005 search results on Google Search. This is the majority of business owners who have a great product or service that they offer, they just don’t fully understand that in terms of Search Engine Optimization SEO everything from on-page SEO to off-page SEO matters.


Enhance Your Digital Presence Utilizing Real SEO Services to Increase Relative Traffic

Low Monthly Priced SEO Services Do Not Increase Relative Website Traffic

UR Rating And Domain Rating For SEO

A UR rating and domain rating DR for SEO is an Ahrefs analytic that major indexes like Google utilize to value the reputation of a website's backlink profile. This does not mean going to find a freelancer who will implement hundreds of thousands to millions of spam links to your URL. There are two major sides of the divide that argue over does quality or quantity matter in backlink profiles. Backlinks come from many sources and the most important part of SEO is having a solid foundation to start the Search Engine Optimization SEO process. It includes making sure proper keyword utilization is implemented, content is constantly being created and displayed, but most importantly, people who view the content find it interesting.

Where Are Your Backlinks From?

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A Good Value Keyword Content Synonym Strategy For SEO

The most important part of SEO is constantly publishing a blog and web content. Moz SEO and Ahrefs utilize metrics based on the backlinks and many other metrics that are important for the URL to rank competitively on the various indexes. Utilizing a good keyword content synonym strategy for SEOs is important when designing the layout of your pages and the web content that goes with it. Hombolt offers website content writing services to create a solid foundation to start or build your digital presence. These services apply to all businesses from small to enterprise size businesses because one of the major metrics that the Google algorithm evaluates is how often pages are updated and enhanced. Content synonym strategy revolves around utilizing keywords, parent keywords, and other similar keywords in the web content to create good content that isn’t stuffed with the same keywords.


On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO requires the proper website implementation when designing and developing the website. One major issue when business owners or entrepreneurs search for a company to create their website, they find a website design company, and not a website design and development company. It is important to find a company that focuses on the entire picture of your website from content, meta titles, meta descriptions, H1 to H6 tags, structured data, metadata, image anchors, image structure, image weight, and all the other major on-page requirements necessary to build your digital foundation.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO utilizes a strategy to rank keywords that prospective clientele or desired traffic would follow and link to the pages you represent as a company. It is generating enough web content on your site, social media pages, online digital interaction, and showing the major Indexes like Google that the average person who comes to your web content does not leave almost instantly. To achieve high Domain Authority DA backlinks is to create web content that users find interesting, draws a picture or scenario applicable in their lives, and that they can interact with digitally.

MOZ SEO To Predict Your Websites Rank By Search Engines

The major battle of the ranking systems for search engine results page SERPS is to utilize Moz SEO and Ahrefs. While Ahrefs displays metrics on Domain Rating DR and UR Rating, Moz SEO is the major source that shows Domain Authority DA. To answer the question, companies that wish to scale their business operation from small business to medium size business and above utilize or should utilize both. The main thing to note is that there is a direct correlation between the two major rating agencies and unlike our financial rating agencies and credit rating agencies, you will seldom see a major discrepancy between the two, the search engine results page SERPS tends to show and rank the high-value web content higher than sites with lower Ahrefs and Moz SEO ratings like they should.

MOZ SEO To Predict Your Websites Rank By Search Engines

Hombolt Specializes In Real SEO Services

Hombolt specializes in real SEO services to improve your digital presence and foundation to grow and scale your operation and/or goals to rank organically on searches for the terms your prospective userbase is searching. The main reason to emphasize Search Engine Optimization in your operation is to lower your cost of digital marketing, and as your company grows and scales, your results will exponentially build with your digital marketing cost staying the same or lowering. Many of the old school companies have quite an impressive domain rating DR, UR rating, and Domain Authority DA without doing any digital marketing. The main reason for this is because they built their legacy on a solid foundation utilizing custom programmed website design and development, and created great content that their users enjoy, backlink, and interact with digitally.