Private School Management System

Hombolt develops advanced custom Private School Management Software to customize the experience for students, parents, departments, and management. Applications are one of the most valuable resources in todays educational environment. While every organizations primary objective is to optimize staff time spent on core business operations. Avoiding application management can harm the productivity of an educational institution in the Private Sector.

Privacy Schools are migrating to digital platforms as technology advances. The advantage of employing the online technique is the convenience with which common characteristics may be handled, processed, and managed.

Private School administration is one broad sector where efficient technology saves significant time and effort by mainstreaming once manual tasks through various software automations.

Hombolt develops and designs custom ERP software that can be customized to the exact needs, requirements, and culture of the educational institution. This includes custom logins and dashboards for any entities you require that include but are not limited to students, parents, faculty, staff, management, board of directors, vendors, and alumni. ERP software includes all 6 components: Customer Relationship Management CRM, Inventory Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence, and Human Resource Management HRM.

Private School Admissions And Enrollment

Admissions and enrollment processes no longer require stacks of disorganized papers and excessive time to complete the applications. Hombolt enables you to develop custom software solutions for your private school as advanced as you like. Enrolling new students can be completed through various automations, documents can be managed digitally, and intelligence can be automated.

Our low-cost solution simplifies the admissions and enrolling process for parents as well. You may simplify their lives by creating a parent login through the ERP Software rather than an unreasonably lengthy process of form that parents despise filling out on paper. Parents can manage the application process through a centralized ERP database that can manage a potential unlimited user limit, without the owner of the ERP software having to pay a per-user fee.

Private School Admissions And Enrollment
Hombolt Develops Innovative Custom Software Solutions

Hombolt Develops Innovative Custom Software Solutions

Hombolt delivers highly complex apps with labor efficiency across all platforms. Our custom student management software includes numerous benefits, such as interoperability, school-to-home communication, mobile access, and real-time reporting. We believe in creating functionally sophisticated yet user-friendly applications. 

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Private Schools Are Going Paperless

The demand for a system in the private education sector to manage the entire system as a whole is necessary in the current environment. Covid-19 was proof of our educational instutions under extreme duress having to create quick digital solutions to educate their students. The lack of innovation and user friendly interfaces was apparent through the reaction from parents who had to figure out how to log in to multiple systems to connect their children virtually. The need for students to complete educational tasks from educators is essential through the unique login for that student by implementing custom Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software that is designed custom to match the exact needs of the educational institution.

Private School Alumni Management

Hombolt can implement alumni management software for private schools that enables your alumni coordinator to manage all school alumni through a centralized dashboard, and Alumni can login to give valuable updates on their life journey for you to share with the school, social media, website, and news letters.

Private Schools Are Going Paperless

Payments For Private Schools Online

There is strong demand for Private School Management Software solutions that support several payment methods. Parents need to be able to pay via credit card using various payment gateway options through an API. A necessary task is having automated invoice and receipt systems that automatically updates the profile of the parents.

Private school tuition payments no longer have to be a tangled web of red tape. Implement a high level accounting system to handle all of your bookkeeping needs. Many Private Institutions are integrating mobile devices that can connect to ther Enterprise Resource Planning ERP database to increase the user experience of their student body.