Implement Custom Software In The Finance And Investment Industry

Hombolt develops custom software for the Finance and Investments industry to scale business operations and build new technology to enter the market. The constantly changing environment of the modern world creates an opportunity to implement custom software in the Finance and Investment industry. The limits to the development of custom software do not exist, and entrepreneurs will develop custom solutions to fix inefficient systems and processes and will develop advanced software technology to take market share in an industry with a wealthy following.

One of the main difficulties in the Finance and Investment industry is the same issue we face in the software technology industry, many of our clients, readers, and the population influenced by our products and services don’t understand what we are talking about, and we showcase our services using very complex terminology that a small percent of the population understands. The Finance and Investment industry must also make sure any developments in software follow the rules of FINRA and Cyber Security.

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    Investment Brokerage

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    Retirement Planning

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Hombolt Developed A Content Management System CMS

Hombolt Developed A Content Management System CMS

As a business, the way you showcase your services to the world is through your website. Your website is the epicenter and foundation of your digital presence. Hombolt developed a content management system CMS to manage custom software development that was developed to offer our clients advanced aesthetically pleasing custom websites custom programmed in the most advanced programming languages to give our users a customizable interface that can easily be altered to fit the exact needs of your business, speed, excellent on-page SEO results, advanced structured data, and advanced security. Websites that run on plugins can be vulnerable, and the plugins are required to be updated a minimum of 2 times per month. Hackers infiltrate vulnerabilities in plugins and themes. Our content management system CMS gives our clientele a website that requires less maintenance and is completed for less of a cost than the standard industry pricing.

Stop Using The Same Website Theme As Thousands Of Other Companies

Custom Software Native Mobile Application Development

The Finance and Investment industry needs to embrace the development and advancement in custom software native Mobile Application Development. With the boom in cryptocurrency, it is an industry with value and for entrepreneurs, developing a crypto platform that utilizes a social component to engage users is essential in the advancement of custom software to build market share for your proprietary custom software. In the Finance and Investment industry, all sectors including lending companies, stockbrokers, cryptocurrency, retirement planning, insurance, and banking need to advance their business and company valuation by adopting a unique native Mobile Application that engages users by creating stickiness so they will use the native Mobile Application in their daily lives. This means the native Mobile Application must be user-friendly, have an advanced user interface UI, and have an increased concentration in the development of the user experience UX.

Return On Investment ROI Is Exponential If Proper Forethought, Strategy, And Planning Are Conducted

Custom Software Native Mobile Application Development

Advanced Business Intelligence In Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software for the Financial and Investment industry is a major asset the financial institution can possess to utilize and automate business processes, advanced security measures, and implement a business intelligence that combined with an artificial intelligence AI development to enhance the management experience by developing an efficient and effective machine learning AI to mainstream processes throughout your organization, but most importantly to follow investor trends. Hombolt develops custom enterprise resource planning ERP software to fit the exact demand and culture of your multifaceted business.

The 6 Major Components Of Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Software

  • Customer Relationship Management CRM

    Customer Relationship Management CRM

  • Supply-Chain Management

    Supply-Chain Management

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

  • Financial Management

    Financial Management

  • Human Resource Management HRM

    Human Resource Management HRM

Enterprise resource planning ERP software can be built to scale for your business operations as you grow. It is a vital component to add for your sales representatives and clients to engage through the use of internal video conferencing. Custom ERP database development will exponentially make your business operation more efficient and will provide the most advanced security measures to protect at the highest standard your sensitive data.

Being a part of the Finance and Investment industry, you are aware that ERP software exponentially increases your valuation and saves a fortune to your bottom line by eliminating the cost of having to pay a per-user fee, and only paying for updates on what you use as a company.

  • Excessive Database Privileges

    A majority of attacks on a database are completed by employees and ex-employees.

  • SQL Injections

    Malicious code is embedded in the front-end and then passed to the back-end.

  • Weak Audit Trail

    A non-audited database risks non-compliance with sensitive data protection regulations.

  • Database Backup Exposure

    Companies put so much effort into protecting the database, but zero effort in protecting the database backup files.

  • Vulnerabilities And Misconfigurations

    Many databases are completely unprotected due to misconfiguration.

  • Lack Of Security Expertise

    Continuing education is important, and qualification of IT Security expertise.

  • Denial Of Service Attack DoS

    An attack that slows down the server and may make the database fully unfunctional by users. DDoS Distributed Denial of Service uses multiple servers during the attack.

  • Unmanaged Sensitive Data

    Many enterprise systems store sensitive data but lack the forethought to keep an accurate inventory of it.

  • Malware

    Software is written to damage data or your database.

Destined To Create Their Legacy In The Finance And Investment Industry

The Finance and Investment industry has many inefficiencies, and a lot of services rely on human interaction as a service. This creates a major opportunity for the entrepreneurs who are destined to create their legacy in the Finance and Investment industry. Many come to us wanting us to develop a replica of a cryptocurrency platform that already exists. We have no problem in helping the advancement of proprietary systems in cryptocurrency, be that as it may, components need to exist that are creative and unique that will reach untapped markets by utilizing various social custom software components.

Destined To Create Their Legacy In The Finance And Investment Industry

To enhance custom software development to add value and increase social components, entreprenurs can develop proprietary software and add various components like:

Influence the Finance and Investment industry by developing custom software that will boost socioeconomical values, establish your legacy as a titan of the industry, and make this world a better place.

Titan Of Industry Leaders Started Their Journey With An Idea

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