Digital Custom Software Will Expand Your Investment Brokerage Operation

Hombolt develops custom ERP Investment Brokerage management software to help small to enterprise agencies scale and innovate their custom software. Digital custom software will expand your Investment Brokerage operation by mainstreaming automation to expand your business practice. The important component is developing a strong digital presence and creating a trustworthy platform that increases user experience UX for clients for constant contact with their brokers to create loyalty and trust. Your digital presence is what scales small boutique brokerages to become enterprise businesses. The overall objective in the Investment Brokerage industry is to meet with someone to try to get them to like and trust you enough to manage your retirement and other various investments. It is not reasonable to assume they will trust you with their life savings without performing some sort of due diligence. Lacking a digital presence by not utilizing custom software may be the reason they go with another Investment Brokerage, over yours.

Develop A Strong Digital Presence And Management System

Customer Service Is Vital In Developing Custom Software

Customer service is vital in developing custom software for the Investment Brokerage industry. Many Investment Brokerage agencies utilize only a customer relationship management CRM system that only grasps a small fraction of the CRM component to track leads to disperse to sales brokers. Hombolt develops a custom enterprise resource planning ERP software that implements all 6 of the major components. A major contributing factor that we provide in the CRM component is an on-page login and registration to a client portal. In the client portal, clients can schedule and video conference with their broker, they can get valuable reports on their investment performance, they can view various video and marketing materials to show other services your business offers, and can see a custom built ERP database that is branded to your company. Custom ERP software increases your business valuation and lowers expenses by having an unlimited amount of users without incurring a per-user fee.

Increase Business And Growth By Developing Custom Software

Customer Service Is Vital In Developing Custom Software

Custom Website Development Is Far Superior To Website Design

It is one thing to have an aesthetically pleasing website, it is another thing to get traffic and ranking to your website. Custom website development is far superior to website design due to one major fault by Website Design companies, they aren’t developers. Your digital presence is everything in the modern world and many Investment Brokerage websites use advanced terminology that prospective clients don’t understand. The Investment Brokerage industry is one of the sales industries where people aren’t buying from the company, but buying from the sales representative. They should be showcased and using advanced development techniques in schema markup and microdata should be findable on Google search results in the local area where they work.

Have you ever wondered how big companies like Apple when searched on Google show the major categories of their page in small boxes in their search results? The answer is the utilization of microdata. Hombolt has developed our proprietary content management system CMS that gives our clients advanced custom websites programmed in the most advanced coding languages. Advanced coding languages is a more secure option due to not having to update 20 to 30 plugins a minimum of twice per month. They give your business more customized features that require very little maintenance. Most importantly, because we built our own proprietary content management system CMS, we offer a far superior website at a fraction of the standard industry pricing.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Human Resource Management (HRM)

    Human Resource Management (HRM)

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management

  • Financial Management

    Financial Management

  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

ERP Database Development Built For Growth For The Investment Brokerage Industry

The difference between small local Investment Brokerage agencies and the success stories of major scale and operation is the embracement of custom software in ERP implementation built for growth for the Investment Brokerage industry. The major differentiating factor that Hombolt realizes is that every business has its unique requirements and culture. We develop for scale an ERP database that is custom to fit the demands of your operation to automate processes between various departments and users. In sales, having a client portal with video conferencing will exponentially boost customer satisfaction. Building your agency involves managing a plethora of sales representatives to keep them accountable and make sure they are meeting their goals and requirements for their success (Contacts, Interviews, and Sales). The 6 major components of enterprise resource planning ERP: Customer Relationship Management CRM, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence, and Inventory Management.

Enterprise resource planning ERP software is a big decision because habitually in the software technology industry, they have been either unaffordable or taking up such a massive part of the annual budget that the company didn’t complete the required updates the database requires. This causes major potential security issues.

Increase Your Business Valuation, Create A Database That Eliminates Per-User Fees, And Experience Enterprise Resource Planning for Less
  • 1

    Excessive Database Privileges

  • 2

    SQL Injections

  • 3

    Weak Audit Trail

  • 4

    Database Backup Exposure

  • 5

    Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations

  • 6

    Lack of Security Expertise

  • 7

    Denial of Service Attack DoS

  • 8

    Unmanaged Sensitive Data

  • 9


Demand For Investment Brokerage Entrepreneurs

The demand for Investment Brokerage entrepreneurs to develop custom software to solve industry inefficiencies or to develop a revolutionary industry-changing innovation is the custom software that Venture Capital investors are looking for. A major inefficiency is where and how to generate leads. Sales representatives will at times do the craziest things to get recognized and noticed in their local area. There is a huge amount of firms that recycle used leads from brokerage to brokerage, and the ideal situation is to have only such direct leads that a client comes into your office with statements and a check wanting you to manage their investments. Custom software technology for true entrepreneurs reaches this goal. As a business wanting digital software to generate new lines of revenue, or an entrepreneur wanting to develop industry-changing technology, there is no limit to the potential of advancement in software technology. Developing Investment Brokerage platforms need a social component. The embracing of various social components in custom software development will create new markets of investors for your business.

Custom software development will add value to your industry and the general public.

Innovation, Growth, And Legacy

Be innovative and utilize new strategies by implementing some of the money-making innovations that currently are currently in demand.

  • Inventory Control
  • Business Intelligence
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Bot Automation
  • Multi Vendor Marketplace
  • Social Media Development