Custom Restaurant Software Development

Custom Restaurant Software Development

In the modern world, restaurants need social influencer technology to develop advanced custom restaurant software innovation to gain a competitive advantage. Point-of-sale POS software is mainstreamed and often wildly not impressive. The golden rule applies, you pay for what you get. However, the restaurant industry needs ERP software that has advanced business intelligence of day-to-day operations and big data analytics for growing and mid-size businesses to enterprises to process and show relative business intelligence to key employees to solve problems before they even arise.

Innovative Restaurant Solutions:

  • Social Media Development
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Multi Vendor Marketplace
  • ERP Software Development

Increased Flexibility And Comprehensiveness

We strengthen your brand by integrating high-end food and beverage software solutions into our software development services. Hombolt has extensive experience in the food and beverage industry, having worked directly with various business models, including restaurant, meal prep, meal planning, and food delivery. The major innovation is to find creativity and unique innovation for multi-vendor food delivery that does not charge major fees to the small businesses utilizing the platform.

  • Custom App Development For Food Ordering And Delivery

    Custom app development that is centered around helping small businesses expand their network and offer their services without being gauged by platform fees. (Small business makes up 89.4% of the U.S. Economy) Small business gives our communities culture, character, and heart.

Build Your Digital Presence With A Custom Website Design And Development

It is essential in the modern era to make sure that your website is created by a development and design company, and not just a design company. Hombolt develops and designs only custom websites that are priced less than the industry standard pricing.

Why Custom Developed Website Development And Design?

Custom website development and design use the most advanced coding languages (Example: React, Angular, and Golang) to display in a fully customizable interface what your business has to offer. There are no limitations to the innovation that can be implemented to develop and expand your digital presence since the website is custom. The website is more secure since it does not require plugins that need constant updating (should be updated a minimum of twice per month) to operate. The average business site that uses plugins has between 20 to 25 plugins to operate. A custom website also provides more security since it does not run on a pre-built template used by thousands of other companies that also needs regular updating and maintenance. Utilizing a custom-built website provides a lightning-fast user experience UX.

Build Your Digital Presence With A Custom Website Design And Development
Scale Your Restaurant Business With ERP Software Implementation

Scale Your Restaurant Business With ERP Software Implementation

As an enthusiastic business owner looking to scale your operation, it is essential to develop custom ERP software to be implemented to fit the exact dynamic culture of your business. ERP Database Development consists of 6 major components: Customer Relationship Management CRM, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence, Financial Management, and Inventory Management. This may seem like a very advanced system, however, as a restaurant, you utilize every component of Enterprise Resource Planning.

A custom build ERP Software allows your business to develop specific login pages and dashboards for various entities that your business utilizes or will utilize as your business scales. Developing a custom ERP Database also eliminates your per-user fees and exponentially lowers your overall operating expenses. It is fully customized and is not a one-size-fits-all system that is difficult to use. You will increase engagement from employees, customers, vendors, and any other entity that utilizes the system. The reason is since it is built to fit the exact needs and requirements of your business, the User Interface UI is built to enhance the User Experience UX.


Advanced Business Intelligence For Your Restaurant

As your business scales, your business intelligence system needs to advance. Hombolt specializes in Artificial Intelligence and RPA development to implement advanced business intelligence that utilizes extract, load, and transform ELT or extract, transform, and load ETL system.

For businesses looking to scale their operation or for mid-size businesses to enterprises looking to become more efficient and effective, this is a necessity since it will take big data, archive it in a way it is all indexable, and using machine learning will show your executive team relative business intelligence that that can prevent problems from happening potentially years before they are discovered by a team of human analysts.

  • POS Software Development Utilizing Custom ERP Components

    Whether you want to integrate through an API pre-built Point-of-Sale POS software or you want to develop your own custom POS software, they can be integrated into a custom ERP software to manage and help your business scale.

    Developing custom restaurant software also gives the ability to develop a native mobile application that can integrate fully with a custom POS software and your custom ERP software simultaneously and can interface in almost real-time.

Restaurant Management Software With CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has dominated the Food and Restaurant industry for many years. CRM is only 1 of the 6 major components of ERP. Developing unlimited user ERP software provides the ability for your customers to register and have their dashboard to enhance the user experience UX for all components of your business.

Restaurant Management Software

Restaurants with multiple locations have a significant administrative challenge. As a result, our restaurant management software development will alleviate some stress by accurately capturing transactions, controlling food inventory, and efficiently running daily activities.

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    Innovative and adaptable custom restaurant software streamlines operations and boosts earnings in the restaurant sector.

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    Hombolt develops custom restaurant management software to automate processes to increase efficiency and profits.