Digital Entrepreneur Legacy With Hombolt

A digital entrepreneur builds a legacy in technology by developing custom software technology to better society and make revolutionary changes to industry. A digital entrepreneur legacy with Hombolt will be implemented with perfection through our partnership program both technically and legally to guide your custom software technology to change the course of an industry. The art behind putting together the proper forethought planning with a custom software innovation is what makes a digital entrepreneur special. It is seeing your vision come to fruition and covering all the vital requirements of proper legal structuring, protecting your intellectual property IP, and making sure you have a proper launch plan.

Quite often we see people having or wanting to develop various social platforms that have the same functionality of big tech social media. That is not what Hombolt is looking to achieve with our future digital entrepreneur partners. There is nothing wrong with developing social media with various components that big tech social media uses (that is open-sourced, not proprietary), but what component will be developed that will make your platform in-demand with socio-economic traits that can help the betterment of society?


A Digital Entrepreneur Is Unique, Innovative, And A Character

Hombolt Enhances The Digital Entrepreneur Experience

Hombolt Enhances The Digital Entrepreneur Experience

Hombolt enhances the digital entrepreneur experience by adding value to partners with true innovation to guide the digital entrepreneur through the entire process from research and development of potential patent infringement to development, and beyond. The major variable a digital entrepreneur usually does not consider in the beginning is the servers required to sustain the concurrent users that utilize the intellectual property IP, and the amount that is required in marketing and search engine optimization SEO. To maximize the experience for the digital entrepreneur, we help in the due diligence stage of Venture Capital funding by assisting the digital entrepreneur to find the perfect fit for funding. The main reason we had to implement this component of our partnership program is that it is very rare to find an entrepreneur that has the resources to develop (even with our partnership program's major discounts) the intellectual property, and also have the means to accommodate servers, marketing, and search engine optimization.

Venture Capital Funding For The Digital Entrepreneur

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs have a great idea but look for Venture Capital funding in the wrong way. Venture Capital funding for the digital entrepreneur is about maximizing valuation, lowering the risk for the Venture Capitalist, to maximize a valuation to give the least amount of shares for the most amount of capital. The main issue with utilizing a Venture Capital group from the start is that they rely heavily on others' opinions to see if the custom software intellectual property has value or not. The best idea in the world requires them to take on considerable risk due to the time value of money (time for development), and if the proprietary idea has proprietary components to be patentable.

Utilizing this method, digital entrepreneur usually finds themselves getting a funding proposal offering little amount to cover development for a large percentage of ownership of the established C-Corp shares. Hombolt utilizes a strategy with our digital entrepreneur future partners where we discount the cost heavily of development, develop the platform and intellectual property IP components, make sure the legal requirements are executed for the setup C or S-Corp, so when the digital entrepreneur starts due diligence with the Venture Capital group there is an intellectual property that is already protected, and the level of risk for the Venture Capital group is exponentially lowered and the digital entrepreneur gets the actual funding they require for success.

The Value Patents Indeed Hold By Themselves

The value patents indeed hold by themselves are astronomical. Venture Capital groups love a digital entrepreneur who values and puts emphasis on the legal structuring and patents for intellectual property IP rights for their custom software. A major power that patents possess is a viable exit strategy for the digital entrepreneur. In turn, that increases the valuation of the digital custom software. Many factors go into Venture Capital funding and due diligence, and every Venture Capitalist is different and values custom software there own way. Hombolt puts a plan in place to make sure that the funding phase with Venture Capitalist groups is a relatively decent but successful experience. Important Note: Due diligence is never fun and exciting. However, the results, partnerships, education, and business connections you make during the process are part of the journey and are unequivocally worth it.

Hombolt Is On A Mission To Help Entrepreneurs

The important component of all of this is that Hombolt is on a mission to help entrepreneurs develop custom software to make this world a better place. At times, a digital entrepreneur is upset because we don’t approve their custom software for our partnership program. The main reason we do not approve all custom software programs for our Partnership Program is that their idea either goes against our values (we do not develop software for the pornographic industry or the use on the deep dark web), that the digital entrepreneur is insistent on us partnering for development on custom software that infringes on the intellectual properties of other entities, or other unforeseen future reasons. Unfortunately in software, there are such things as bad ideas, and there is a difference between a bad idea and a profitable idea. We turned down a social platform that was designed for people to video starting fights with others and record the person's reaction. Unfortunately, with marketing and the right demographic that idea would probably have a following and would be profitable. However, it goes against the values of Hombolt and we will not enter into a partnership, nor will we develop custom software that goes against our values and beliefs. Hombolt does not discriminate and does follow all best practices, we must make sure that the reputation of Hombolt stays as a company that helps makes this world better.

Hombolt Is On A Mission To Help Entrepreneurs