• Racial Equality Equity Justice

    Hombolt continues the quest for Racial Equality Equity Justice for all to provide people of all races fair treatment and equitable career opportunities. Racial Equality Equity Justice in Software technology is the core guiding principle behind the custom software we develop. The responsibility we have as leaders in the Software Innovation and Development industry is to the public, shareholders, partners, clientele, and our employees to create an environment that not only strives to follow best practices but to make sure that the software we develop does not create hate through the platforms and various innovative solutions. Hombolt follows strict moral guidelines that are above monetary gains. Our main values revolve around advancing software technology to make this world a better place, and we fully understand that even with a million positive software innovations, it only takes one negative platform that goes against Racial Equality Equity Justice to shatter our foundation.

  • Hombolt Is Proud Of Our Diverse Culture

    The Corona Virus Pandemic has created an exponential demand for the development and advancement of social platforms. In almost all created documentation that has come through, the architectural documentation of the proposed platform has been revolved around the benefits and the major potential profitability of the intellectual property. One major safeguard we put in place (outside of making sure the platform doesn’t become a drug/sex trafficking platform) is to create a platform that is geared to push towards positive freedom of speech that doesn’t specifically target various user groups with continuous content that embellishes the drive to hate. Racial Equality Equity Justice in social custom software is a must in the progress and advancement in software innovation technology, and the need for a company to address various safeguards is a must.


    Safeguards Do Not Mean Censorship Of Content

Our Stance Behind Racial Equality Equity Justice for All

Our Stance Behind Racial Equality Equity Justice for All

Hombolt unequivocally stands against Racism, Violence, and Hate! As we grow, we hope to have the fortune and opportunity to give back more to the local communities we serve and to help advance community education centers that don’t have the means available to adopt an education program around software technology through computer science and programming. The numbers are outrageous, and we hope to see a dramatic change in the software technology field.

Creating A Culture Of Equality

Creating A Culture Of Equality

Creating a culture of equality is not just the right thing to do. It is a smart choice to incorporate into our mission and values. It empowers us and our custom software partners to continuously innovate to build more advanced software to change the landscape of software technology. It builds meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our customers, and ultimately increases trust in doing business with us as the right thing to do! We are constantly working on improving and expanding the way we do business by creating a workplace that reflects the diverse communities we serve. We know this is a feat that is never fully accomplished but requires constant work to improve, build, and innovate the communities we serve.

Stop Hate And Participate

Stop Hate And Participate!

The one great thing about software development is that in software technology, we accommodate all walks of life in our workforce and the prospective clientele we service. Of course, Hombolt follows all best practices in recruiting, hiring, and employee management. As a company, we strongly encourage our employees to become active members of their community. Many of our software innovations came from groups in the various communities that we serve from our sales force being active members. Often, the community comes together with a brilliant idea that can help the overall population. Join a team that focuses on adding value to the community. By creating an environment that encourages positive interaction, we are proud to add value in community as one of the primary pillars we are built on.