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Mobile App development For Restaurants In 2021

Aug, 2022

Mobile App development For Restaurants in 2021 is essential and a must-have to be competitive and current in the modern world. Covid-19 has proved this with a lot of the technologically outdated restaurants going out of business. Our smartphones have already become the go-to device for any type of quest, study, entertainment, fun, or even social sharing. Every industry has begun to build mobile business apps to take advantage of the power of smartphones and, as a result, extend their business scope.


Restaurants, meanwhile, have a massive opportunity to take their industry to the next level by using mobile apps. Restaurant owners may benefit from a variety of mobile applications.

Nowadays, the essential marketing strategy is to establish an online presence. As a result, all restaurant owners should have their site or smartphone application. While some stick to creating blogs and social media pages and enlisting influencers, others take it a step further by taking the major step to switch gears towards technology by starting mobile app development for restaurants. Since people don’t put down their smartphones for even a second, every company seeks to exploit this flaw to set itself apart from the competition. Furthermore, using a mobile application allows you to get direct input from consumers and make adjustments or improvements based on that feedback. As a result, a digital solution can assist you with some routine tasks and help you grow your company.

Mobile App development For Restaurants Features



One of the main features to include in your restaurant app is that introducing an understandable and concise menu is a must for both websites and smartphone applications for restaurants. The explanation for this is that hungry people leave quickly and are unlikely to place an order or reserve a table in your restaurant if the menu positions are challenging to read or the prices are not listed. Don’t forget to include any photos of your dishes to pique customers’ interest.

If you want to make it even easier for your customers, create a QR code that allows them to access your menu from any smart device in less than a minute. Since your guests would not have to stay without a menu while waiting for someone from your staff to carry it to them, a QR code can help make services more effective.

Online reservation

People nowadays are not going to call a restaurant to reserve a seat. Who wants to go through the hassle of looking up the restaurant’s phone number, waiting for someone to pick up the phone, and then trying to clarify the situation? We can now make a reservation in only a few clicks on the website or via the mobile app, with no need for human interaction. On the other hand, restaurant managers do not need to hire anyone to take calls, pronounce customers’ names correctly, or plan how to handle all of the guests by handling the waiting list.


Delivery and takeaway service available.

Food delivery via the internet is the new black. Ordering food through a mobile app is even more fashionable and convenient. You don’t have to communicate with restaurant workers while booking a seat, eliminating the risk of human error.

You will also allow users to place in-app orders and see the estimated wait time, so they know exactly when to arrive and pick up their meal. That means no more long lines and irritated customers at your establishment. Some establishments go even further, installing mobile kiosks to streamline the ordering process. These kiosks are easy and enjoyable to use due to their similarity to smartphones.

Referral and loyalty services

Discounts, free drinks, and complimentary meals are all typical. But, do you put in enough effort to ensure that your customers remember and use your loyalty program daily? Printing coupons or sending emails are good examples of activities, but holding all promotions on your customer’s smartphone is much more successful. Simply scan the virtual coupon from the user’s screen and show it to him. If you have a referral service, you can be sure that guests can come back and even invite their mates.

Push Notifications

Is the food ready to be picked up? Do you award bonus points to clients on their birthdays? Maybe you’ve got a new deal? Using push notifications, you can quickly meet all of your customers with your app. Push notifications, by the way, have higher display and click-through rates than emails or SMS, which may be considered spam.

Furthermore, since they are shown directly on the phone, they are brief but insightful, and you do not need to open an app to be aware of the promotion. If you don’t want users to opt out, don’t be too distracting. Once a week is sufficient to keep your customers interested in your business. Also, sending push notifications is entirely free.

Customer reviews

Any restaurant needs to know whether or not its customers like its services. Customers’ candid reviews in your app will provide you with both a room for change (if they point out any flaws) and a slew of potential customers (if the client will leave a positive review on your place). For several years, word of mouth has worked well, and now that all conversations have migrated to the internet, it is critical to give people the opportunity to express their true feelings.

Simple and easy payment gateway

Choose from various payment options (MasterCard, PayPal, Stripe, WePay, and so on) to allow your customers to pay for their orders in just a few clicks. Every year, an increasing number of people opt for online payments over cash purchases. It is more comfortable and faster. Furthermore, accepting cryptocurrency payments is a big trend right now.

Creativity Matters

Mobile App development For Restaurants Benefits

Engage target audience and keep them interested.

Using technology and mobile/web application for your restaurant helps you get into your customers’ pockets practically. Customers who own the loyalty app on their smartphones will quickly get the latest offers and share them with their friends. Word-of-mouth marketing is, as we all know, the most reliable and trustworthy marketing channel open to any organization. Simply create the advertisements, and people will happily share them with their friends.

Growing the number of customers

Users worldwide use mobile apps to make reservations at their favorite restaurants and place online orders. When it comes to the restaurant business, the size of your customer base is a good indication of how famous you are. The more customers your restaurant serves in a day, the more successful and profitable it is. The online table booking system can be streamlined with the aid of a smartphone app.

Restaurants of all sizes, customers can use mobile apps to make reservations, order takeout, or update their dining preferences. According to a survey, the majority of customers use mobile restaurant apps to view menus and prices (55%), search for special deals (38%), order food online (30%), and make reservations (23.8 percent).

This isn’t to say they aren’t making reservations, buying food, or going about their everyday routines. They are simply more accustomed to completing these tasks via mobile apps. You can digitalize your order and table reservation process with the aid of a mobile app. Users can use your mobile app to book a table and receive real-time updates about their reservations and update a change of plans, which will help you overcome the issue of no-shows and contribute to more efficient operations.

Know who you’re talking about

Adding more personal information during registration helps you learn more about your customers’ tastes and desires, allowing you to build personalized deals that will boost brand loyalty. Furthermore, by collecting and analyzing that data, you can change your menu, determine which dishes are typical and which should be replaced, and so on.

Streamline the booking and distribution procedures

There’s no way to make a mistake in the name, address, or order itself when you have all the details on your computer. Forget about a shaky link or a muddled accent; online booking and collecting benefits both clients and employees.

Improve inventory and goods management

You will be in control of all critical processes if you build a POS system for your restaurant or cafe. Point-of-sale systems (especially mobile or cloud-based systems) can be used on any computer and help with marketing, employee management, and customer service. It’s a comprehensive framework that can help the company expand dramatically.

Enlighten, engage, and motivate your customers

Daily, the restaurant industry entails answering patrons’ questions. Restaurant managers are often seen spending hours a day talking to customers and answering the same questions over and over again, whether on the phone or in person. A smartphone app will help you save your employees’ time. Within your mobile app, you can cleverly provide answers to common questions about your restaurant.

Your operating hours, booking terms, a maximum number of covers, address, phone number, menu options, and other pertinent details can all be put in a single mobile app. Users can get information, communicate with the user interface, and connect directly to your restaurant without having to rely on your managers and staff to answer the phone any time a user has a question. It will increase productivity and engage potential customers and inspire them to visit the restaurant when their questions are answered instantly on their mobile devices.

Mobile App development For Restaurants Conclusion

The importance of having an online presence cannot be overstated. When most of your rivals concentrate on their websites, consider developing a smartphone app or a Progressive Web App for your restaurant. It is essential to draw new customers to a restaurant, but it is also essential to keep current customers. The marketing duo of a website and a mobile app is the best way to improve your rankings and generate interest in your place

If you’re still not convinced that your restaurant needs an app, consider the success of companies like Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, and others. They have many loyal customers who use their apps daily and help shape their company. Any profitable business that wants to develop and broaden its customer base needs to have a mobile app. If you are looking for a trusted and professionals for a custom development project such as mobile application development or website for your business, look no further, Hombolt provided the best of the best at affordable prices.

Experts at Hombolt have helped hundreds of restaurants and hospitality businesses accelerate their growth potential, and we can help you be the region’s forerunner. So, what do you have to lose? We will provide you with a free consultation right now.

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