Entrepreneurs Innovate And Develop Custom Software

Hombolt custom software services innovate businesses to help scale operations, implement advanced business intelligence, and automate inefficient systems. Custom ERP software comprises of 6 major components: customer relationship management, human resource management, inventory management, supply-chain management, financial management, and business intelligence.

Hombolt specializes in custom software development, custom website development and design, custom ERP database development, artificial intelligence, bot automation, robotic process automation RPA development, mobile application development, multi vendor marketplace development, affiliate marketing development, and social media development. Be unique and develop creativity that can change the world.

Build Your Legacy With Custom Software Services

The Hombolt Partnership Program helps entrepreneurs by lowering the risk with the software services we offer. We make sure that the custom software can be successful. We create econometric models that forecast projected future net present values to evaluate if the custom software will potentially be profitable. We conduct extensive conflicting patent research for both pending and active patents. We assist in making sure your corporate structuring is completed. We make sure that we add value by suggesting innovative ideas that will add to the value of the custom software. During the beta testing phase, we start due diligence if applicable with a Venture Capital firm to maximize the valuation of the custom software innovation to make sure it is launched to market with the necessary funding to be successful.

Hombolt does not accept every prospective client that applies to be part of our custom software Partnership Program. Hombolt does not develop custom software for the pornographic industry, and we do not develop custom software to be used on the dark web or for illegal purposes. Hombolt has declined to partner with entrepreneurs that wanted to develop custom software to charge excessive fees to small business owners. Hombolt partners with entrepreneurs who share the same values that revolve around making this world better.

Custom ERP Software To Scale Operations

Custom ERP Software To Scale Operations

Hombolt develops custom enterprise resource planning ERP software that utilizes all 6 major components: customer relationship management, human resource management, inventory management, supply-chain management, financial management, and business intelligence. Custom ERP software means that the database can be designed to fit the exact needs, requirements, and culture of your business. Owners can develop custom login pages for clients, vendors, sales, departments, management, and any entity that the business requires with a customized dashboard and advanced automation processes, and advanced business intelligence.

The modern era with the limitations put on business due to the Covid-19 pandemic has forced many business and educational institutions to adopt custom software to continue operations. Hombolt has taken that tragedy and found an opportunity to provide state-of-the-art solutions to implement video conferencing, advanced automation, and smart business intelligence. The major databases that require advanced training are the systems that are pre-built to accommodate all major industries in one dashboard. Using a database no longer has to be challenging or take advanced training to use.

  • Mobile Application Development

    Mobile Application Development

    Hombolt specializes in mobile application development. Our mobile application development software services enable the creation of customized mobile experiences for native mobile applications, hybrid mobile applications, and web applications. Hombolt develops innovative mobile apps for all industries to help business owners scale their operations and enter new or untapped markets. 

    Hombolt excels at developing and designing robust mobile applications with an advanced user experience UX. We provide our software engineers and developers with the most advanced training to perfect their skills by implementing the most advanced programming languages for mobile application development. The modern world requires business owners to develop mobile applications that can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore and Apple Store.

  • Custom Website Development And Design

    Custom Website Development And Design

    Hombolt developed our proprietary content management system CMS to innovate the industry for businesses in custom website design and development. Utilizing the most advanced coding languages (Examples: Angular, Golang, React, etc…) we can design and develop an advanced custom enterprise website for exponentially less than the industry standard pricing.

    Your website is essential to your company because it establishes the foundation of your online digital presence. It is the epicenter that connects all of your digital entities including your social media profiles, digital marketing, google my business page, and any online services that you use to grow your online presence.  The main thing all industry leaders have in common is that they allocate time and resources in enhancing their digital presence.

Custom Artificial Intelligence AI And RPA Development

Hombolt develops custom Artificial Intelligence AI for all 4 types: Reactive Machines, Limited Memory, Self Aware, and Theory of Mind to enhance business operations and innovation. Hombolt encourages business owners and entrepreneurs to adopt AI to increase compliance, scale operations, lower expenses, eliminate human error, automate tasks, increase productivity, and invent innovative intelligent software with the ability to learn to make this world better.

Hombolt advances RPA development to progress custom software innovation. Robotic Process Automation RPA automates major human tasks with lightning speed and efficiency. The demand for enterprise businesses to extract valuable data, have it analyzed in a data warehouse, and utilize artificial intelligence to mainstream data automation anywhere throughout the organization is a requirement of businesses intending to scale and enterprises to maintain a competitive advantage.

Business Intelligence For Business Growth

Businesses always have issues and variable operational changes that need to be executed properly. Business owners with the capability to scale their business operations, midsize businesses, to enterprises require advanced business intelligence with extract, load, and transform ELT or extract, transform, and load ETL components.


ELT processes gather information from an unlimited number of sources. It will then load the data into a processing location (Data Warehouse). The data warehouse will sort and normalize the data. It will transform the data into actionable and relative business intelligence.


ETL processes pull information from remote sources. It will then transform the data into defined formats and styles. Then it loads it into the data warehouse.


The major reason for implementing ELT or ETL processes is to give the decision-makers in your organization relevant business intelligence from Big Data that comes from a potentially unlimited number of sources that can potentially solve problems years before they are noticed.

Business Intelligence For Business Growth
Social Media Development For Influencers

Social Media Development For Influencers

The modern world is progressing and the need for automated affiliate marketing software generates massive ROI for businesses and entrepreneurs. The influencer market is growing at a rapid rate, and the population supports social media influence to make major decisions. Hombolt has a state-of-the-art partnership program for business owners and entrepreneurs with a desire to gain a competitive advantage in the market and gain market share by developing custom software to make this world better. Many multi vendor marketplace platforms need to adopt influencer affiliate marketing components to attract new markets and demographics to increase the sales for their sellers. Affiliate management is essential for companies implementing social growth to enhance their digital presence.

Hombolt utilizes all the safeguards and develops a component to generate unique links that lead to the internal sales of eCommerce platforms and not outside sources that could have malicious virus intentions.

  • Software Maintenance

    Software Maintenance

    Hombolt offers adaptable software maintenance services that can help you increase your business's productivity. With the best software support services, we provide secure and stable software maintenance focused on critical business needs.

    We manage software maintenance proactively to ensure that your program is bug-free upon deployment. We adhere to industry-standard application software maintenance techniques to ensure the robustness and security of your software.

    Our regular software maintenance and support services will increase your organization's sales and scalability, resulting in considerable cost savings for your business.

    Hombolt maintenance services are designed to address difficulties and flaws in the software to boost and advance performance.

  • Software Hosting

    Software Hosting

    Hombolt provides managed software hosting at the highest level of performance and security. Our fully configurable software hosting includes real-time monitoring through the utilization of the best-in-class hosting providers we utilize.

    Hombolt utilizes a plethora of industry leaders in hosting to provide you with the most applicable, efficient, and effective system to meet the exact needs of your software.

    We provide cloud computing capabilities that are secure and scalable. Hosting your application in the cloud is strongly recommended for enterprises worldwide since it provides secure and scalable cloud solutions.

    Hombolt assists you to acquire and customize server capacity quickly. It gives you complete control and enables you to execute your applications on top-rated servers.