What is ember.js?

What is ember.js?

Ember.js is an open-source, free, client-side JavaScript web framework that utilizes a component-service pattern. This framework is used for developing web applications by providing a complete solution that has an application flow and data management. It helps you with:

  • Retrieve models with rich relationships from the server

  • Write minimal code with templates that can automatically update

  • Conventional application structure without a messy code that helps your app grow

It is an advanced HTML5 MVC application framework used for creating scalable single-page web applications. Ember.js relies on ‘HandleBars’ for developing dynamic HTML templates at the same time it also relies on the MVC framework by using JQuery libraries. It operates in the web browser where it can respond to user interaction without refreshing the web page. Let’s consider the following points to understand the use of Ember.js:

  • 1

    Ember.js is a JavaScript framework developed under an MIT license

  • 2

    It provides the new binding syntax using the HTMLBars template which is a part of the HandleBars templating engine

  • 3

    To increase the rendering speed, Ember.js provides the Glimmer rendering engine

  • 4

    When one property changes, the other property is automatically updated with the new value. It can be done with Data Binding

  • 5

    Ember.js provides a Command Line Interface utility that integrates patterns into the development process and focuses on developer productivity

Why use ember.js as your preferred javascript framework?

Ember.js is an ambitious framework that empowers developers to program web applications uniquely and conveniently. Any JavaScript, HTML, or CSS is loaded once and is dynamically retrieved when necessary. Due to this feature, major applications developed in Ember.js are Apple Music, Twitch, and Vine.

Ember.js apart from the basics might follow a no-frills approach where two strong programming principles like Conventions over Configuration (CoC) and Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) are followed. Ember uses CoC- a design paradigm to ease the development process by alleviating the decision-making process for even the highly-experienced developers. This explains the many out-of-the-box features provided by CoC obtained via Ember.js CLI generator to ease development and customize configurations.

DRY is another useful coding principle that mitigates redundancy. It is another useful coding principle where the components are one of the ways in which Ember.js avoids repeating the software patterns to make developers choose this framework over others.

Ember.js provides certain prominent features that can be stated as follows:

  • Ember.js used to develop maintainable and reusable JavaScript web applications

  • HTML and CSS are at the core of the development model of Ember.js

  • Ember.js provides instance initializers

  • It uses templates to automatically update the model if the application’s content gets changed

  • Ember.js provides Ember Inspector tools for debugging applications made in Ember.js

Why do most developers prefer ember.js for web application development?

Ember.js is one component of a complete front-end stack built and supported by the Ember core team. This framework can create scalable single-page web applications by incorporating patterns, best practices, and common idioms from other single-page-app ecosystem patterns into the framework.

  • Ember.js: Why Developers Adore It

    Ember.js: Why Developers Adore It

    Ember.js is a framework that helps developers to be more productive and think out of the box. It is elegant, quick to develop, and exceptionally stable when surrounded by arrows. Making semantics its priority means it is easy for developers to understand the code at a glance.

  • Global Community

    Global Community

    Ember.js has a great venue for discussing architecture, features, and best practices. Through the Ember Community Discord, you can ask questions and chat with community members in real time.

  • Ember.js Guide and Documentation

    Ember.js Guide and Documentation

    Ember.js documentation is used by the total beginner to Ember expert. The guide and documentation are intended to contain practical explanations of how to build Ember.js applications while focusing on widely-used Ember.js features.