Guiding Principles In Software Innovation

Hombolt insists that operations are led by our Guiding Principles and must follow our mission to make this world better by promoting diversity and innovation. Hombolt guiding principles in custom software innovation have led to our success in the field of advanced software technology. We pride ourselves on the knowledge and continuous education we provide to maintain accountability and keep our salesforce status functioning at maximum capacity.

Hombolt has an advanced program for continuing education for our software engineers, software developers, software architects, and our software graphic designers. The Pandemic and many other types of influential economic hardship have established a demand for the modern era to turn towards custom software development that will generate new revenue streams to the business bottom line that was not in existence before.

Ethics, Morals, And Doing What Is Best To Make This World Better

  • Racial Equality Equity Justice

    Racial Equality Equity Justice

  • General Principles

    General Principles

  • Relationship Building

    Relationship Building

Hombolt Responsibility To Follow Our Guiding Principles

The responsibility Hombolt has to follow our guiding principles is to make sure that our custom software follows our mission to continue to make this world better. That is why we emphasize above all else that as a company, we will not develop custom software technology that has the potential to do more harm, than good. That involves various platforms that can be used for the Deep Dark Web, and anything resembling software technology for the Pornographic Industry.

We understand that both those custom software developers would yield large profits and are in demand, however, it goes against our moral values and guiding principles. Our main objective is to grow our corporation to provide a great living for our employees so that they can provide for their families, and for our clients to pride the best and most advanced custom software solutions to help progress their business ventures.

Hombolt Is On A mission To Make This World Better

  • General Principles

  • Relationship Building

  • Racial Equality Equity Justice

  • Pricing Transparency

    Pricing Transparency

    Key employee recognition and developing an environment for growth with no ceiling require accountability which has led to an exponential increase in salesforce status for the organization.

  • Proven Expertise


    Advanced coding and programming languages are implemented in our custom software, and our maintenance is designed to not just fix, but to continue to build a sustainable better resources for our clients.

  • Improvement


    The learning process is never over, and we strive to always be open to finding new ways to enhance, develop, and improve our system and model to maintain the stability and growth of the overall organization.

  • Transformation

    Our partnership program is where we as a company will morph into an unbelievable option for entrepreneurs trying to advance their business and build themselves a legacy as a true industry innovators.


Hombolt Focuses On Customer Satisfaction

Advanced custom software can provide our clients with dynamic and profitable software that can scale with their growth. Hombolt focuses on customer satisfaction, which is based on the demands from our clientele to accomplish their projects in the timeline they were quoted, at a price that is in their budget, and built with an advanced programming language that is lightweight and very fast for an enhanced user experience UX with all the robust characteristics that makes their custom software unique.

To accomplish this feat, we have developed and designed our own enterprise resource planning ERP software for Hombolt. Clients can utilize a login where they can interact with their sales representatives through chat and video conference, they can get quotes on custom software, can make payments, watch videos, and have direct contact throughout the entire process to get concerns answered in a timely fashion. All this is completed with an extremely user-friendly interface that is designed to make difficult automation simple.

As Hombolt advances our enterprise, we will continue our quest to advance our custom software to increase the customer experience for our current and future clientele.

The Market Plays A Major Factor In Improvement

Hombolt since conception has made many mistakes in operations and strategy that we have or are correcting, and are constantly finding ways to improve the efficiency of our organization. The market plays a major factor in the improvement cycle based on current events and us having to find innovative ways to find solutions for business owners to overcome obstacles that are in their way of growth.

The various market factors have led us to develop custom software for:

  • Multi Vendor Marketplace Development
  • Social Media Development
  • Inventory Control
  • Business Intelligence
  • Influencer Affiliate Link Development
  • Bot Automation

The good thing for the future of innovation is that there are no limits to the potential of the software, and the future of custom software is always changing and advancing.

The Market Plays A Major Factor In Improvement

Guiding Principles Behind Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Software

The Hombolt guiding principles behind Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Software are to build custom software to enhance the user experience UX and to create various portals for users that fit the company's exact dynamic culture. The major part of ERP Database development software is to make sure that the login and registration pages are branded with your company logos.

Most importantly, make sure that the system is user-friendly enough that employees don’t require a great amount of time once onboarded and learning how the database works. ERP Database Software encompasses part if not all 6 major components of ERP software, that is Customer Relationship Management CRM, Human Resource Management HRM, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Financial Management, and Business Intelligence.

Advancing Business Intelligence

Not all systems are created or demand equal business intelligence. Many companies pay for a one-size-fits-all business intelligence system that is designed to accommodate enterprise companies. However, a major waste in software technology that goes strongly against our guiding principles is developing custom software systems with waste.

In enterprise resource planning ERP software, Hombolt strongly believes that every business is different, and there is not 1 system that all companies from small to enterprise businesses size can utilize without inefficiency. Hombolt advanced management database systems to fit the demand and culture of our client's business.

  • User Experience UX Waste

    User Experience UX Waste

    Developing an ERP Database that has a user interface UI and user experience UX with buttons and functions in any given portal that the user does not use.

  • Customer Expense Waste

    Customer Expense Waste

    Developing a business intelligence system that is so advanced and costly to a customer that incurs expensive updates and maintenance that a client does not use.

  • Growth Limitation

    Growth Limitation

    Developing a business intelligence that can not be built to scale in the future.