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WordPress Website vs. Custom Code Website

Aug, 2022

Custom code websites and WordPress have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. You should choose a solution based on your budget and requirements.

WordPress is an incredible platform that makes website creation incredibly simple for anyone. It provides a lot of options for your website through themes, plugins, and customization.

However, when all those elements are combined, the result is crowded, difficult to use, and confused.


A custom code website is an excellent investment for your organization. You may put virtually anything on your website without the bloat and clutter associated with WordPress.

However, a custom code website does have few drawbacks. It’s more difficult to make small, incremental improvements, which may not be the ideal solution for everyone.

With that in mind, let’s evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress versus custom code websites.

Now, let us look at the comparison.

What is the difference between a WordPress theme and a custom code website?

If you’re considering developing a website for your business, you’ll need to make numerous critical decisions regarding the site’s planning, design, and launch. Choosing to develop the website from scratch or using a website-building platform will be one of your first big decisions.


If you’re on a short budget, working to a tight deadline, and just need to get a website up and running, a WordPress theme may be the right choice for you. Simply keep in mind that you’re going to need to pick a WordPress theme that requires NO tweaking to match your demands, and you’re going to have to accept that your new website will only last two or three years.

Suppose you have a reasonable budget and want a fully customized custom code website that acts as your business’s ideal new and existing salesperson. In that case, a custom website design is a terrific fit. The possibilities are unlimited, and it will seamlessly integrate with your business’s look and feel while providing functionality that guides your consumers through a user experience that feels second nature to them.

Additionally, if a custom website design is effectively implemented, it can serve as a lead generation machine for your firm. This is because bespoke website design is based on a meticulous SEO strategy focused on several keywords throughout the consumer’s purchasing experience. The number of leads generated by bespoke sites is limited by the amount of traffic directed. You can anticipate a shelf life of at least five years and possibly up to ten years.

A more detailed comparison is as follows:

Custom Code Website

Custom-built websites are typically created when the site’s owner requires customizations that WordPress cannot give. Frequently, custom-built websites are made for huge, sophisticated websites that require special functionality. To create a website of this nature, you must first choose a website developer specializing in constructing custom-built websites. The Professional web design company will develop the website using a programming language and framework.



By designing a bespoke website, you can ensure that it is as unique as possible while also incorporating some functionality not available when using WordPress.

• A custom-built website will rank higher in search engines than a WordPress one. This means it can achieve a higher ranking in search engines than a website constructed using templates and the WordPress content management system. This is critical for any organization looking to generate leads and enhance conversions online.
• A custom-built website will reflect your company’s branding using a unique design. This distinguishes your firm from the competition.
• A custom-built website may scale with the business. This implies that if your business changes in the future, you can always contact the company that built your website to have it redesigned.
• A custom-designed website receives greater support than a website created using pre-made themes. This is because it was developed by a professional web designer specializing in all types of websites. The original developer can always resolve any error or issue.
• The cohesion of the brand – Because you have complete control over the design of your bespoke website, it’s simple to ensure that the website accurately represents your brand.
• Your brand’s colors, logo, and font style will be carried across the site with a bespoke design. The backgrounds, buttons, navigation, and text will all be consistent in style, ensuring that your website is a professional representation of your brand.
• The capability of developing a fresh design – With a personalized website, you are not confined to altering a WordPress theme designed two years ago by someone else.
• You can develop a design that is unique to your business. The possibilities are virtually limitless.


• Websites developed from the ground up are often more expensive than those developed using WordPress. This is because they are tailored to your business’s specific requirements and require professional experience.
• Customizing a website takes significantly longer than constructing one using WordPress. Any modifications to the site may take some time. You will have to rely on the time and availability of your developers.


WordPress is a free website creation platform that was created to create blogs. Over time, the tool has evolved into a more comprehensive platform for website development. One of the primary reasons people use this platform for website creation is that it requires only minimal web knowledge. To establish a website, you do not need to be an expert at creating codes and computer languages or contacting a web design service. Indeed, approximately 20% of all websites are now built with WordPress, and the percentage continues to grow. The following are some of the tool’s advantages and disadvantages to assist you in deciding.


Using WordPress to develop a website takes less time than building it from scratch. This is because the CMS has already been established, which means you can focus exclusively on content and design. WordPress includes a theme library. Rather than struggling to build your theme, you can just select one from the library and instantly modify the appearance of your website.

WordPress offers a safe platform for developing your website. This is because a vast community of developers collaborates to identify security loopholes or defects in the system and then propose a patch. WordPress releases updates regularly that you can always download and install to make your website more secure. With WordPress’s numerous SEO plug-ins, you can manage your site’s search engine rating. These plug-ins enable you to easily add fundamental SEO elements to any website, including Meta Descriptions, H1 tags, and Meta Titles. Indeed, several WordPress plug-ins can inform you about how effectively optimized your site is for search engines.

WordPress has responsive themes that assist you in optimizing your site for mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. These themes provide a great user experience on any device when exploring your site. As previously stated, WordPress began as a blogging platform. This means that it retains its built-in blogging functionality, enabling you to create and maintain a blog simply.


While choosing any theme from the library is wonderful, you may find it tough to adapt the theme to your liking. In this instance, you will require an expert web developer who is familiar with WordPress capabilities.

While the platform is updated regularly and security fixes are applied, it remains vulnerable to hackers. These hackers exploit the time spent developing these fixes to break into your site and wreak havoc. Regular maintenance is required for WordPress. Each year, they release upgrades and patches to combat hackers and pirates, which may take some technical expertise to implement. If you are unable to do so, you must engage a professional web developer.

Custom websites are ideal for unique designs.

While WordPress is excellent for some things, it quickly becomes cluttered, difficult to use, and clunky when you begin to need a highly customized theme, high performance, and excellent SEO.

With a personalized website, you are not forced to use someone else’s design.

You truly receive your design, which is unique to you and your organization.

Additionally, you are not required to make any sacrifices. Listed below are some of the advantages of a personalized website over Wordpress website:

  • Faster
  • Complete control over SEO
  • Customized design exclusively for you

Are You on the Lookout for a New Custom Code Website?

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