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Understanding what is Better- Wordpress Development vs. Custom Web Development

Sep, 2022

WordPress and Custom website designs both are excellent choices that make developing websites pretty simple for everyone. With the help of plugins, themes, and customization features, it has got a lot of options for your website. Having an attractive website is critical for any brand’s success as it is the brand’s address on the World Wide Web. Through World Wide Web your customers can learn about your brand and decide whether they wish to interact with it or not. So, it is important to know every aspect right from design to development before launching the website.


One of the first choices you will be faced with is to decide between building a website with a pre-built template on WordPress or from scratch using custom HTML. Let’s understand the benefits of WordPress vs. custom website development to make your decision easier.

WordPress Website Design Development


WordPress is a free website development tool that was originally designed to create blogs. Over the year, WordPress has evolved to become a more complex platform for building websites. There are currently hundreds of thousands of websites that are built on the WordPress platform. This platform offers multiple themes, plugins, and modifiable widgets with modular designs for building a website.

Pros of using WordPress

  • Cost

    The WordPress framework is open-source which means it is completely free and can be made available to everybody. Being open-source can be invaluable to individuals who are on a tight budget. Also, this platform offers templates at a range of prices ensuring that you will find one within the budget and avoid paying website designers and developers.

  • Versatility

    This content management system offers themes specially designed for several sectors. You can choose the template design for blogs, magazines, or e-commerce depending on which sector your brand falls into.

  • Variety of Plugins

    A website needs for than just a good design to attract customers to the brand. Your website needs to be SEO optimized, responsive, fast, and mobile-optimized, among other things. WordPress offers a host of plugins to build a high-performing website that can perform these same functions within a short period with limited resources.

  • Faster

    Installing a WordPress theme is as easy as a few clicks and requires no coding or designing skills. Once you install a theme or customize it, you are good to go in a matter of minutes.

  • Scalable

    WordPress themes are designed to work quickly with a variety of scalable websites. You can easily add new pages and content without worrying about creating new designs. It is possible to build a website that costs next to nothing with paid themes and plugins that offers additional functionalities.

Custom Website Development

In custom website development, you have complete control over how your website looks and functions. Like in WordPress, you don’t have to struggle with design, themes, and plugins. Custom-built websites do require professional resources such as web designers and web developers. This option can be made into anything the client wants and have little to no limitations in terms of functionality and design. The biggest and most popular companies in the world use custom-built websites as their main marketing tool because of the following advantages:

Pros of using Custom Website Development

  • Higher Speed

    Custom websites have higher speeds than websites built on WordPress. The plethora of plugins available on WordPress is one of the biggest benefits as well as the biggest drawback which increases the load time drastically. While in custom websites, these features are built into it and don’t come in the form of plugins. For a custom website, the page load time is drastically lower.

  • Better Security

    Unlike WordPress, custom websites are built as a closed-source network and aren’t open-source. This means that custom-built websites are less vulnerable to security threats as it isn’t interconnected on any platform. If security is the most important factor for you, then a custom-built website is the way to go.

  • Greater Control

    Custom website development means that you can create a website that is unique and is built according to your requirements. This type of development is used when you wish to incorporate advanced features and functionalities into your personalized website.

  • Unique Design

    The major aspect of custom website design is that entrepreneurs have the freedom to develop a website according to their requirements and specifications making it truly unique. This flexibility also makes it ideal for businesses that want to showcase their products uniquely.

  • Brand Cohesiveness

    In custom website design development, you have complete control over your website and it is easy to properly represent your brand through the website. Using this process, you can maintain the synchronicity of your brand’s color, font, logo, and style throughout the entire website. The backgrounds, navigation panel, buttons, and text will all have the same style to represent your business professionally to the entire world through World Wide Web.


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