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Do not use a Pirated WordPress Theme

Aug, 2022

Do not use a pirated WordPress theme, you may get premium WordPress themes for free, but you may not realize that nulled themes come at a high cost that will negatively impact your website.

We know that the themes determine the appearance of your site, and how end-users interact with the content on it is influenced by the themes. And, of course, every website owner wishes to have an eye-catching theme to sell their products and services effectively.


A good or lousy WordPress theme may make or ruin a website, which is why it is critical to select the most appropriate WordPress theme for your website. There are many free WordPress themes available on the internet, but they are rarely as lovely as Premium themes, obtained for a nominal charge.

The premium themes are prohibitively expensive, while the cheap themes are neither as efficient nor visually appealing. As a result, a large number of users choose a pirated/nulled theme. No-fee themes are essentially pirated copies of a premium theme that have been hacked and are being offered illegally on the internet at a lesser price or free.

Every day, more than ten thousand nulled WordPress themes are downloaded for use on WordPress-based websites. The use of nulled themes is also one reason your website becomes vulnerable to hacking attacks.

However, because there is such a distinct difference between Free and Premium WordPress themes, it is only reasonable for consumers to desire the most excellent WordPress theme available. If they can obtain it for free, all the better. These are the types of themes available as pirated copies of premium WordPress themes, which consumers typically receive from various peer-to-peer (P2P) sources. However, there are numerous hidden dangers associated with using such themes, the majority of which are unknown to their users.

Some of the essential reasons you should avoid utilizing these pirated versions of Premium themes will be discussed in detail in the following section of this article.

Pirated WordPress theme


It is unlawful to distribute a pirated WordPress theme. It is an illegal clone of an existing (Premium) WordPress theme that has had its metadata stripped out so that anyone may download it without the need to enter a license code or key. Pirated versions are typically made accessible for free download via a pirate-run website monetized by the piracy syndicate. The individual responsible for hacking the theme is frequently compensated by the website owners a small sum of money for each time someone downloads the theme from the website.

There are several more substantial drawbacks to relying on a pirated version of a WordPress theme.

No Automatic Updates for Pirated WordPress Theme

In contrast to conventional themes, you will not be able to update pirated software automatically in the majority of circumstances. Most persons who distribute pirated themes erase the metadata that identifies them, allowing them to replace it with whatever they want.

Without a doubt, you can continue to use the pirated theme for an indefinite period. As longer time passes without an update, you will lose out on any enhancements that the creators have implemented. For example, you will not have access to new features, enhancements, or (most crucially) security fixes.

When an update is released, you will have to re-download the theme, which will result in any adjustments you have made becoming unusable. Furthermore, each time you download a theme from an untrustworthy source, you are essentially rolling the dice again in terms of your chances of becoming infected. In conclusion, updates are an essential element of maintaining a safe WordPress website, and using pirated themes prevents you from carrying out these tasks.

No Customer Assistance

The ability to communicate with the theme’s professional support staff accounts only comes with purchasing a premium WordPress theme. If you have any difficulties during the theme installation process or encounter any technical theme issues, you can easily contact the assistance team of WordPress and have your concerns fixed at no additional charge. If you use a pirated theme, you will be unable to take advantage of this feature. There will be no one to assist you if you encounter a technical problem or require any customizations to the theme.


If you want access to dedicated assistance from the developers of a premium theme, you’ll need to provide proof that you’ve purchased a valid copy of the theme.

Impact on SEO Rankings

Before you use anything you get from the internet, it is necessary to verify its authenticity. This rule applies to the design of websites as well. They need you to exercise extra caution. For example, if an e-commerce site relies on search engine traffic, fewer backlinks could harm its authority and ranking positions. One of the disadvantages of adopting nulled and pirated WordPress themes is that they have a negative influence on SEO.

They may also contain hidden links to other harmful websites. The links will send your users to other websites, which will result in a significant drop in your SEO results. The majority of the time, they conceal the links within the theme’s footer or metadata.

The folks that distribute these nulled themes are usually interested in increasing the search engine optimization of their website. Google penalizes your site and lowers its search engine rating as a result of this process. You may be able to erase the links from the theme’s code that you never added.

Going through the complete code of your new theme, on the other hand, is not something you want to devote your valuable time too. Furthermore, they may not be easy to come by. The time and effort required to ensure that the pirated WordPress theme is fully functional outweighs the expense of obtaining a legitimate copy.

Full of Bugs and Errors

Bugs are another issue that frequently arises.

Since these items have been loaded with harmful scripts that can cause it to lose its functionality, and because it is frequently out of date for your current version of WordPress, it is not recommended. If this is the case, there is a reasonable risk that they will not function properly on your website.

What’s worse, some plugins and themes may appear to function fine at first, but as you investigate further, you will discover that they crash at a specific stage. This can go unnoticed for an extended period until it is brought to your attention through a claim filed by one of your clients.

As a result, it can be quite a hassle. Every time a new bug occurs, you will be the one who has to deal with it.

Discouragement of Innovative developers

The premium WordPress themes are the culmination of a theme developer’s dedication, ability, coding, and design skills, as well as his or her creativity. They put forth a lot of effort and money into creating such visually appealing themes. They must also have a website, publish documentation, assign staff to provide user support and perform many other things to have a successful theme.

While they may receive compensation for the time, effort, and money put into developing the theme, they will receive nothing in exchange for using the pirated WordPress theme copy. It has the potential to deter such Innovative developers from creating such lovely themes.

How to Prevent the Use of Pirated WordPress Themes

If you are just getting started and don’t yet have a theme in mind, the theme list can save you a significant amount of time. It offers website themes that have been selected by expert WordPress users who have ranked them based on their features, design, speed, and SEO-friendly capabilities. WordPress themes that are reliable and well-liked can be found right here. You can also identify websites that are safe to download from, such as WordPress.org. Additionally, take a look at the following items:

WordPress Theme Directory is a collection of WordPress themes. The WordPress theme directory is the most efficient method of discovering premium themes. All of the website themes in the WordPress directory have been subjected to a thorough evaluation process before being approved. WordPress also provides information that may be used to make decisions more effectively.

Developers and Theme Shops are both included. Many businesses make their themes available for download on their websites. All that is required is that you put in the effort to investigate that particular store. Find out about the quality of the theme and the reputation of the company. Once you’ve found the perfect theme, check out the reviews for it as well as the developers.

While downloading a pirated premium WordPress theme may provide you with a temporary sense of fulfillment, the possible detrimental impact on your website and your business are simply not worth the risk. Even if you manage to avoid a bullet by downloading a clean copy, you will be disadvantaged due to the lack of automatic updates, the absence of customer service, the likelihood of a loss of search engine ranking, and the possibility of a fine or site ban.

Final Thoughts

Put an end to the use of pirated WordPress theme.

To design an excellent WordPress theme requires a significant amount of time and money, which is why developers demand reasonable amounts for the best themes available. A Premium WordPress theme will ensure that the theme is simple to install, and you will also have access to developer support and upgrades that will keep your website safe over time if you purchase one. Using a pirated WordPress theme, you are essentially avoiding paying the money, but you are also putting your website’s security and, more crucially, its reputation in danger.

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