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Custom Proprietary Software Needs A Patent

Aug, 2022

Hombolt specializes in developing custom proprietary software projects.  Whether the project is for a Surgical Supply company or an Art Gallery, we have the knowledge and skill to develop using the most advanced coding languages a specialized and proprietary platform to take your business to the next level.  There is a plethora of great ideas out there, developing those ideas into reality the correct way is essential for the modern world.


Covid-19 also referred to as the “Corona Virus”, is a pandemic that shocked the world.  It will be a very long time until things are back to normal. (Even with the antibody that Pfizer announced the day after the U.S. Presidential Election) The need for businesses that once were profitable based on old-school door-to-door sales will need to innovate in the future their technological strategy.  The major question many face is what unique and creative idea can I develop, and patent.

Be Creative. Be Unique. Be Loveable.


The first step is coming up with a creative, unique, and loveable idea that your clientele will jump on.  Many established business owners strive to develop and create an original idea that will make them the next titan of industry. 

The journey for many successful business owners has plateaued, they find themselves conducting the same business month-after-month, and getting the same results.  Creating a custom proprietary software project is exciting.  It creates the thought of endless possibilities, but more importantly, removes the ceiling of earning potential for that business owner.

Creativity is what led to the success of many ventures to an IPO. (Initial Public Offering) Safeguards are of the utmost importance.  Hombolt had to create an algorithm for one of our chat features so that the buyer and the seller of the chat program would not be able to share personal information.  In this platform, the buyer could not know who the seller is, and vice versa.  They knew one another by Buyer: 61258489563 and Seller: 134526487.  They were able to communicate through a chat, but when certain unfavorable criteria were inputted, the conversation would be flagged and before the other could see the text, the administrator would have to approve the conversation or send a message that the data typed went against the rules of the platform.  The other major safeguard is to make sure illegal activity is not occurring on your platform.  The world is a scary place.  If criminals can find a way to use your platform for illegal activity, they will do it!  An example of this would be if you were creating some sort of industry-specific social platform to generate new business, and found out that your platform was being used for sex trafficking.

Being unique can be difficult.  I have had many conversations in which people want to create the next Facebook.  To compete with Facebook, you would need the whole world population.  You would need a server that could compete with the speed required by the whole world population.  After all of that was accomplished, you would have to compete with Facebook’s domain rating of 100, the 115,031,767,814 backlinks in which 86% of them are do-follow backlinks, and the 31,749,245 referring domains in which 90% are do-follow.  That might sound Greek to some, but what I am meaning by this is that Facebook is a giant.  To be unique, you need to find a niche that you could potentially grow over time into the next giant, or that you could sell by increasing exponentially your business’s valuation.

The easy part is being loveable.  You need to create marketing content that goes along with the custom proprietary software we would be developing for you.  One difficulty when creating marketing content is making it interesting to others.  I have seen companies spend a lot of money on graphic design to create a gorgeous ad that got a lot less of a response than a simple post that stated, “Where do you think the world will be in 1 year?”  You want to raise awareness, but you also want to be engaging and have people interact.

Is A Mobile Application Required?

Yes!  More often than not, a mobile application is required.  The world is mobile, and user retention will plummet without the use of a mobile application.  When developing a custom project for your business, a mobile application should be included.  Logically, when people download mobile applications, chances are the mobile application stays on their mobile device.   Mobile applications generate 100’s of billions if not trillions in revenue, it would be idiotic to not have a mobile application feature for your custom project.

The Coding Language is Important!

The coding language is very important.  Hombolt codes in the most advanced languages, and we are always continuing our education to advance more in the future.  For the nerds in the world, we are experts at coding in Node.js, Nuxt.js, Golang, React.js, Flutter, Kotlin, Swift, and many more languages.  Combining many of them and using customizations, we will put together the ideal project with proper search engine optimization (SEO) to get your project launched and off the ground.


A Patent Is Better!

A patent is the right obtained by a patent holder to exclude/discourage others from exploiting their technological idea without proper authorization.  Hombolt will assist and guide you through this phase of the technology life cycle.  From basic research and development, applied research and development, demonstration, market development, and commercial diffusion; we will guide you through the process to get ownership of your technological innovation. 

To achieve a patent system, one needs to be aware of the socioeconomic turmoil the patent might create.  In layman’s terms, does the patent enhance social welfare?  Does it encourage the invention and the dissemination of information technologies?  Does it provide for the incentive of investment in the commercialization of new technologies that will advance social goals, increase economic growth, create jobs, etc? This aspect of the patent process can get wildly technical.  Many business owners who have phenomenal ideas may get denied if the potential ownership of their idea would create a monopoly and deter the creation of other ideas that would overall help economic growth. These are the criteria when evaluating if a patent is right for your custom proprietary software project’s technology.

  1. The patent should encourage the development of new technology.  Often, business owners want to unconsciously build a monopoly that would push out any new business venture from developing any ideas that could coincide, complement, or enhance the technology they developed.  It falls back to the #1 rule: does my patent enhance the social welfare of everyone?
  2. Does the patent reward inventions that meet statutory tests of novelty and utility?  This is known as the “non-obvious” standard.  If a patent cannot be carried out, meaning nothing will be gained and the potential for a devastating loss by granting the patent would in turn create a monopoly.
  3. The description of the patent and its functions need to be clear, complete, fully accessible and disclosed.  There should not be any deterrents to consulting the patent or any of the technical literature.
  4. The cost should be reasonable and proportionate. Imagine going through the patent process and finding that your patent is being challenged for infringement.
  5. When one technology builds upon another, and/or previous discoveries or inventions are required due to a single patent not possessing the ability to cover the entire scope of any single entity, it is a must that the patent must reasonably give broad access to patent inventions.  This goes back to the #1 rule that a patent must enhance social welfare.  Access is dependent on:
    1. The ability of reasonable termed licenses
    1. The scope of patent claims
    1. The complexity of the patent

The technology must be developed for access to be an issue.

  • If the technology is in an industry where a significant share of the sales are sold internationally, the compatibility of the national patent technology must facilitate trade, investment, and innovation.
  • Intellectual property rights holders should enjoy the same benefits while being required to adhere to the same obligations.  If multiple companies are interdependent with one another and hold patents that for example complement one another, the playing field between must be level.

These parameters that are created in the patent process are not obvious to most who wish to pursue the next big technological idea.  However, they are very manageable.  With the proper forethought moving forward to develop the idea, paired with making sure the legal aspects of bringing your idea to reality, Hombolt can help you develop the custom technological solution for you and your company to make the next big step in the digital modern world.

There are numerous rules and requirements that your agricultural software solution must adhere to. For instance, the FDA, the FSIS, the EPA, the NPDES, or the GHGRP. Hombolt emphasizes the highest level of security that is compliant with most government agencies.


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