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How Kolibree smart toothbrush uses AI to improve dental hygiene

Aug, 2022

It appears our world is becoming more technologically advanced  at every step, even in the toothbrush industry like kolibree smart toothbrush. We live in an era of smartphones, smartwatches, and smart homes—and smart cars are already on the market. Believe it or not, kolibree smart toothbrush has entered the technological realm as well, and they just might save your teeth.


What is Smart Toothbrush


As the name implies, a smart toothbrush is equipped with a motor that provides information on the brush’s position and speed and feedback on how to enhance dental hygiene. Most smart toothbrushes are powered by a sonic motor and sensors attached to the brush’s head, which vibrates effectively to clean your teeth. Xiaomi claims that its toothbrush generates 31,000 vibrations per minute, whereas Realme claims that its toothbrush generates 34,000 vibrations per minute.

Colgate and Oral-B also have smart toothbrushes. There is an app associated with the toothbrush that provides information such as the amount of pressure to apply and a timer that indicates whether you brushed for the recommended period or not.
A typical smart brush is concerned with 4 factors: the time spent brushing your teeth, the number of strokes performed per minute if you’ve covered the full tooth region, and whether the intensity was sufficient. Most smart toothbrushes include a timer to alert you when you’ve reached the optimal brushing time. While there may be variants of smart toothbrushes, the fundamental functioning will remain the same.

Why Do We Require Intelligent Toothbrushes?

To begin, an electronic toothbrush has been shown to remove more plaque  than a conventional manual toothbrush, and timer-equipped toothbrushes have also been shown to boost how long people wash their teeth.

Are you able to recall how you clean your teeth?

It becomes a routine activity for most individuals, but what if you had something that indicated how and where you should spend more time brushing? What if you had a personal brushing trainee who had teach you how to maximize your plaque control and dental health possible fully? You do, though, with smart toothbrushes.

What Purpose Does a Smart Toothbrush Serve?

Smart toothbrushes contain sensors in the head that transmit data about your brushing habits to an interactive app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. The toothbrush smartly records brushing times, the length of time spent brushing different areas of the mouth, the amount of pressure applied, the angle at which you hold the brush, and more, and the app displays all of this data. The app typically includes various other useful functions, such as timers, games, and historical statistics.

Can a Smart Toothbrush aid in my oral health improvement?

The advantages of electric toothbrushes and toothbrushes with timers, both of which are included in smart toothbrushes, are self-evident. Many smart toothbrushes, on the other hand, keep track of your brushing history and performance. This provides you a better idea of how to enhance your brushing technique. For instance, if your toothbrush indicates that you are applying too much pressure, brushing an area insufficiently, or are not holding your toothbrush at the proper angle, you can correct it.

Additionally, the apps with these toothbrushes include games, coaching, and awards that appeal to both children and adults. These objectives and rewards provide additional incentives to brush effectively. You may receive a virtual trophy or award when you fulfill a goal, similar to video games. For children, the games transform brushing into an enjoyable activity. In general, the results indicate improved oral health.

How the Kolibree’smart toothbrush’ helps you maintain better oral hygiene?

Kolibree  claims to have developed the world’s first “smart toothbrush ,” which can modify children’s and adults’ tooth brushing habits by inspiring individuals to brush better through games (for children) and coaching (for adults) that guide them toward improved dental health. This article will discuss the characteristics of this new product.

Kolibree smart toothbrush technology incorporates 3-dimensional motion  sensors that can detect the area of the mouth being brushed. These sensors, which include a gyroscope , an accelerometer , and a magnetometer , detect the brush’s location and angle and then analyze the data to deliver fast feedback to the user. Additionally, this advanced technology can store data and create a tailored visual “check-up” to demonstrate where the user brushed — and missed — over seven days.

The check-up features enable you to identify places where you frequently miss posterior mandibular  and maxillary molars , the lingual side of lower central incisors , or other critical locations for plaque removal and cavity prevention.

What about children?

For children, the fun aspect is that motion sensors integrated into the toothbrush handle enable the brush to function as a game controller. When coupled with the user’s phone or tablet through Bluetooth, youngsters can play games that guide them through a journey to develop better brushing habits. For a full two minutes, children remain engaged in focused brushing. The more effectively you brush, the more effectively you perform in the game. With interchangeable color-coded brush heads and up to five users per brush, siblings and parents may compete in family-friendly games on their smartphones or tablets.


Adults particularly appreciate the app’s coaching capabilities, which track and guide their wellness. Based on prescribed brushing compliance, a youngster sees how many points, badges, and game coins they received at the end of each two-minute cycle.

Features of Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

“Kolibree’s revolutionary technology teaches users to brush better, longer, and more thoroughly,” said dental hygienist Elizabeth Farrell , RDH, BSDH, of Hurst, Texas, who is now a consultant for Kolibree after using the toothbrush for almost a year.

Kolibree smart toothbrush features soft bristles that gently remove plaque at a rate of 15,000–21,000 vibrations per minute, depending on the user’s pressure application. The toothbrush is under 2.5 ounces in weight and has been ergonomically engineered to accommodate the hands of small toddlers, elderly persons with grip issues, and everyone in between.

A 2016 poll of approximately 200 Kolibree users discovered the following:

  • 87 percent of Kolibree toothbrush users believe that the toothbrush is effective at removing plaque.
  • 79 percent believe their dental health has improved in the last year.
  • 81 percent of parents believe that their children can easily use the toothbrush and games.
  • 80% of users use the app to determine which teeth they need to brush more effectively.
  • 75% of respondents said they would suggest Kolibree to friends and relatives.

Kolibree is a clever solution for families and children alike, having been named a Popular Science Healthcare Innovation of 2015  and a Best Dental Buy of 2016 by AskTheDentist.com.

Do you actually need a Smart Toothbrush?

Brushing teeth is one of the first and last activities that the majority of individuals perform daily. Additionally, it is one of the few everyday jobs you can complete without access to the internet. That is no longer the case. Smart toothbrushes, which have been available as a costly and sophisticated item for some time, are about to become popular.

Therefore, do you require a smart toothbrush? Is it beneficial to your dental health? Before we get into these issues, let’s define what a smart toothbrush is and what varieties are available on the market.

What distinguishes a smart toothbrush from a conventional or electric brush?

Smart toothbrushes are also distinguished from electric toothbrushes. While both an electric and a smart toothbrush have detachable heads, the motors are different. A standard electric toothbrush vibrates  between 2,500 and 7,500 times per minute, whereas smart toothbrushes vibrate over 30,000 times per minute. On the other hand, a ‘regular’ brush will have approximately 300 strokes per minute, depending on how you brush. Additionally, smart toothbrushes vibrate at around ten times the rate of an electric toothbrush, ostensibly providing a more effective cleaning technique.

The other distinction is in the bristles. A smart toothbrush is expected to have antimicrobial DuPont bristles, as Xiaomi and Realme do. Bristles on standard toothbrushes can be soft or stiff, depending on the nylon used.

The other significant distinction is in price. A standard toothbrush can be purchased for as little as $1 or as much as $5. Electric toothbrushes from companies such as Colgate or Oral-B range from $10 to $30, depending on their functionality. Generally, a smart toothbrush will cost around $15. Colgate or Oral-B smart toothbrushes are not readily accessible in Asia. However, they cost between $70 and $300 in the United States.

Do you require a dental brush?

To address this subject, we spoke with a few medical professionals. Dr. Chandra Prakash , a dental surgeon located in Gurgaon and a former Safdarjung Hospital senior resident, believes that the answer is both yes and no. “If my patients demand additional attention and complete oral hygiene, using a smart toothbrush will make this easier,” he explains. He maintains, however, that it is the brushing, not the brush, that is more crucial for tooth health maintenance. “Smart toothbrushes maintain an excellent record of your brushing history and its performance, which indicates how well you have cared for your teeth,” he adds.

Dr. Kamlesh Bhargava , a physician in Canada with 35 years of expertise and research background, is skeptical of smart toothbrushes. Teeth, he argues, are neglected by a large number of individuals worldwide, and he emphasizes that “dental problems do not go away with wishful thinking” before emphasizing the importance of how you brush rather than what you brush with. “Rather than that, I would recommend a handheld water pick or a water flosser that is similarly automatic and significantly more effective,” he explains. A water flosser is also a ‘smart’ device that cleans the teeth more thoroughly than a toothbrush.

Dr. Prakash asserts no adverse consequences “save for a few minor drawbacks such as increased expense and flexibility.” And then there’s the question of whether you need another gadget in your life. Dr. Bhargava explains that cleaning one’s teeth is a deeply ingrained habit, and individuals are at ease with what they’ve been doing for years. “Do I need to stare at my phone for something as simple as brushing my teeth as well?” he asks before noting that smart toothbrushes’ effectiveness remains somewhat gimmicky.

According to Dr. Prakash, a smart toothbrush provides a user with “excellent bristle movements, nice follow-up reminders, and a decent tracker with the head of the brush so that you will come to know where you are brushing or not. Brushing properly.” Dental hygiene may be improved, he believes, with the use of a smart toothbrush. “If I do not brush my teeth properly, it makes no difference whether the toothbrush is smart or dumb,” Dr. Bhargava explains. Perhaps it all boils down to whether or not you require another smart device in your life. If yes, purchase a smart toothbrush, check out another app, and spend some additional money. If not, a decent old-fashioned toothbrush kept near the bathroom sink should serve.

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