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Introducing yourself to AdonisJs! A Node.js MVC framework in the style of Laravel

Aug, 2022

AdonisJs is a Laravel-inspired Node.js web framework. It features a Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, well-written documentation, and maintainer assistance.

Node.js is a relatively new technology that enables real-time applications in one of your favorite web languages: Javascript. Despite the abundance of frameworks available for developing your first web server, not a single one provides the necessary developer experience. This is the area in which AdonisJs excels.


AdonisJs is an incredibly well-designed MVC framework for Node.js

What is AdonisJs?


The Laravel PHP Framework inspires AdonisJs. It makes use of dependency injection and service providers to help you develop testable code.

AdonisJs is a Node.js framework with a structure similar to that of other well-known PHP frameworks such as Laravel. It is compatible with most existing operating systems, providing a stable environment for developing server-side applications.

Additionally, AdonisJs offers all of the tools required to develop an API on your server. If you’re looking for a lightweight framework that includes everything you need and performs well, this is a fantastic option.

AdonisJs comes with a variety of service providers from which you may create your apps. As a result, you won’t need to install thousands of packages such as BodyParser to access certain essential capabilities, making it an excellent starting point for developing your application.

While some of the frameworks for Node.js, such as Express or Koa, are excellent for specific purposes, they lack many features beyond a router and a thin middleware layer. This mindset is acceptable for small projects, but it becomes more expensive and difficult to recruit expert developers as the number of packages utilized increases.

On the other hand, AdonisJs adheres to the philosophy of Laravel, the well-known PHP framework.

AdonisJs | Laravel

AdonisJS bears an uncanny similarity to Laravel. Indeed, Aman Virk, the framework’s creator, revealed that Laravel inspired the framework. Aman Virk created AdonisJS for a specific reason. Several parallels to Laravel include the following:

• Routing
• IOC (Inversion of Control) and Injection of Dependence (DI)
• Scaffolding
• Builder of Queries
• Seeding of Model Factories and Databases
• Structure of the Directory

Adonis strives to standardize both packages and processes to enable many developers to participate in AdonisJs projects. This decreases development costs by requiring less training and allowing developers to be more efficient from the start.

AdonisJs also enables dependency injection, which eliminates some repetitive activities and simplifies application and test maintenance.

It features:
• Redis-integrated API
• Fully featured query builder
• View management
• Session management,
• Alidators
• Error management
• Cross-site request forgery protection
• Migrations
• Factories
• Seeds

To utilize AdonisJs, you must be conversant with JavaScript ES6 or higher.

In an era of flashy online frameworks, AdonisJs concentrates on the critical features of developing robust and scalable web applications, including the following:

Experience as a Developer

To avoid spaghetti code, the framework makes use of the latest built-in ES2015 capabilities. You will rarely need to write callbacks due to the robust support for ES2015 generators. Additionally, the framework’s OOP architecture enables you to abstract your code into several reusable parts.


Consistent API

The API is so uniform throughout the code base that after a while, you will be able to estimate the method names, anticipated output, and so on.

Rapidity and Productivity

AdonisJs includes a collection of first-party components referred to as providers. Writing a whole web server takes a few weeks (if not days). It comes pre-configured with robust support for Email, Authentication, Redis, SQL ORM, data validation and sanitization, and more.

Notable characteristics

The following are some of AdonisJs’s most notable features:

Structure of folders

AdonisJs features an intuitive folder system that aids in user organization.
Validator AdonisJs includes a specific validation provider that simplifies the process of validating user input.

AdonisJs’s Lucid ORM provides first-rate support for databases such as MariaDB and MySQL.

IOC and Provider of Services

Managing dependencies in any application is a significant task. Dependencies can be mutually exclusive, but if they are not maintained appropriately, they might bring unanticipated errors and behaviors. AdonisJS provides an extremely efficient method of managing it using IOC.

In AdonisJs, Service Providers are accustomed to controlling the lifecycle of dependencies. Additionally, we can enhance the Framework’s fundamental functionality by extending Service Providers.

Validator and disinfectant

I’ve always taken validation seriously, since how can you sleep at night if your data isn’t validated? Always, I repeat, always validate your data. You have no idea how much time this will cost you eventually.
AdonisJs includes simple yet strong validation rules for manually validating and sanitising data from incoming requests and at the route level.


AdonisJs includes methods for defending websites against typical web assaults, such as cross-site forgery.

AdonisJS considers how time-consuming manual testing might be and enables developers to create functional unit tests to test their web apps.

AdonisJS’s database implements a well-thought-out and strong ORM. It includes a query builder, migrations, and models for active records.

It also supports a variety of additional features, including the following:

AdonisJS treats SQL as a first-class citizen and supports all major SQL servers, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MSSQL.

AdonisJS supports the Lucid Active Record ORM, which is inspired by Laravel Eloquent and Rails Active Record. It provides an excellent API for consuming and managing complex SQL queries.

Seeds, Migrations, and Factories:

You should be familiar with this feature already, and Yes! Adonis concurs as well.

HTTP AdonisJS comes with one of the most comprehensive routing systems available in the Node.js ecosystem; it has built-in Route Groups, Subdomains, pattern matching, and resourceful routes.

Because AdonisJS is TypeScript’s first framework, it builds and exposes runtime validations in the request body while extending the static types.


AdonisJS is the first Node.js framework to provide first-class support for the JSON API. If your project requires a JSON API, AdonisJS already has you covered.

AdonisJS 5 includes built-in authentication with Multi Driver Auth, enabling developers to define multiple authentication drivers, including Sessions, Opaque tokens, and basic authentication.

Moreover, it includes InBuilt RBAC, a Role-Based Access Control that is ideal for handling authorization.

There are additional outstanding features in AdonisJS 5, such as Health Check, which checks and monitors the health of your application and can be configured to report to Kubernetes, among others.

Why should you learn AdonisJS?

I’m sure these are frequently asked questions; isn’t it just another Node.js framework? And why should I bother at all?

To begin, there are numerous reasons why you should learn or not study a specific framework from your perspective.

AdonisJS adheres to the standards used by the majority of popular frameworks, including Laravel and Ruby on Rails. Therefore, if you’re coming from one of these frameworks to JavaScript, TypeScript, or Node.js, you can probably get started in a day.

The Adonis team places a premium on rapid application development and developer ergonomics; therefore, if your project or team places a premium on these, AdonisJS is your best bet.

While frameworks like Koa or Express are excellent choices for the Node.js environment, if you’ve ever benefited from or needed a full-stack framework like Laravel or Rails in Node.js, AdonisJS is your best bet.

If you’re more concerned with developing Integrated Systems than creating Glue Codes, you might consider using AdonisJS in your next project.

Finally, the syntax is quite straightforward and versatile, as it includes TypeScript as a first-class citizen. It can help novices to TypeScript quickly learn up the language, and it also supports JavaScript.

Those are excellent reasons to choose or study AdonisJS as your next Node.js framework or use it to construct your next project, but the decision is ultimately yours.

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