The World And Business Covid Stories

The world and business covid stories of misfortune and opportunity have developed since the lockdown and start of the Corona Virus pandemic. The demand for a digital presence is a requirement of the business world with the impact of Covid-19. There are necessary digital infrastructure needs that must be embraced in the changing world, which includes the need for systems to be managed, automated, and user experience/user interfaces must be developed with a strategy revolved around simplicity for users to purchase and make actions to trigger business. The services we offer to help assist our clientele exponentially enhance their digital business needs are custom software development, custom website development and design, custom ERP database development, artificial intelligence, bot automation, robotic process automation RPA development, mobile application development, multi vendor marketplace development, affiliate marketing development, and social media development.

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Hombolt Covid Stories Involve Adding Needed Digital Solutions

We at Hombolt are proud of the adversity we overcame due to the Corona Virus pandemic. We strongly sympathize and pray for the businesses and individuals that were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope for the constant growth and success of all businesses that add positive value and growth to the world. One major obstacle we overcame that is a positive covid story from the pandemic was the loss of our insurance division. Before Covid-19, we had an insurance division with multiple locations that sold life, health, and annuity insurance to help retirees plan for retirement. Our Chief Executive Officer CEO Ian Ferguson launched the Tech Division which has always been his background and true passion.

The main issue we faced with keeping an insurance Independent Marketing Organization IMO open was that the target demographic of our clientele was the most at risk of infection from the Corona Virus. At Hombolt, after shutting down our offices for insurance, we utilized our time and resources into developing our core infrastructure to manage a global software development company. As we experience our continued growth, we are constantly looking for innovative ideas to develop, businesses to assist in growth, and future partners through our partnership program to change the landscape of software development.

Custom Software Development To Automate And Better Your Covid Stories

Hombolt launched during the Covid-19 pandemic our custom software development component to our business. We have created a win-win situation between us and our clientele with our partnership program. Custom software development adds exponential benefits to our clientele to drive business owners to create their digital legacy through software innovation. The major question to ask in custom software development is how can my innovative solution add value and boost net present value profits to our business? The answer is by speaking to one of our highly trained representatives, creating exact documentation, and being sure that the custom software benefits far outweigh the risk.

Custom Software Specialities Include:
  • Multi Vendor Marketplace Development
  • Social Media Development
  • Inventory Control
  • Business Intelligence
  • Influencer Affiliate Link Development
  • Bot Automation

Custom Website Design And Development To Protect Your Digital Business

One major development that adds to our covid stories revolves around the launch of our content management system CMS for website design and development. One major benefit we offer is our far superior custom-coded solutions that are exponentially below the average cost of industry standard pricing for corporate websites. Many websites are run using plugins and themes and require constant management. Per Google, your company website should have plugins updated at least twice each month. The average business website uses between 20 to 30 plugins. Many websites get hacked mainly due to an outdated core, plugins, theme, and other software the website is exposed to via security holes for hackers to exploit.

Benefits of a Custom Coded Website:

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    Hombolt is exponentially lower than industry standard pricing.

  • 2

    Increased security by using an editable HTML theme for a perfect design.

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    Increased security by having a custom website that does not rely on plugins.

  • 4

    More customizable to scale with your company as you increase your digital presence.

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    Faster website speed.

ERP Software Management System For Automation

Habitually, the database industry has created various database solutions that specialize in only 1 component of an enterprise resource planning. The database world develops pre-built systems, they search for a facet of their database that they can list as proprietary, and they typically charge business owners a monthly per-user fee to use their intellectual property. There is nothing wrong with this model. It is a very lucrative model. Hombolt created our model to revolve around creating an enterprise resource planning database that fits the exact needs and personality of our clienteles business. An ERP database comprises 6 major components: Customer Relationship Management CRM, Human Resource Management, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence, and Financial Management. We create, design, and develop a database that fits the exact culture of your business so our clientele can maximize their business process by:

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    Unlimited Users (Eliminate Per-User Monthly Fees), Unlimited Specialities/Departments, and Custom Roles

    Whether your Custom Software is built for scale or you already have a team in place, we will build an exact Database that automates tasks to increase efficiencies and effectiveness.

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    Automate Business Intelligence and Tasks Between Departments

    Business Intelligence that can be automated between various specialized employees in your organization will boost workplace efficiency and will increase employee morale.

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    Paying Only For What Your Business Needs

    Eliminate with Hombolt paying Maintenance and Management on an Entire Pre-Build System that you may use only a fraction of the Entire System Capabilities, or having Maintenance and Management fees added through your monthly per-user fee. We build a custom system that is designed for your exact company. Meaning, you only pay for what your company needs.

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    Eliminate Employee and Client Confusion of How To Use The Database

    Most pre-built database solutions are developed to cover users from ALL industries. This is why employees find shortcuts around or don’t use the database to its full capacity. Often, their view will show A LOT of various buttons and/or functions that they don’t use.

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    Eliminate Multiple Per-User Subscriptions to Various Necessary Database Components

    Most business owners will use a Customer Relationship Management CRM Database. Most likely, they will require some if not all the other components of an ERP Database. Employee morale takes a hit when an employee has to log in to different systems throughout a workday, also, multiple system logins create potential and probable security risks.

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    Custom Company Logins and Registration Screens For Specialized Departments

    Sometimes, Less is More. Having easy-to-use login for customers and employees that has your company content, images, and logos will increase brand recognition, boost sales, and increase customer/employee confidence in your company.